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<ul><li><p>Hampton Rotary Firecracker 5K</p><p>The Hampton Rotary Firecracker 5K was a great success. Therewere over 200 runners with many families deciding to run onthe morning of July 4th . DJ Double K kept the spirits of the</p><p>racers and their families pumped during registration, running,and during race results. The top 3 female finishers were:</p><p>1. Bethany Bowman2. Deonna Celtnieks Mathias3. Jessi Drayer</p><p>The top 3 male finishers were:1. Thomas Stuart2. Brandon Gillingham3. Gregory Byrnes</p><p>Men 1-7</p><p>1) Baron Giacchetto</p></li><li><p>2. Asher Pesanka1. Finn Watenpool</p><p>M8-9</p><p>1. Benjamin Kaufmann2. Teddy Klocko3. Sebby Wolff</p><p>M 10-11</p><p>1. Jon Jubeck2. John Rhee3. Kevin McLouglin</p><p>M 12-14</p><p>1. Austin Garrett2. Aidan Sawyer3. Zak Giacchetto</p></li><li><p>M 15-19</p><p>1. Josh Holmes2. Kevin Sethre3. Luke Zak</p><p>M 20-24</p><p>1. Patrick Ebbert2. David Antonelli</p><p>M 25-29</p><p>1. Brandon Gillingham2. Trevor Marsteller3. Peter Mullins</p></li><li><p>M 30-39</p><p>1. Thomas Stuart2. Gregory Byrnes3. Matthew Sudak</p><p>M 40-49</p><p>1. Greg Powell2. Rhett Cherkin3. Eric Slagle</p><p>M 50-59</p><p>1. Richard Cook2. Rob Ferguson3. Hal English</p></li><li><p>M 60-69</p><p>1. Tom Helsey2. Eugene Feather3)Jim Reed</p><p>F1-7</p><p>1. Julia Kaufmann2. Elena Williams3. Karina Williams</p><p>F8-9</p><p>1. Tiffany Gathers2. Grace Daugherty3. Maya Daugherty</p></li><li><p>F 10-11</p><p>1. Haley Hoehler2. Gabrielle Gathers3. Cara Herock</p><p>F 12-14</p><p>1. Camryn Ferderbar2. Emma Lammert3. Gabrielle Fulk</p><p>F 15-19</p><p>1. Meghen McLoughlin2. Hope Hoehler3. Courtney Roman</p></li><li><p>F 20-24</p><p>1. Courtney Sullivan2. Molly Lindsey</p><p>F 25-29</p><p>1. Jessi Drayer2. Emma Crist3. Laura Fronius</p><p>F 30-39</p><p>1. Bethany Bowman2. Deonna Celtnieks Mathias</p></li><li><p>3) Suzette Cappola</p><p>F 40-49</p><p>1. Dawn Amy Rhee2. Catherine Hrach3. Jinny Hertweck</p><p>F 50-59</p><p>1. Mary Morgan2. Cindy Kelly3. Margie Zak</p><p>F 60-69</p><p>1. Lisbeth Webb2. Mary Jorgensen</p></li><li><p>3) Alice Mclaughlin</p><p>F70+</p><p>1) Marianne Dougherty</p><p>Thank-you to all the runners and their families who came tosupport the Hampton Rotary. Also thank-you to thosebusinesses in Hampton and the surrounding area that gavedonations that helped to make the Firecracker 5K a success. Aspecial thank-you to the Hampton Township Police Departmentand the Hampton Township EMS who both assisted in someway with the Firecracker 5K. The Hampton Rotary couldnthave done it without all of your support.</p><p>The Rotary Club of Hampton Township is always looking fornew members. Being a member of the Hampton Rotary is anexcellent way to: network with other professionals, meet newpeople, make a difference in the lives of others, build lifelongfriendships, and improve our community for futuregenerations. Please join us for lunch on Thursdays atWildwood Golf Club at 12 noon.</p></li></ul>