Harpenden Common Golf Club Official Corporate Brochure 2015 - 2016

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An introduction to the golf club, the course and facilities, and local businesses that support the publication.


<ul><li><p>Harpenden Common Golf Club | 1</p><p>Harpenden CommonGolf Club</p><p>OffiCial COrpOrate BrOCHure 2015 2016</p></li><li><p>2 | Harpenden Common Golf Club</p><p>Stuck in a bunker with estate planning?When it comes to estate planning, its easy to bury your head in the sand. One of lifes avoidable hazards, you might say. Yet putting your affairs in order is the only way to ensure your wishes arent ignored when you die. It is the single most important thing you can do to make certain your home, money and possessions will go to the people you love and cherish.</p><p>Its never too soon to plan</p><p>Estate planning covers a range of things that are done to remove uncertainties about what happens to someones property and possessions in the event of their death or mental incapacity. 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Designed and Printed by Maverick Design and Communication on behalf of Ludis Publications 2015.</p><p>www.ludis-publications.co.uk 01273 616477 info@ludis-publications.co.uk</p><p>WelcomeHistory &amp; about the Course Course tourMembershipBenefits of MembershipVisitors &amp; Green fees</p><p>050608141719</p><p>212231333537</p><p>Golf SocietiesMembers Golfpractice facilitiestuitionthe professionalGolf Shop</p><p>Custom fittingOpen Competitionsthe ClubhouseWeddings &amp; functionsHarpenden CommonHow to find usContact us</p><p>39414345474950</p><p>CONTENTS photography: paul Severn p33 and p35 Claire patterson p45 (www.artbyclaire.com) Simon tomlinson</p></li><li><p>4 | Harpenden Common Golf Club</p><p>Texts cost standard network rate. Macmillan Cancer Support, registered charity in England and Wales (261017), Scotland (SC039907) and the Isle of Man (604). MAC14652_AD</p><p>Rival the rough and grapple the green, for Macmillans Longest Day Golf Challenge on 21 June.</p><p>To play, enlist a swinging sidekick (or three) and together dare to destroy 72 holes and 300 shots. The outcome of such bravery? You could win the chance to play in Portugal with your heroic efforts helping us make sure no one faces cancer alone. </p><p>Accept the challenge by texting GOLF10 to 70550 or visiting macmillan.org.uk/longestday</p><p>Supported byIn partnership with</p><p>Longest Day Golf Challenge 2015</p><p>MAC15240_Longest_day_golf_HP_200x297_AW.indd 1 04/03/2015 09:59</p></li><li><p>Harpenden Common Golf Club | 5</p><p>F ounded in 1931, Harpenden Common Golf Club is a traditional, friendly members club situated in one of Hertfordshires most outstanding natural beauty spots.</p><p>after a major revision undertaken in 1996, under the guidance of Honorary Member and former ryder Cup player Ken Brown, Harpenden Common Golf Club now offers 18 holes, providing a serious golfers challenge all year round.</p><p>Situated on one of Englands finest Commons, the course is maintained to the very highest standards, together with our practice facilities, dedicated coaching team and state-of-the-art clubhouse facilities, we are able to offer the full golfing package to all our members and visitors.</p><p>Golf has been played on Harpenden Common for more than 120 years, and the club has developed into a haven for golfers of all ages and abilities. </p><p>the result is a unique golf club where traditional barriers have been overcome, and we welcome you to come along and join us to see what makes us special.</p><p>WELCOME</p></li><li><p>6 | Harpenden Common Golf Club</p><p>Harpenden Common Golf Club is steeped in history, with golfers first taking to the Common in 1895.the Golf Club itself was founded in 1931, and was initially comprised of nine holes. </p><p>the course was then extended to a full 18 holes during the major revisions undertaken in 1996. </p><p>Honorary Member and former ryder Cup player Ken Brown provided guidance and designs during the course developments, which saw many of the original holes revised and lengthened. </p><p>Yet it was Browns knowledge of the local countryside which defined the courses design, making the most of the unique Hertfordshire landscape by following the natural contours of the land, with eleven holes situated on the original common and seven new holes built on private land in an area known as the Jockey field. </p><p>Now fully fledged, the greens, fairways and surrounding areas have matured into a great course which provides a good test for all categories of golfer. from the white tees the course is a challenging par 70, measuring 6,214 yards.</p><p>the Harpenden Common course is played on a wonderful mixture of well-manicured common parkland lined with both mature trees and gorse and has been awarded the prestigious National Green flag.</p><p>HiSTOry &amp; AbOuT THE COurSE </p></li><li><p>Harpenden Common Golf Club | 7</p><p>the course is kept in exceptional condition throughout the year by our experienced and hard-working green keepers, and is also well-drained meaning that we are able to stay open for play in all but the most extreme weather conditions.</p><p>try not to get too distracted by the lush, well-manicured fairways with your shots from the tee, and be prepared to face some well-protected greens often with testing pin positions. and even if your score ends up a little higher than expected, you will walk off the course having enjoyed the peace and tranquillity offered by this unique and quintessentially British common, like many golfers for hundreds of years.</p></li><li><p>8 | Harpenden Common Golf Club</p><p>If you have never played at Harpenden Common before you are in for a treat. Make the most of your trip by learning about some of the pitfalls that lie in wait, and how to avoid them, by following our hole-by-hole tour.</p><p>Hole 1 Par 4 330 Yards S.I. 13a straightforward tee shot, with either a long iron or fairway wood, is the best approach to begin your round. the green is a small target, so accuracy is key. and with the putting surface quite small aim for the middle and be happy with two putts.</p><p>Hole 2 Par 4 384 Yards S.I. 5With a relatively narrow exit from the tee, it is crucial to hit the fairway from the off. But in tough wind conditions, particularly if the wind is against you, a wood is required from the tee. </p><p>Hole 3 Par 5 540 Yards S.I. 11On this par 5 long-hitters beware, a straight tee shot is needed. if your ball is beyond the cricket pitch, a long iron or fairway wood will get you home. But be careful, while the green is reachable in two, there is an OB to the left side of the fairway.</p><p>COurSE TOur</p></li><li><p>Harpenden Common Golf Club | 9</p><p>Hole 4 Par 3 198 Yards S.I. 9this short hole is a real gem of a par 3, and is often described as Harpenden Common Golf Clubs signature hole. With a very long and narrow funnel out to the green, club selection will vary greatly depending on the wind conditions. But whatever club you choose precision is vital.</p><p>Hole 5 Par 3 152 Yards S.I. 17Dont be fooled, while this is a relatively short par 3, it is wise to play longer than you think. </p><p>Hole 6 Par 4 401 Yards S.I. 3aiming down the left-hand side will give you a better view of the green but brings the bunker into play. Be careful, a hidden dip short left of the green and OB on the right-hand side. </p></li><li><p>10 | Harpenden Common Golf Club</p><p>Hole 7 Par 4 297 Yards S.I. 15from the tee, a medium-to-long iron to the corner of the right-hand dogleg is best. this allows you the best angle for a second shot and a crack at the green.With the green sloping left towards a strategically placed pond, the position of your shot is just as important as distance. Once on the green the putting surface is two-tiered and slopes towards the pond.</p><p>Hole 8 Par 4 464 Yards S.I. 1longer hitters relish this hole as any drive over the road requires a long iron or fairway wood to it get home. However, this is also technically the toughest hole on the course, and with OB running along the right-hand side of fairway, and hidden bunkers short left of the green, its easy to see why.</p><p>Hole 9 Par 4 405 Yards S.I. 7Standing on the tee you will be encouraged to open your shoulders, but beware this is a tight driving hole. try and find the left side of fairway for an ideal second shot to the green. the green is protected by sand traps on either side, any ball short will leave you a downhill putt. </p><p>COurSE TOur CONTiNuEd</p></li><li><p>Harpenden Common Golf Club | 11</p><p>Hole 10 Par 4 311 Yards S.I. 18longer hitters should have no issues here, and if struck true a solid tee shot can find the green. For a more conservative approach, a fairway wood to right-hand side of the fairway will leave you with the perfect angle for a shot to the smallish green.</p><p>Hole 11 Par 4 379 Yards S.I. 11a straight drive to leave your ball plum in the middle of the fairway is best off the tee. if youre approaching over the trees on the right-hand side of fairway make sure you take plenty of club, its a longer carry than you think! the 11th is a large green, but be sure to leave yourself a straight putt if you want to be sure of a par.</p><p>Hole 12 Par 5 486 Yards S.I. 10for your opening shot, try to reach just right of the middle of the fairway, avoiding the bunker on the right. around the 200 yard marker is a great position, and youll have a much easier approach to the green from the most level part of the fairway. the green is surrounded by a series of bunkers so it can be trickier than it looks, therefore the sensible option is to lay up with your approach, and be happy to get on in three.</p></li><li><p>12 | Harpenden Common Golf Club</p><p>Hole 13 Par 4 365 Yards S.I. 12Dont be fooled, while this is a relatively short par 4, judging the correct yardage is the key, as it still poses plenty of danger. Depending on the wind, leaving the driver in the bag can be a good tactic. the two-tiered green will test your short iron accuracy. </p><p>Hole 14 Par 4 376 Yards S.I. 8Your success on Hole 14 relies heavily on your opening shot. the trick is to get enough distance on the drive but avoid the first fairway bunker. Playing from the right-hand side of the fairway is best. When approaching the green, be wary of the two bunkers short right. Check pin position, as this is a two-tier green.</p><p>Hole 15 Par 4 410 Yards S.I. 2 One of the toughest holes of the second nine, from the tee the wide fairway invites you to drive long. However, two fairway bunkers are strategically positioned to catch the well-hit tee shot. Hugging the left-hand side of fairway is the best approach.for your second shot club up, the green is deceptively long and provides a generously sized putting surface. </p><p>COurSE TOur CONTiNuEd</p></li><li><p>Harpenden Common Golf Club | 13</p><p>Hole 16 Par 3 182 Yards S.I. 14With trees lining the right hand side of the fairway, your biggest danger is getting caught in a left-to-right wind, as OB is very close. Be sensible here and bail out left. this will give you an easier crack at the green, and ensures you have a straighter shot to avoid the large bunker.</p><p>Hole 17 Par 4 377 Yards S.I. 4While this par 4 looks quite short, think carefully about your club selection. leaving your ball on the right-hand side of the fairway is the ideal way in. When approaching the green play wisely! flying your second shot all the way as a low runner rarely gets home, and with bunkers peppered around the back anything too long will be punished.</p><p>Hole 18 Par 3 157 Yards S.I. 16for your last tee shot of the day, be sure to check the breeze because the ball will be affected when above the tree line. typical Common green, small and well-protected with sand traps, so your shot needs to be on the flag. finish with a gross or nett par here and you will walk off the course happy. </p></li><li><p>14 | Harpenden Common Golf Club</p><p>Harpenden Common Golf Club boasts a membership of over six hundred golfers, with our Mens, Ladies, Juniors, Mixed, and Ancient Britons (Senior Men) sub-sections offering a full schedule of competitions, team fixtures, roll-ups, and events aimed at players of all standards from all walks of life.</p><p>We compete in various local leagues at all levels, and run several friendly events alongside our extensive and varied social calendar.</p><p>We welcome applications for membership in all categories either by invitation from existing members or even if you dont know anyone at Harpenden Common, by contacting our General Manager terry Crump on 01582 711320. </p><p>in fact, we actively encourage non-members to play the course before joining, and if you do decide to join us the green fee paid will be deducted from your membership cost.</p><p>We recognise the future of our great game is in the hands of our junior golfers, and as such offer vastly discounted membership rates to younger players in f...</p></li></ul>