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    rosion and materials selection. Among equ ipment at the

    company's metal lurg ica l and cor ros ion laboratory in Manchester is a scanning elec- tron microscope, which enables fracture faces to be examined at high magnifications to establish modes of failure. It also has edax analyt ica l faci l i t ies to study corrosion debris and any significant I~atures in "the mi- cr(~structure so that component history can be fully established.

    In conjunction, metallurgical and mechan ica l test ing can conf i rm the component ' s compliance with material speci- fications. Extensive corrosion testing facilities are also avail- able to justify the correct mate- rials of construction.

    A new laboratory is being purpose-built at Weir's Manche- ster site, which will further im- prove facilities and is available to other interested parties for consultancy and testing services.

    A number of companies have aheady taken advantage of the

    facility by purchas ing a few hours consultancy on a retainer basis. This allows instant access for day-to-day metallurgical and corrosion issues, with full sup- port for testing and investiga- tion work, where required. Contact: The Weir Group PIc, 149 Newlands Road, Cathcar t , Glasgow G44 4EX, Scotland, Tel: +44 141 637 7111; Fax: +44 141 637 2221,

    R Advanced tes t cent re ready for operat ion

    Pump has reported the Griswold completion of a state of the art test facility at the companys' Thomasville, Georgia, unit.

    Designed for both production and research and developmen- tal purposes, the company is capable of testing from 0 to 3500 gpm and up to 400 psi. With 32 calibrated motors, the company is capable of testing

    up to 150 hp, in s tandard voltages up to and including 460 V, three phase. Contact: Griswold Pump Company, 107 Plantation Oak Drive, Thomas- ville, GA 31792, USA. Tel: +1 912 226 5255; Fax: +1 912 226 5567.

    Handbook adv ises on pack ing usage

    The Fluid Sealing Association has released the revised edition of "Guidelines for the Use of Compress ion Packings". The book is sponsored by the mem- bers of the Compression Pack ing Division of the Fluid Sealing Association and the European Sealing Association. it provides in fo rmat ion on compress ion packings, the i r components , and the selection and proper methods of application.

    The publication is arranged to provide a useful tool for those who presently use or are



    interested in using compression packing. The book provides de- tailed information on materials used to manufacture packing and the per fo rmance para meters of those materials.

    Contact: Fluid Sealing Associa- tion, 994 Old Eagle School Road, Suite 1019 Wayne, Pennyslvania 19087-1802, USA. Tel: +1 610 971 4850; Fax: +1 610 971 4859.

    Seals pacesetter expands with global technology centre

    A 2m R&D complex, conceived and designed by AES Engineer ing to accelerate the develop- ment of innovat ive ideas in environmental technology, has been officially opened by Sir Ronald Hampel, chairman of ICI.

    The 34 000 sq ft centre, at Rotherham, South Yorkshire is des igned to operate as the wor ld ' s most concent ra ted source of research and develop- ment work on mechanical seals.

    AES is a British company launched 16 years ago. Based in Rotherham using the name AES- SEAL, it has won high world ranking in the fiercely competi- tive mechanical seals sector.

    Growth at the company is now so rapid - approaching 40% this year - that addit ional space for improved facilities was es- sential. The new complex, at

    Templeborough, will also link, through a high speed computer net, the company's headquar- ters with subsidiary units. It has seven sites in the UK and two overseas, including i.he firm's US Division in Knoxville.

    The new global technology centre has created around 50 new jobs, and confidence in the future is such that an extension to the new centre is already at the advanced planning stage.

    Contact: AES Engineering Ltd, Mangham Road, Barbot Hall Industrial Estate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire $61 4RJ, UK. Tel: +44 1709 369966; Fax: +44 1709 720788.

    Myson pumps into next mi l lenn ium

    Every Myson 'Compact' circula- tor manufactured from this month onwards with it a guar- antee which will stretch into the next century.

    The company 's d ist inct ive 30-month warranty from the date of manufacture which ac- companies all of its domestic circulators, means that those manufactured during July 1997 wil l be guaranteed aga ins t failure until January 2000.

    Contact : Myson Pumps , Oldmedow Road, Hardwick Indus- trial Estate, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE30 4JN, UK. Tel: +44 1553 764821; Fax: +441553 760965.

    Sir Ronald Hampel (right), Chairman of ICI, opens the new 2 mill ion R&D centre for AES Engineering. Chris Rea (left) is Managing Director of AES Engineering.

    i Personne l movements

    GIW Industr ies has promoted Mr Donald S. Powers to vice- president of manufacturing. Mr Powers is responsible for all manufacturing functions in the Grovetown and Thomson, Geor- gia, manufacturing facilities, in- c lud ing product ion , manufacturing engineering, pur- chas ing and env i ronmenta l / safety.

    Gee & Co (Chemical Dos- ing), manufacturer of dosing and associated equipment for the water, brewing, power and gas industries, has appointed Mr Bob Berriman as operations manager (Chemical Dosing) to spearhead the company's drive into the chemical and petro- chemical markets.

    Darwins Al loy Castings,. manufacturer of high integrity precis ion cast ings of valves, pumps and process equipment, has appo in ted Mr S tephen Graham as sales and marketing manager.

    Mr Graham has been ap po inted from Ster l ing Fluid Products, s ister company to Darwins with in the Ster l ing F lu id Sys tems Group, and br ings w i th h im in depth knowledge of the pump, oil, chemical and petrochemical in- dustries.

    The new chairman of the French Pump Manufacturers' Association is Mr Alain Gui- bert, president of Peme/Gour- din, a pump manufacturer tor clear water applications.

    He succeeds to Mr Michel Laroche - Salmson who chaired AFCP for 6 years and who has accepted to remain the French representat ive and Execut ive Council member within Euro- pump.

    The Fluid Sealing Associa- tion has announced that after an industry-wide search for candidates, it has chosen Mr Peter S. Petrunich for the newly created posit ion of technical director. The charge of the technical director is to oversee and direct the standards devel- opment and approval process and to work closely with af- f i l iated industry and govern- mental organizations.