Having Fun on the Road

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Passport to Fun offers trips to turn even this most stressful family road trip into a great time for all!


<ul><li> 1. Fun on the road<br />Tips from Passport to FunSM for Great Family Car Trips<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Driving is fun!<br />If you enjoy driving, you are surely likely to take that family trip soon<br />It is a dream come true to drive to a lovely destination with your family enjoying all the way<br />Butthe car ride can become a nightmare if you do not plan adequately!<br /> 3. Tips to survive the road trip with your family<br />Passport to Fun suggests great tips to enjoy a road trip with your family<br /> 4. Pack in two segments<br />Pack for the road and for the time when you reach your destination<br />The stuff for the road trip should be handy<br />Make sure to carry the baby bag in the front of the car if you are travelling with a baby<br />Food items that can be munched upon while driving should also be handy<br />Adequate paper napkins and tissues are a must for the unavoidable spills on a long drive<br /> 5. Car activities<br />A long drive can be boring for the person who is not in the driving seat<br />Passport to Fun recommends that you plan some activities and organize car games<br />Make sure these car games are new and unique<br />Old car games can get extremely boring very easily<br />Some options are string a thread to create different patterns on your fingers is a great idea<br />Carry a Walkman or Discman with rechargeable batteries so the kids can listen to music of their own choice<br /> 6. Frequent breaks<br />You may want to reach the destination sooner rather than later but<br />Do schedule stops according to the comfort of the passengers as well<br />Understand that sitting in cramped backseat of the car is not the easiest thing to do for kids as well<br />Stopovers should be used to take kids to the washroom<br />Remember to clean up well, wash hands and use a hand sanitizer before getting back in the car<br />Make sure that germs from the public washroom do not spoil your vacation<br /> 7. Stay calm<br />Road trips tend to have unexpected and unscheduled incidents taking place all the time<br />Be prepared for them and stay calm<br />Just take the whole thing in your stride and have fun with your family as you go along<br /> 8. Convert road trips from grueling experiences to family fun!<br />Passport to Fun, a membership site that provides tips and suggestions for families can help you make your road trips and other tasks easier!<br /></p>