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Co 1Ke eralKCOAdAdSeAuAuBaBoStyCoCreCuDeDeDuFirFreGoGoGoGoGoDrGoDrGoDrGoDrGoDrGoin Goin GoDrGoDrF1 F1> >Ctrl+Alt+LNot available for Linux+Alt+LCtrl+N +N. .Ctrl+O +OCtrl+V +VCtrl+B +BCtrl+Shift+B +Shift+BCtrl+U +U, ,Ctrl+; +;N NCtrl+Shift+Z +Shift+ZEscape EscapeShift+Delete Shift+Deletece Shift+Backspace Shift+BackspaceDCtrl+DLinux: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D+DCtrl+Shift+Y +Shift+YShift+X Shift+XShift+N Shift+NShift+M Shift+MShift+Z Shift+ZCtrl+S +SCtrl+Shift+S +Shift+SCtrl+A +AShift+B Shift+B? ?B B/ /eralHARMONY CUSTOMWin/Linux Mac OS Xpyright 2009 by Toon Boom Animation Inc. All rights reserved. yboard Shortcuts For Harmony Stage General Keyboard Shortcuts For Harmony Stage Geneyboard Shortcuts For Harmony StageThis document lists default keyboard shortcuts for Harmony Stage. NOTE: The Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts set is used throughout the Toon Boom Harmony documentation.To use a shortcut, press the key and the character simultaneously. The + sign, is not part of the sequence. If there is no shortcut allocated to a command it is left blank.Items marked with* are used in standalone mode only. Items marked with** are used in network mode only.GeneralMMAND FLASH HARMONY CUSTOMWin/Linux Mac OS X Win/Linux Mac OS Xd Frame After Selection Ctrl+H Ctrl +H Ctrl+H Ctrl+Hd Frame Before lection Ctrl+G +G Ctrl+G +Gto Render Ctrl+Alt+R +Alt+R Ctrl+Alt+R +Alt+Rto Render Write Ctrl+W +W Ctrl+W +Wckspace Backspace Backspace Backspace Backspaceunding Box Selection le Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B +Alt+Shift+B Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B +Alt+Shift+Bpy Ctrl+C +C Ctrl+C Ctrl+Cate Empty Drawing Alt+Shift+R Alt+Shift+R Alt+Shift+R Alt+Shift+Rt Ctrl+X +X Ctrl+X +Xlete Del Del Del Delselect All Esc Esc Esc Escplicate Drawings Alt+Shift+D Alt+Shift+D Alt+Shift+D Alt+Shift+Dst Frame Home Home


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