Having Fun on the Road

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Passport to Fun offers trips to turn even this most stressful family road trip into a great time for all!


  • 1. Fun on the road
    Tips from Passport to FunSM for Great Family Car Trips

2. Driving is fun!
If you enjoy driving, you are surely likely to take that family trip soon
It is a dream come true to drive to a lovely destination with your family enjoying all the way
Butthe car ride can become a nightmare if you do not plan adequately!
3. Tips to survive the road trip with your family
Passport to Fun suggests great tips to enjoy a road trip with your family
4. Pack in two segments
Pack for the road and for the time when you reach your destination
The stuff for the road trip should be handy
Make sure to carry the baby bag in the front of the car if you are travelling with a baby
Food items that can be munched upon while driving should also be handy
Adequate paper napkins and tissues are a must for the unavoidable spills on a long drive
5. Car activities
A long drive can be boring for the person who is not in the driving seat
Passport to Fun recommends that you plan some activities and organize car games
Make sure these car games are new and unique
Old car games can get extremely boring very easily
Some options are string a thread to create different patterns on your fingers is a great idea
Carry a Walkman or Discman with rechargeable batteries so the kids can listen to music of their own choice
6. Frequent breaks
You may want to reach the destination sooner rather than later but
Do schedule stops according to the comfort of the passengers as well
Understand that sitting in cramped backseat of the car is not the easiest thing to do for kids as well
Stopovers should be used to take kids to the washroom
Remember to clean up well, wash hands and use a hand sanitizer before getting back in the car
Make sure that germs from the public washroom do not spoil your vacation
7. Stay calm
Road trips tend to have unexpected and unscheduled incidents taking place all the time
Be prepared for them and stay calm
Just take the whole thing in your stride and have fun with your family as you go along
8. Convert road trips from grueling experiences to family fun!
Passport to Fun, a membership site that provides tips and suggestions for families can help you make your road trips and other tasks easier!