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HAVE YOUR PHOTOS DIGITIZED PCNA: GET YOUR OLD PHOTOS CONVERTED TO A DIGITAL FORMAT FOR YOU Slide 2 INTRODUCTION We all know it, photographs fade. And Deteriorate. And Go Missing. For that reason, converting them to a digital format can help to preserve them for generations to come. The most common method to get photographs off the paper and into your screen is to use a Scanner to capture the photo and bring it into your computer. That said, if you are new to technology, that can be a lengthy and confusing process to attempt. Thankfully, there is a much easier solution. ScanDigital.com allows you to mail your photos to them & have them carefully scan each photo into a digital image file (such as JPEG).ScanDigital.com Once ScanDigital has finished scanning in all your photos they will put them on a CD or a USB drive that you can plug into your computer whatever you prefer.ScanDigital Lets have a look at how to : get started on their site, pick what you need, send your photos off to them And copy the received digital files to your computer Slide 3 STEP 1 Head over to www.scandigital.comwww.scandigital.com Click on the red Get Started button. Slide 4 STEP 2: THE ORDER FORM You will be redirected to a page with 6 Steps listed and then a few more details. Lets look at each of them. Step 1: Tell them what you are sending; place a checkmark in the box for either photos, video tapes, or video film. Normal Quality will be fine unless you plan on having the images printed later on at a large size. Step 2: Choose Standard Pricing, unless you know you are sending over 1000 photos, then choose Prepay & Save- this will ask you to pay for 1000 photos up front and anything over 1000 will be billed at a savings rate. You can find the pricing costs on their pricing page (here).here Step 3: Only fill out this step if you have a coupon code. Step 4: Choose what digital format you would like your photos put onto. Choose a DVD to have them stored on a disc that can be opened on your computer and have the photos copied. Alternatively, choose a Flash Drive or Hard Drive for an additional fee that can be plugged into your computer via USB and have the photos copied. Step 5: If you would like your photos put into a slideshow or a Digital Photo Frame for an additional fee, then select one of these options. Step 6: Enter your Shipping and Payment Information into the fields in this step. Remember that every field with a * beside it is required to be filled out with the proper information. If your Billing Address is the Same as your Shipping Address just enter your Shipping Address and leave the My Shipping and Billing Address are the same check box checked. Shipping : Next estimate the size of the box that you will be sending and choose your shipping method. Alternatively, you can have ScanDigital send you a Secure Shipping Kit for an extra fee to send your items in. Create a ScanDigital Account: Enter your email, a secure password, and where you learned about ScanDigital in the respective fields. This is required so that you can login and track the progress of your order along with viewing your unlimited photo gallery online. Payment: Enter your Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, & CVC. Lastly, use the Special Instructions box if you have anything specific to tell ScanDigital about your photos or order. Then click the check box to accept the Terms & Conditions and click the large PLACE ORDER & PRINT SHIPPING LABEL button. Slide 5 STEP 3: PART 2 & CONCLUSION Read (and complete any instructions on) the confirmation page that will appear and print out your shipping label. After that, package and ship your photos. You can check on the status of them by using the login link in the top right corner of the ScanDigital website. ONCE YOU HAVE GOT YOUR PHOTOS & THE DIGITAL VERSIONS BACK: Once ScanDigital has finished scanning all your photos, they will ship back your photos and the media you chose to have the digital versions put on. The CD/Flash Drive/Hard Drive can then be inserted into your computer and you can view the photos by going to File Explorer or My Computer and click on the CD/Flash Drive/Hard Drive that will show up. To Copy all the photos to your My Pictures folder, simply: Open the folder on the device/media containing all your photos Press CTRL + A Press CTRL + C Navigate to your My Pictures folder Press CTRL + V It will take a minute for all your photos to be saved to your computer. Thats it! You should now know how to fill out all the form info on ScanDigitals website, and then copy the digital files you receive back from them into your computers Pictures folder. You can rest safe knowing you now have digital versions of your pictures that wont wear out, or fade. Jaiden Leach THANKS! || PCNA 2013