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<ul><li><p>28th AnnualMaria SteinCountry Fest</p><p>Totally free entertainment beginning with the featuredperformance with the Big Air Insanity FreestyleMototcross show and the nationally known Country FestTractor Square Dancers. Additional features includeGarden, Antique and Stock tractor pulls, Cruise-In CarShow, Chainsaw wood carving, Go Kart Races .Competitions in Mini-Indy car, Diaper Derby, Punt-Pass-Kick, Quarterback Challenge and a 5K Run/Walk.Tournaments include Volleyball, Dodgeball, Corn Holeand 3 on 3 Basketball. The festival plays music for all agesthroughout the weekend, and has plenty of food to satisfyeveryones palate, plus a petting zoo, games, rides, and funfor all. Added Attraction: Mechanical Bull Riding and theCincinnati Strolling Entertainment all weekend long</p><p>Admission, Parking &amp; Entertainment(no pets or golf carts)</p><p>The Maria Stein Country Festis located on the grounds of theShrine of the Holy Relics inMaria Stein, Ohio. It's locatedin Mercer County, Ohio on St.Johns Road between StateRoutes 119 and 274.</p><p>For more Information about theMaria Stein Country Fest Email: mscf@mscountryfest.com</p><p>Chainsaw WoodcarvingsBy: Tim &amp; Mack KuenningOn display Friday, Saturday &amp; SundayAuction of Woodcarvings Sunday, June 29, 2014 6:30 West Tent</p><p>Handicap accessible(including restrooms)</p><p>Cruise-InSaturday </p><p>12:00-5:00in Park awards at 4:30</p><p>Petting Zoo</p><p>Tractor Square DancersFriday: 10:30pm</p><p>Saturday: 2:30 &amp; 10:30pmSunday: 3:30 &amp; 10:00pm</p><p>(PD)</p><p>June 26, 27, 28, 2015June 26, 27, 28, 2015mscountryfest.commscountryfest.com</p><p>FFrreeeessttyyllee MMoottooccrroossss ""BBiigg AAiirr </p><p>IInnssaanniittyy SShhooww""Friday 8:30</p><p>Sat. 1:00, 5:30, 9:00Sun. 2:30, 5:00, 8:30</p><p>Be Brave</p><p>Live Life</p><p>Semper Fi</p><p>Class of</p><p>2005</p><p>www.thecr.com The Commercial ReviewPage 8</p><p>SportsFriday, June 19, 2015</p><p>Jay football team hostscamp on July 23,see On tap</p><p>Follow uson Twitter,</p><p>@commreview</p><p>Local scheduleSSaattuurrddaayy</p><p>Portland Rockets doubleheader atMishawaka Brewers 1 p.m.</p><p>SSuunnddaayyPortland Rockets doubleheader at</p><p>South Bend Cardinals 1 p.m.</p><p>TTuueessddaayyJay County Summer baseball vs.</p><p>Union City 5 p.m.; Summer Swim Teamvs. Union City 6 p.m.</p><p>TV scheduleFFrriiddaayy</p><p>8 p.m. Golf: 2015 U.S. Open Cham-pionship Second round (FOX-45-55-59)</p><p>8 p.m. Major League Baseball:Chicago Cubs at Minnesota Twins (WNDY-23)</p><p>SSaattuurrddaayy2 p.m. Golf: 2015 U.S. Open</p><p>Championship Third round (FOX-45,55,59)</p><p>3 p.m. College Baseball: NCAAWorld Series Game 13 if necessary(ESPN)</p><p>Local notesJJCCHHSS ttoo hhoosstt ffoooottbbaallll ccaammpp</p><p>The Jay County High School footballteam will be hosting a camp July 20through 23.</p><p>The camp will be from 5:30 to 7 p.m.,and is open for children in kindergartenthrough eighth grade.</p><p>Cost is $20 and includes a camptshirt. Registration forms are available atthe high school.</p><p>For more information, contact JCHSfootball coach Tim Millspaugh at (260)751-0670. </p><p>By CHRIS SCHANZThe Commercial Review</p><p>To me, it was just anotherfield.</p><p>An abandoned block inDetroits city limits, thefenced-in patch of over-grown grass is easy to miss.</p><p>Passersby and com-muters in and out of thecity may glance at the nine-acre plot and not thinktwice about it.</p><p>Thats what I did.It was just a field </p><p>another remnant fromwhen Michigans largestcity was booming andthriving with life and cul-ture.</p><p>To others, the field hadmore significance.</p><p>Its where they took theirchildren to see a ball game. </p><p>It is where tales were toldof the great Babe Ruth hit-ting his 700th home run, orRoger Maris hitting homerNo. 1 in what would be arecord-breaking 1961 sea-son.</p><p>It is where, on Sept. 14,1968, Denny McLainbecame the last pitcher towin 30 games in a season.</p><p>Its where Reggie Jack-son hit a pinch-hit homerun off the transformer onthe roof in right field dur-ing the 1971 All Star Game.</p><p>Its Michigan and Trum-bull.</p><p>Its The Corner.Its Tiger Stadium.But to me, its just anoth-</p><p>er field.I nearly missed it. In fact,</p><p>I had, probably a dozentimes in the past.</p><p>I had never gone to see agame there as a child.</p><p>The last game at TigerStadium was Sept. 27, 1999,and 10 years later it wasdemolished.</p><p>I would never get thechance to see a game there.</p><p>When I was in Detroit onSunday, I made it a point tostop by the grounds thatwas host to so much history.</p><p>On May 2, 1939, before agame against Detroit, NewYork Yankees legend LouGehrig asked to be takenout of the lineup because ofa headache. It ended hisstreak of 2,130 consecutivegames played. </p><p>Gehrig would never playanother game.</p><p>That site then namedNavin Field was wherethe Chicago Cubs beat theTigers 2-0 in Game 5 on Oct.14, 1908, to win the WorldSeries.</p><p>The Cubs would neverwin another title.</p><p>In 1953 and 1957, theDetroit Lions claimed theirthird and fourth NFLChampionships at TigerStadium.</p><p>The Lions havent won atitle or a Super Bowl since.</p><p>Sunday on my way backfrom a friends wedding, Istopped in Detroit to catch aTigers game against theCleveland Indians. In thefifth inning, the rain beganto fall and the game wasdelayed.</p><p>I was unsure of how longthe delay would last, andknowing I still had a three-hour drive back to Portlandahead of me, I left thegame.</p><p>I headed west downMichigan Avenue towardTrumbull. I parked alongthe street and got out of mycar in a light rain.</p><p>I walked through the gateto see a number of peoplealready on the field. Ahandful of guys were sit-ting at a picnic table and achild was on the pitchersmound playing catch withhis dad while his motherwatched from the backstop.</p><p>Thanks to the downpourearlier, I had to trudgethrough some puddles toget to home plate. As Iapproached the dirt aroundhome, the guys at the tablepaid no mind to me. Thefamily didnt either.</p><p>I looked down the thirdbaseline, then scanned thefield to the first base side.</p><p>The infield dirt is stillthere, as are the rubber andthe plate. The infield grassis groomed, and the outfieldgrass is in good shape, buton this day it needed to becut.</p><p>The flagpole, which wasin play when the stadiumwas open, also remains, butthe sight of the Motor CityCasino in the backgrounddrowns it out.</p><p>I snapped a photo to sendto my cousin to relay to hisdad, showing him whatremains from where myuncle spent many days as achild. My moms brother isthe biggest Detroit Tigersfan I know.</p><p>Then I stood there bymyself and took it all in,thinking of those whoplayed on that dirt beforeme.</p><p>Ruth. Jackson. Maris.Gehrig.</p><p>And those arent even theTiger greats.</p><p>Hank Greenberg. AlKaline. Ty Cobb. MarkFidrych. Alan Trammell.Lou Whitaker. Kirk Gibson.</p><p>The list goes on.They helped bring the</p><p>city of Detroit four WorldSeries titles two of whichwere clinched at The Cor-ner. </p><p>They became the subjectsof tales fathers would telltheir children after hearingstories of past legends.</p><p>And it all happened at theintersection of Michiganand Trumbull.</p><p>To some, its hallowedground.</p><p>To me, its a picture nextto my desk at work. Its apainting hanging above mycouch at my apartment.</p><p>To me, its just anotherfield.</p><p>Hallowed groundjust another field</p><p>LineDrives</p><p>On tap</p><p>EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) BosseField in Evansville has become thethird baseball stadium in regular useto hit the century mark, joiningChicagos Wrigley Field and BostonsFenway Park.</p><p>A 100th anniversary celebrationwas held Wednesday to mark themilestone before the EvansvilleOtters opened a series against theWindy City Thunderbolts. Formerbig league players, World Series man-agers, an actor from A League oftheir Own and baseball dignitarieswere among those in attendance.</p><p>I think this is much more unbe-lievable because this is from a city of125,000 (people) not a metropolitanarea and its never had a majorleague team, Otters vice presidentBix Branson said. But yet, its stillstood all these years.</p><p>Evansville native Andy Benes, whopitched in the major leagues for 14years, is part of a select group whohas played on all three 100-year-oldfields. </p><p>Benes eventually became the No. 1overall pick in the 1988 Major LeagueBaseball Draft, but before that he</p><p>played at Bosse Field for CentralHigh School and the University ofEvansville, leading the Aces thatsame year to their first NCAA tour-nament appearance.</p><p>Its just really cool to know thatyoure playing where great man-agers, Hall of Fame managers, havemanaged; and great players haveplayed, Benes said.</p><p>Nearly a third of the 306 membersin the Baseball Hall of Fame haveappeared in some way at Bosse Field,the Evansville Courier &amp; Pressreported.</p><p>The Commercial Review/Chance Fuller</p><p>Dunkirks DashaDasha Mumbower (left) keeps her eye on the ball as Nadia Hardman (right) attempts</p><p>to beat the throw during their Dunkirk Junior League game Thursday evening at Dunkirk Ball Park.</p><p>Bosse Field hits century mark</p></li></ul>