Havering Business Awards 2016 - Sponsor Pack

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The London Borough of Havering Business Awards recognises excellence, innovation and best practice within its local business community. Now in its 12th year, the Havering Business Awards also enjoys the support of local sponsors and media partners.

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    HaveringBusiness Awards

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    Contacts ..............................................................2

    Key Dates ...........................................................2

    Networking Opportunities .......................2

    Award Categories ....................................3-5

    Award Sponsorship Package................ 6

    Evening Sponsorship ..................................7

    Support Sponsors .........................................7

    ContactsJoanne YeomansCommercial Projects Manager/Sponsorship Managere joanne.yeomans@havering.gov.ukt 01708 432232m 07977 005 074

    Keith BrownPress & Publications Officere keith.brown@havering.gov.ukt 01708 432013

    Katrina GilbertProject Manager/Ticket enquiriese Katrina.gilbert@havering.gov.ukt 01708 432047

    Sarah MossBusiness Development Officere sarah.moss@havering.gov.ukt 01708 431536

    David MalcolmDesign Managere david.malcolm@havering.gov.ukt 01708 432219

    Key Dates - 2016

    Awards Launch ............... Friday 15 April

    Entries Close ..................................... 17 June

    Category Sifting ..................w/c 20 June

    Field Judging Visits ..............w/c 11 July

    Ratification Lunch ................w/c 25 July

    Finalists Announced ..................... 29 July

    Gala Awards Ceremony ........7 October

    Business Focus

    BackgroundIn 2005 the London Borough of Havering launched its inaugural business awards to reward excellence and innovation, and recognise best practice within the Havering business community.

    Now in its 12th year, the Havering Business Awards are widely recognised and sought after in the local business community.

    Why Sponsor?A range of sponsorship packages are available to suit the individual needs of sponsors, and offer an exhaustive range of press coverage, advertising and new business opportunities that may not ordinarily be available to businesses.

    Our aim is to ensure that all sponsors are given the opportunity to raise customer and staff confidence, enhance their company position within the borough, help build new business relations and strengthen those they already hold.

    Thank youThe financial support provided by sponsorship is gratefully received, and ensures the Havering Business Awards continue to effectively support the business community year on year.

    Media Partners

    Time FM

    Romford Recorder

    Living in Havering

    Business Focus

  • Award Categories for 2016

    1. Apprentice of the Year

    This award is open to all businesses in Havering, regardless of sector or size. Please note that this category relates to the government funded and regulated Apprenticeship scheme delivered by contract and approved training providers.

    The judges will be looking for evidence of where an apprentice has made a significant contribution towards their workplace. This should include:

    w Explain your role, key duties and responsibilities within the workplace

    w How you have applied your learning in the workplace, and provide examples of your personal contribution that you consider demonstrates outstanding performance.

    w How you have contributed to your employers overall organisational success, using specific examples and/or measures of your personal impact

    w Your greatest personal achievements to date, and why you believe these are noteworthy

    w How your apprenticeship has impacted on you, especially in terms of your ambitions and motivation

    w Why do you deserve to be named Apprentice of the Year.

    2. Business Person of the Year

    The award is open to a business owner or director who has worked in Havering business for a minimum of 3 years.

    The judges will be looking for evidence that the person has brought financial and non-financial benefits to the business through their efforts. This should include:w Demonstrating clear leadership and management

    with the ability to drive the business forward

    w Developing and implementing a clear strategy and vision

    w Implementing plans to achieve growth and improve profitability

    w Actively taken steps to exceed customer expectations

    w Raising the profile of the businessw Endorsements by a business colleague, partner

    and/or client.

    3. Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award

    This award is open to all businesses in Havering, regardless of sector or size.

    The judges will be looking for evidence of a current, effective and comprehensive CSR programme that is credible, results driven, addresses your core business function and reinforces your commitment to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. This should include:

    w Promotion of employee well-beingw Reduction of carbon footprintw Improving sustainability of processes in the


    w Community engagementw Protection of the natural environmentw Supply chain managementw Good governance, management and continued

    commitment to sustainability

    w Future planned activities to change processesw Benchmarks of successes with an emphasis on

    whole-life impact of products and servicesw Encouraging clients and third parties to incorporate

    CSR in their processes, services and resources.

    4. London Digital Innovation Award

    The award is open to all businesses throughout Havering and other London boroughs, regardless of sector or size.

    The judges will be looking for evidence of a successful, original and impactful digital project or campaign (i.e the use of the internet, websites, mobile phones, social media and digital marketing).

    w Demonstrate how a digital innovation has revolutionised your business completely

    w Evidence of how a digital innovation has delivered genuine, measurable benefits within the last 12 months

    w Where a new website or social media/digital marketing campaign has been a real success

    w Evidence of the implementation of a new digital strategy or system and its impact on the business, its employees and its customers.

    HaveringBusiness Awards


  • 5. Employer of the Year

    The award is open to all businesses in Havering that employs more than 2 full-time equivalent employees.The judges will be looking for evidence of how the design and implementation of a Human Resources Policy (or equivalent) has created a stimulating and supportive workplace, with a well-motivated, well-trained, ambitious, innovative and integrated workforce.

    w How employees are engaged in strategy goals and the business values

    w How human and supporting resources have been optimised to achieve and sustain commercial and competitive success

    w How investment in people and initiatives have created a more collaborative culture

    w How leadership and management has driven commercial performance and secured sustained financial improvements

    w How innovation and operational excellence has been optimised

    w Evidence of staff development, training, retention and recruitment.

    6. Excellent Customer Service Award

    The award is open to all businesses in Havering, regardless of sector or size.

    The judges will be looking for businesses to demonstrate the highest standard of customer care and service by adopting a positive and focused approach to meet their customer needs.

    w Demonstrate how the customers needs are at the heart of the business

    w How do you balance and fulfil the needs of the customer within the commercial restraints of the business?

    w Are there goals and objectives for future development of your customer service policy?

    w What is your after sales/on-going service policy?w Give evidence of customer satisfaction, testimonials,

    customer feedback forms, etc

    w How much of the business is referrals and how do you monitor this?

    w Explain your complaints process and how negative feedback is used to improve your product/service.

    7. Growing Business of the Year

    This award is open to all businesses in Havering, regardless of sector or size, that can show high growth over the last 12 months.The judges will be looking for profit re-invested to maintain and secure significant future growth. Businesses should show significant progress and evidence of success against targets set.

    w What is your growth over the last 12 months in revenue, sales profit and market share

    w Give examples of growth in personnel/strategic partners

    w What plans are in place to sustain significant on-going growth

    w Is there adequate funding through profit re-investment to maintain and secure growth

    w What changes will be required within your business to manage the increased growth?

    w What obstacles have you faced in developing your business and how have you overcome them?

    8. Innovation Award

    This award is open to all businesses in Havering, regardless of sector or size, including both start-ups and established businesses.

    The judges will be looking for evidence of the development and/or introduction within the last three years of an innovative product, process, service or business method. The innovation should be shown to have a quantifiable benefit, both actual and projected, against key performance indicators for the business. For example, but not limited to:

    w Development of a new market (e.g. for a start-up)w Growth in sales/increase in throughputw Reduction in cost, energy use or wastew Reduction in delivery timesw Increase in customer satisfactionw Increase in staff efficiency and satisfactionApplications should give a clear description of the innovation and its background, including how open i