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This is a brochure for a school project. This is a fictional company


  • Welcome Bienvenido bem-vindo willkommen

    Harmonious Encounters416.839.8383 inquiries@harmoniousencounters.ca

  • Our MissionAchieve the wedding of your dreams from brides that have been there

    We at Harmonious Encounters are committed to making your wedding day a memorable one for everyone involved.

    We as event management professionals, have put our blood, sweat and tears into cultivating relationships with our event partners; into educating ourselves; diversifying ourselves; going to open houses, venue visits, tastings, conferences, networking events and so on, learning the tricks of the trade so that you dont have to.

    Once brides ourselves we know how important your story is to you, and as professionals we can bring it to life- a harmonious fusion of culture and individuality. We understand that culture plays a huge role in our lives and are fully committed to creating an event that brings your cultures to life on your special day.

    We at Harmonious Encounters strive to meet the unique individual needs of every couple we are privileged to work with.

  • About UsOur dream team here at Harmonious Encounters consists of 4 certified event management

    professionals, all of us coming from an inter-racial marital relationship.

    Collectively we have over 30 years experience in and around the events industry. Each member of our team comes from a specialized background and has the

    know-how, talent and dedication to creating and executing timeless memorable events.

    Megan Levinson - Project Logistics Coordinator:Megan is one of the founding members of Harmonious Encounters, with 6 years experience working exclusively in Torontos wedding planning industry. There are so many creative ways

    that couples of different cultural and religious backgrounds can celebrate their special day. Megans experience, creative edge and unmatched organizational skills will ensure that your

    special day is the perfect representation of you as a couple.

    Alex Stafford- Financial Coordinator Alex joined us at Harmonious Encounters a year ago. She comes to us with 3 years of

    financial experience working in various roles from being a rebill coordinator, starting her own business as well as budgeting various projects.

    When it comes to giving you the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank Alex is the one you want to make sure you stay on track.

    Roxanne Elliott - Design & Creative Director Roxanne, is our teams go to point for inspiration, she hails from the warm waters of the

    Caribbean, with over 8 years of experience in destination weddings, concept design and decor. Roxannes creative imagination and contagious enthusiasm has earned her a

    reputation for unparalleled excellence as a designer, one who creates nothing short of magic for our clients by taking their inner-most dreams and making them a stunning reality.

    Karina Gutierrez - Artistic & Production DirectorAs one of Harmonious Encounters founding members, Karina comes to us with more than 15 years of show production experience in and around the GTA. Karina grew up in theatre, so her expertise in show production ensures that your wedding day will be smooth sailing

    from start to finish. Dont stress on things like invitations and name cards; with a background in media arts and journalism, Karina has the talent and skills to put a unique creative spin on

    your wedding essentials.

  • What We Do, We Do Well At Harmonious Encounters our main focus is on uniting two cultures together as one. Each of us come from different backgrounds, we have diverse knowledge of different cultures and religions. We understand that like marriage, the ceremony of the event is about blending different cultures together.

    We at Harmonious Encounters ensure that we are prepared for any emergency that may or may not occur at your wedding. During an event the Bride tore her dress when she was getting up from her chair. In preparation for a situation like this we always keep a seamstress on call and sewing kits in our event emergency packs. We know how important it is for everything to work out on your wedding day so we make sure that we have strong relationships with our network of industry professionals.

    Situations, no matter how hard you prepare to avoid them, do occur from time to time. The father of the groom forgot to pick up the tuxedos before the wedding. Luckily we have strong connections with Moores clothing store and we were able to get a hold of some tuxedos and the event only ended up being 10 minutes behind schedule.

  • Portfolio

  • CocktailPineapple Mimosa

    Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages

    Hors DoevresCoconut shrimp

    Bite sized beef pattiesCrudits

    Mini Caprese SlidersCarribean Crab cakes

    MainsCurried goat (Rehearsal dinner)

    International food stationsJamaican station

    Italian stationCarving stationKorean station

    Sushi barSalad bar

    Midnight perogies

    Take homeJamacan Rum

    [With picture of couple on it]

    Sample MenuJewish-Jamacan Wedding

  • Some of Our Happy Couples

  • Some of Our Beautiful Set Ups


    7:00 5 minutes Check the Weather Send bride, groom, and relevant vendors and email update

    7:30 2 minutes Wakeup Call for the Bride and Bridesmaids

    7:45 1 minute Call Kitchen Conrm Breakfast Delivery for Bride and Bridesmaids

    8:00 40 minutes Rental Delivery Check That Deliveries Match the Inventory List

    2 minutes Wakeup Call for Groom and Groomsmen

    8:02 1 minute Call Kitchen Conrm Breakfast Delivery for Groom and Groomsmen

    8:04 2 minutes Call Caterer Conrm Arrival Time

    8:06 2 minutes Call Hair and Makeup Artists Conrm Arrival Time

    8:08 2 minutes Call Drapery Specialist Conrm Delivery Time

    8:10 5 minutes Check on Father of the Bride Madison Has Warned Us He Will be Very Nervous Today

    8:25 15 minutes Meeting with Mother of the Groom Go Through Production Schedule

    9:00 1 hour Hair - Bride and Mother of the Groom

    20 minutes Set Up Chairs in ceremony space Double Check That the Layout Matches the Floor Plan

    30 minutes Set Up Tables, Chairs, Booths and Couches in the Circus Tent

    Double Check That the Layout Matches the Floor Plan

    10:00 1 hour Makeup - Bride and Mother of the Groom

    1.5 hours All Groomsmen get a Professional Shace

    2 hours Hair and Makeup - Bridesmaids

    4 hours Florist Arrives with Flower Delivery - Centerpieces

    10:30 10 minutes Cake Delivery Must Be Put in Fridge

    11:00 5 minutes Call Car Service Conrm That They Will Be At Their Set Hotels to Bring Guests to the Party at 1:30pm

    11:45 20 minutes Band Arrives Meet Band Out Front to Escort Them to the Stage

    12:00 12 hours Photographers Arrives Everyone in the Bridal Party Must Be Getting Dressed at This Time

    1 hour Sound Check For Band

    2 hours Bridal Party Pictures Bride and Groom Do Not Want to See Each Other Before the Wedding - Picutures Must Be Done at Opposite Ends of the Estate

    12:30 1 hour DJ Arrives - Sound Check Meet DJ Out Front to Escort Him to the Stage

    13:45 45 minutes Guests Begin to Arrive

    14:00 20 minutes Bridal Party is Brought Back to the House before the Ceremony Begins

    Small Light Appetizers and Drinks Available

    14:30 45 minutes Ceremony Begins Escort Late Guests in After Procession is Finished

    15:15 2.25 hours Ceremony Ends - Space Changes Over into Dinner Reception Floor Plan

    Make Sure That the Room Reects the Floor Plan Exactly

    2.25 hours Circus Tent is Open to Guests Check Every 20 Minutes to Make Sure Food Stations are Replenished

    17:00 2.25 hours Bride and Groom Take Pictures with Photographer

    17:30 30 minutes Bride and Groom are Done Taking Pictures

    Make Sure to Escort Them to the Carnival Tent so that They can Enjoy It

    17:45 10 minutes Dinner Reception Tent Revealed Usher Guests into the Tent and Onto the Dance Floor

    18:15 30 minutes Dance Floor is Open to Guests

    18:40 6 minutes Salad Course Served Clearly Note Timing - Should Not Take Longer Than 8 minutes

    19:00 5 minutes Salad Course Cleared Clearly Note Timing - Should Not Take Longer Than 7 minutes

    19:45 8 minutes Main Course is Served Clearly Note Timing - Should Not Take Longer Than 10 minutes

    20:45 1 hour MC Invites Guests Out Onto the Dance Floor

    7 minutes Main Course is Cleared

    20:50 10 minutes MC Invites Guests to Take Their Seats - Speeches

    20:55 15 minutes Set Up Dessert Bar

    21:00 2 minutes Wedding Cake is Wheeled Out In Front of Dessert Bar

    5 minutes Contact Food Trucks to Conrm Arrival Time

    Nathans's Famous Coney Island Dogs and Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

    21:15 20 minutes Speeches Order: Father of the Bride, Parents of the Groom, Brothers of the Groom, Maid of Honour & Bride and Groom

    21:18 3 minutes Cutting of the Cake MC Announces that the Dessert Bar is Open

    21:24 5 minutes Madison Changes for Her Aerial Dance Performance

    21:32 7 minutes Madison's Dance Performance Change Bride Back into Wedding Gown ASAP

    22:30 3.5 hours Dance Floor is Open DJ Will Play Mucis Requested by Bride and Groom for 2 hours, the last hour guests will have the opportunity to request songs

    22:45 15 minutes Food Trucks Arrive - Set Up On the Lawn Next to the Tent

    2 hours Late Night Eats are Available At the Food Trucks

    MC Will Announce at 10:45pm

    0:30 1 minute Last Call at the Bar

    1:00 - Reception Ends

    1:30 2 hours Strike