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  • 7/28/2019 Healthy Communities Program Description


    A Project of Williamson Health and Wellness Clinic


  • 7/28/2019 Healthy Communities Program Description


    Health Innovation Hub



    The US health care system relies heavily on public funding, with the government spending billions a year

    on health care alone. Moreover, the prevailing methodology utilized by our current health care system is

    a treatment based approach. There is a significant opportunity for government to increase the quality

    of healthcare, get better value for its investment, and help generate additional export revenue by

    encouraging preventative health care innovations found in enterprises and associated communities thatemphasize a triple bottom line approach, that is, an entrepreneurial eco-system which assesses its

    overall impact upon social, ecological and economic factors in a way that does not jeopardize and/or

    limit the sustainability of future generations overall health and well-being. Key barriers constraining the

    further growth of the health sector are difficulties in commercializing preventative care and the ability

    to scale up through the domestic market. Businesses and innovators have difficulties undertaking

    required proof of concept, establishing domestic reference sites, and developing the evidence basis

    required for national acceptance of their projects. Because of the treatment vs. prevention debate,

    monetary fragmentation of the health care system has also constrained international companies from

    doing large scale clinical trials focused on bridging the gap between treatment and preventative based

    approaches. According to a 2009 article in the global health report:

    The U.S. medical system, as currently set up, rewards cardiac surgeons at a much greater rate than

    it does programs for avoiding weight gain or controlling high blood pressure. About 5% or less of the

    U.S. budget on health care is spent on prevention, according to Don Wright of the U.S. Department

    of Health and Human Services. Most of the rest is spent on treatment.1

    The proposed health innovation hub is focused on overcoming major health care and health outcome

    barriers by systematically encouraging both a treatment and preventative approach within one of the

    unhealthiest regions in the United States. The health innovation hub will involve a small team of experts,

    based in Williamson as well as the consulting team with The Write Choice Network, providing services to

    help develop ideas generated by both clinicians and industry into business propositions, products or

    services geared towards creating a replicable sustainable communities model for other regions



    HUBs are located in rural and urban communities throughout the world that comprise a global

    community of like-minded entrepreneurs where people come together to create an environment for

    life-changing ideas. The HUB model is about the power of innovation through collaboration. We believe

    there is no shortage of good ideas to solve the issues of our time. But there is an acute lack of

    collaboration and support structures to help make them happen, especially when a community is trying

    to achieve healthier outcomes a goal that can only be realized through effective collaboration and

    integration of the core elements of a community including health care, business development and

    industry, local / state / federal government policies, housing, food and water systems, and

    environmental programs. To date, there are 30+ open HUBs and many more in the making, fromLondon to San Francisco, Johannesburg, Melbourne and Sao Paulo. It is our hope that Williamson will

    become as part of this global network.


  • 7/28/2019 Healthy Communities Program Description


    Health Innovation Hub



    Whether you are already working on a concrete project, have the first sparks of an innovative idea or

    just want to contribute your time, energy and talent to make a positive difference, the HUB provides a

    carefully curated experience to help take a particular initiative to the next level. If Williamson becomes

    a part of this global network, the HUB will hopefully build on the experiences that are already in place in

    Williamson, WV such as the Smart-Office, Farmers Market, Walkable/Bikeable Communities, andWilliamson Towers Community Garden and provide a coordinated HUB based strategy to take these

    experiences to the next level through a coordinated approach for collaborative ventures. In general, the

    HUB experience includes three core elements that are interconnected and run by dedicated local

    coordinators whose role it is to make the otherwise delayed connections happen, a form of engineered



    The Write Choice Network (WCNetwork) is a team of social entrepreneurs committed to buildingstrategic resources that empower social organizations (non-profit, small business, governments, and

    tribes) to be sustainable and make a lasting impact. We focus our expertise on building strategic

    resources in the areas of health, education, renewable energy, and sustainable community

    development. The WCNetwork team provides a single-point-of-entry to expert consulting and training

    services including project and campaign management, strategic planning, federal proposal

    development, grants management, strategic communication, capacity building training & technical

    assistance, fundraising, and sustainable business development.

    The WCNetwork specializes in assisting rural and urban communities in establishing Federally Qualified

    Health Centers and has a Social Entrepreneurship Team that specializes in business development

    through a health and wellness lens. Our team has secured approximately $250 million in the last five

    years for Federally Qualified Health Centers and Urban Indian Health Organization programs.

    Approximately $40 million has been secured for health center operations through New Access Point and

    Service Expansion funding opportunities, including electronic health records, HIT, and capital projects.

    In addition, $60 million has been secured through Budget Period Renewal and Service Area Competition

    grant applications. Another $46 million has supported Head Start and Early Head Start programs and

    $84 million for various community health, education (BIA), early childhood education (Pre-K, TANF),

    substance abuse (SAMHSA), broadband infrastructure and telehealth (USDA), and other essential

    programs serving underserved communities.

  • 7/28/2019 Healthy Communities Program Description


    Health Innovation Hub