Hardwood Lumber Processing Hardwood Lumber Kiln Drying Kiln Drying Kiln drying is the process of heating

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  • Hardwood Lumber


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    Forest Management Forest Management

    Our timber harvesting

    programs are diverse and

    can be adapted to a variety

    of forest management goals.

    All of our forest management

    activity is monitored by our

    on staff professional

    foresters. The timber

    harvesting professionals we

    select are formally trained,

    fully insured and adhere to

    strict environmental


    Our Foresters

    Our foresters are forest

    management professionals.

    Foresters hold a degree in

    Forestry from an accredited

    college or university and has

    years of forest management


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    Hardwood Logs Log Purchasing

    American Lumber Company

    purchases hardwood veneer

    logs and saw logs from

    loggers and landowners year



    Common Species

    • Ash

    • Basswood

    • Beech

    • Birch

    • Cherry

    • Hard Maple

    • Hickory

    • Red Oak

    • Soft Maple

    • Walnut

    • White Oak

    • Yellow Poplar

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    Sawmill Operations Sawmills

    American Lumber Company

    owns and operates its own

    hardwood lumber sawmills.

    Each sawmill processes the

    American hardwoods found

    in close proximity. All

    standard thicknesses are

    sawn. On average the

    sawmills employ 40 people,

    and can produce

    approximately 40,000’bf of

    hardwood lumber per day.

    Sawmill Operations

    • Log preparation

    • Debarking

    • Metal detection

    • Sawing boards

    • Green lumber grading

    • Packaging & shipping

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    Concentration Yards Concentration Yards

    American Lumber Company

    owns several hardwood

    lumber concentration yards.

    The concentration yards are

    located close to major North

    American shipping routes

    and seaports. With several

    production facilities in the

    Eastern United States,

    American Lumber is well

    positioned to serve our

    customers overseas.

    Concentration Yard


    • Air drying

    • Kiln drying

    • Lumber grading

    • Lumber sorting

    • Surfacing

    • Ripping

    • End painting

    • Bundle packaging

    • Shipping

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    Hardwood Lumber Air Drying

    Air Drying

    Air drying is utilized for the

    first stage of the lumber

    drying process.

    Wooden spacers, called

    “stickers”, are utilized

    between each course of

    lumber to enhance airflow

    and improve drying.

    Stickers are placed at each

    one foot interval.

    Air Drying Times

    Air drying times vary based

    on many factors including

    species, thickness, climate

    conditions, and individual

    yard practices.

    If properly stored lumber can

    remain in an air drying state

    for a long period of time.

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    Hardwood Lumber Kiln Drying Kiln Drying

    Kiln drying is the process of

    heating the lumber in special

    treatment chambers to

    reduce the moisture content

    to the proper levels for use.

    American Lumber Company

    has between 10 and 30 kilns

    at each concentration yard

    depending on the location.

    Kiln Drying Times

    Kiln drying times can vary

    from weeks to months

    depending an various factors

    and conditions.

    During the process

    experienced kiln operators

    regularly check pre-designed

    board samples with a cutting

    and weighing process to

    calculate the exact time to

    complete the drying process.

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    Hardwood Lumber Grading Grading Kiln Dried Lumber

    After drying the lumber is

    dismantled from the sticker

    packs and each board is

    individually inspected and

    assigned a grade based on

    standard industry grading


    Hardwood Lumber Grades

    For over 100 years the

    industry has been utilizing

    standard agreed upon


    Sample grades include:

    • FAS / FAS1F

    • 1 Common

    • 2 Common

    • 3 Common

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    Hardwood Lumber Sorting


    Hardwood lumber is typically

    sorted based on several

    different criteria.

    Grade, color, width, length,

    and thickness are the most

    common sorts.

    Custom Grade Sorts

    American Lumber Company

    provides custom designed

    high quality lumber solutions

    that exceed traditional

    industry grading parameters.

    Referred to as Custom

    Grades, these solutions are

    offered as options to

    customers on a regular basis

    for shipment around the


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    Surfacing and Digital Scanning

    Hardwood Lumber


    Hardwood lumber surfacing

    is available upon request.

    Digital Scanning

    Latest in Wood-Eye

    scanning technology is used

    to provide customers with

    consistent lumber that

    improved lumber yields.

    We also offer a guaranteed

    yield product using this

    technology called YieldMAX

    which helps develop

    consistent products, and

    reduces unwanted inventory.


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    Hardwood Lumber Ripping Hardwood Lumber Ripping

    American Lumber Company

    has years of experience in

    providing ripped hardwood

    lumber products to our


    We will consider ripping all

    species and all thicknesses

    for SLR1E and SLR2E.

    Ripping Programs

    American Lumber offers

    three hardwood lumber


    • Custom Two Edged

    Rips: A solution based

    on our customer's


    • Parallel Edged Rips:

    Random width bundles

    with SLR2E boards.

    • Ripping as a Service:

    Ripping per a customers

    specific cut bill.

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    Painting and Packaging Painting

    American Lumber takes

    great pride in ensuring our

    bundle preparation and

    packaging is top notch.

    Stencil markings and end

    painting are common



    Symmetrical banding

    utilizing protective cardboard

    corners are standard

    practice for American



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    Inventory Management Shipping and Delivery

    At American Lumber, we are

    focused on developing new

    and better ways to take the

    worry out of delivery.

    With state-of-the-art

    equipment and a fully

    integrated delivery system,

    American Lumber can

    deliver whatever volume of

    hardwood lumber you need,

    whenever you need it!

    Inventory Management

    Inventory management

    programs designed to ensure

    you have the lumber you

    need when and where you

    need it are available.

    Program options include:

    • Mixed order deliveries

    • Planned bookings

    • Export sourcing programs

    • Customized reporting

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