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<ul><li><p>The Next Generation of Instrument Transformers</p><p>Outdoor Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers</p></li><li><p>1VA</p><p>P42</p><p>0001</p><p>-FL </p><p> Nov</p><p>embe</p><p>r 20</p><p>08 </p><p>Rev</p><p>. B</p><p> Cop</p><p>yrig</p><p>ht 2</p><p>004 </p><p>AB</p><p>B. A</p><p>ll rig</p><p>hts </p><p>rese</p><p>rved</p><p>.</p><p>ABB Inc.3022 NC 43 NorthPinetops, NC 27864Tel: +1-252-827-3212www.abb.com/mediumvoltage</p><p>Innovations in Instrument Transformer Technology</p><p> Designed globally manufactured locally Automatic pressure gelation processing results in a </p><p>reliable, consistent manufacturing process Manufacturing consistency results in quality products</p><p> 3D simulation tools for design optimization Improved short-circuit withstand Exceeds industry standard strike and creep distance Increased creep distance and optimized electrical field </p><p>stress design reduces probability of flashover and improves reliability</p><p> Enhanced water shedding properties Reduced contamination-related leakage currents Improved product quality and reliability Improved UV protection</p><p>The next generation of instrument transformers is here. ABB's portfolio of outdoor medium voltageinstrument transformers has been redesigned using cutting edge 3D simulation software. The unitsare now encapsulated in hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy (HCEP) and manufactured using theautomatic pressure gelation (APG) process.</p><p>Advanced 3D simulation models combine optimized electrical and mechanical design features andprovide the most effective molded designs for reliability and performance. HCEP offers improvedweatherability and outdoor aging, better performance in heavily polluted environments, and a longerservice life. The global APG process effectively shortens manufacturing cycle times and ensuresproduct consistency. The overall result is improved quality and reliability in outdoor performance!</p><p>CCuuttttiinngg EEddggee DDeessiiggnn PPrraaccttiiccee</p><p>NNeeww PPrroocceessss TTeecchhnnoollooggiieess</p><p>TTeecchhnnoollooggiiccaallllyy AAddvvaanncceedd HHCCEEPP MMaatteerriiaall</p><p> A more consistent and reliable product Reduced loss of revenue from downtime Inventory cost savings</p><p>VVaalluuee ffoorr tthhee CCuussttoommeerr</p></li></ul>


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