Heartland of America ***** October 2014 ***** The Tuskegee Airmen Protected Our Bombers Then & Still

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    Heartland of America Chapter ***** October 2014 *****

    The Tuskegee Airmen Protected Our Bombers Then & Still Doing Great Things for America

    Why honor the Tuskegee Airmen? Their remarkable story of vision, hope, hard work and

    discipline proved that individuals can accomplish the remarkable, regardless of the

    obstacles, and remains as relevant today as it was seventy years ago.

    (see inside back cover for details)

    Check out our website at

    www.HeartlandMOAA.us or call (402)339-7888


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    Have you looked closely at what each Congressional candidate stands for

    considering your earned military service benefits such as medical care and

    retirement? Where do they stand on military readiness, the national debt, immigration, economy, personal privacy & NSA issues? How do you think

    they will vote in the House or Senate? For or against the President’s plans?

    Most of us believe in a strong national defense and the need to take care of those that have and continue to provide it. Most of us know that our nation

    is in a fiscal mess, but our people in uniform did not cause it and should not bear a disproportionate share of the burden to fix it, as planned now.

    Current law ties military pay increases to the Employment Cost Index (ECI)

    because after the disastrous results of the mid-80’s pay caps and benefit reductions, Congress passed legislation to prevent the dangerous shortfalls

    in recruiting and retention. In the previous decade, incremental changes to pay and improvements in benefits helped maintain the force through more

    than a decade of war and sacrifice. Now the Senate and Administration would severely reverse what already has been fixed. The combination of

    less than a full, earned, pay increase and reduction in Basic Housing Allowance penalizes those who have given so much and, based on a quick

    look at the breaking news in the Middle East, may very well be called upon

    to do it some more, only this time with even more strain on their family budget. It’s wrong to say, “thanks for your service,” while at the same time

    picking the pockets of those same people.


    If you have changed addresses, go to the County Election Office or online. Otherwise, if you show up at your old polling place, you might not get to

    vote or your vote will be a provisional one, not looked at until the election is over and only if those votes could make the difference of who wins. They

    are also easier to toss out. (voting for things pertinent only to your old address is illegal and could subject you to voter fraud charges.)

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    The Bulletin Board Is the Newsletter of the Heartland of America Chapter

    of the Military Officers Association of America. Content is from members, MOAA internet mail, MOAA’s Affiliate, and other military-oriented sources. Material used is

    public domain or attributed as to source and copyright.


    Lt Colonel Patrick L. Jones, USAF (Ret) Editor & Webmaster

    Volume XXVIII Number 10 October 2014


    Our September meeting featured a presentation on the Benson High School JROTC’s trip to France where they

    represented Nebraska at the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.

    Because D-Day is such an important part of our military history, Chapter members were asked to bring in World

    War II memorabilia that was displayed across the front of our meeting room. We thank those of you who shared

    these items as they reminded us of the sacrifice and valor of family members and veterans who participated

    in World War II.

    As our salads were being served, we listened to a brief

    but very interesting presentation by Jim Janicki of Hillcrest Health Services, one of our newsletter

    sponsors. Jim explained how the options for “senior living” have expanded and he described

    how Hillcrest’s newest facility, the Grand Lodge,

    currently under construction and opening in a few

    months, incorporates these options.

    One of our guest attendees at the

    meeting was Rita Salucci’s uncle, Edward Sobczyk, a decorated World War II

    veteran and a D-Day participant. After dinner, Lt Col Pat Jones described the

    exploits of Edward who participated in

    the five major battles in the European Theater—D-Day, the liberation of Paris,

    Hurtgen Forest, Ardennes, and the Battle of the Bulge. (Pat had also put on display

    material from his father’s action at Iwo Jima that included the pistol that the

    Japanese soldier used to wound him before his father killed the same soldier in hand-to-hand combat.) Pat, thanks

    for describing Edward Sobczyk gallantry and showing us your father’s exploits.

    Hillcrest Health Services’ Jim Janicki

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    Our main presenters were Cadet Lt. Col. Katie Glessman of the Benson High School Army JROTC

    and the Detachment Commander (and Chapter member) Lt Colonel Mike DeBolt, USA (Ret). They

    described their trip to Normandy, France, for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. Twenty-seven cadets

    made the trip. Mike DeBolt described the fundraising efforts of the cadets and how working

    various events they attained their goal of over $90,000. (Our Chapter had donated $1000.) Mike

    described his pride in his cadets as they participated in ceremonies, parades, and other activities in Normandy before they spent a

    couple of days in Paris where they viewed the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum, and other sights. Mike

    then showed a 10 minute video of the Benson

    contingent in the D-Day activities and in Paris. Then, Katie Glessman described her view of the trip. Katie,

    along with several other cadets, had never flown until this trip. She described the overwhelming pride

    that she felt in participating in the parades, seeing the large cemeteries, and learning of the great

    sacrifice of so many. She said she also learned the cost of hamburgers at a MacDonald’s in Paris--

    expensive. Katie has joined the Army Reserves, completed Basic Training this summer, and is hoping

    to win an appointment to West Point. We wish her

    the best.

    We participated in the August 18th VA Nebraska— Western Iowa Health System’s Welcome Home

    Event at Werner Park. The purpose of the event

    was to provide information on the organizations that provide information and resources to better

    the lives of veterans and their families. This was a well-organized event with some 40

    organizations providing information. We had a good evening as we signed up three new chapter

    members with the likelihood of two more. Thanks to Dick Doolittle, Rene Dreiling, and Ken McClure

    for staffing our table.

    Our August 28th meeting (picnic/ball game) at Werner Park was well attended in spite of some

    forecasts for rain. This is the one time a year we see some of our chapter members. It was great

    seeing them and we hope they can attend some

    more meetings. The weather did hold off and we saw the Storm Chasers defeat the Colorado Sky

    Food was plentiful at the ballgame

    Ken McClure, Dick Doolittle, and Dan Donovan at VA event

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    Sox, 7-2. This victory led to the Storm Chasers winning that series and the

    division pennant. The Storm Chasers have since won two more series, the Pacific Coast League (PCL)

    Championship, and the AAA Championship over the Pawtucket Red Sox.

    Retirement Appreciation Day 2014 will be held at the

    Offutt AFB Base Exchange on Sunday, 19 October. Please note the new location.

    We will be losing some of our Chapter Board members later this year. If you

    think you may be interested in joining the Board, please join us at a Board Meeting, at the Bellevue Egg and I , on Thursday, October 9th, 11:45—1:00 pm. -- Col Dan Donovan d.donovan1@cox.net 402-339-7888

    Legislative Report (by B/Gen Paul Cohen USAF (Ret))

    As predicted, the Congress passed a Continuing

    Resolution to keep the government functioning at least through December 11, 2014. The exact guidelines for

    the operation of the various and sundry departments is still being evaluated, but it appears that most military

    spending will be authorized at the same level as FY 13- 14. Most observers are still of the opinion that the

    “lame duck” session will not produce a finalized authorization and thus yet another CR will be passed

    that will be in place until March 11, 2015.

    The National Defense Authorization Act for the coming fiscal year also fell

    victim to inaction by the Senate. It, too, is unlikely to be passed during the lame duck either, creating uncertainty for the direction of the Department of

    Defense in a time of global turmoil. The President, while praising the troops for their service, put a limit on their pay raise for