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  • 1. Hallowed be Your NameMatthew 6:9

2. General qualities of a Lord-pleasingprayer (Matthew 6:1-8)1. It must be God-centered2. Reveals your heart3. Community-focused4. Balanced5. Evangelistic 3. I. Hallowed... 4. A. Identify mansParamount Problemalthough they knew God,they do not [hallow] Himas God...(Romans 1:21) 5. Main Problem: Godis not Famous. 6. Main Problem: Godis not Popular. 7. Main Problem:God is not worshipped. 8. Main Problem:God is not in the imaginationsand thoughts of man. 9. B. The Consequencesof Not Hallowing the NameCorruption, loneliness, selfie-worship,money-worship, sex-worship, hollywood-worship,america-worship, korea-worship, 10. car-worship, motor-worship, family-worship,education-worship, title-worship,travel-worship, house-worship, band-worship,artista-worship...wickedness, divorce, drunkenness,addictions, immorality, separation, evil,pain, death etc. etc. 11. B. Roots1. halga [Old English]2. hagiazo [greek] To honor as holy3. Give reverence or respect (worship)4. Ipasamba [filipino]5. Hallow=halogenLight= sikat | Fame = sikat 12. Ama namin nasa langit caYpasamba mo ang ngalan mo...Mauwi sa amin ang pagcahari mo... 13. Ypa sunod mo ang loob mo dito salupa parang sa langit,Bigyan mo cami ngaion nang amingcacanin para nang sa arao-arao,at pacawalin mo ang amingcasalanan.... 14. C. ApplicationsHallow is not a word we usemuch today, but the idea is stillpowerfully around us. 15. In Essence / Exempli G.(i.e. Family name, companyname, ambassadorship,representative, flags, schoolalumni, seals, logos, made in...,reputation, feedback, reviews,copyright, branding)(e.g. Marcoses, MalaysiaAirlines) 16. ...I will not let my holy name beprofaned [dirty] anymore. Andthe nations shall know that I amthe LORD... Ezekiel 39:7 17. II. ...be your Name 18. A. Depths1. Name= Character2. Name= IdentityA. Family NameB. Major problem of teens is identity3. Name = Authority 19. 4. Name = RemembranceIf people hear your name, what will they remember?5. Name = Source of pleasureMan enjoys because of names.Glory/ Beauty to His Name...6. Name = YourWordsOut of the abundance of the heart... (Luke 6:45)You are what you say...God=Word (John 1:1) 20. 6. Name = Fame/ RenownSo now, O LORD our God, save us from hishand, that all the kingdoms of the earth mayknow that you alone are the LORD." Isaiah37:20Your name, LORD, endures forever, yourrenown, LORD, through all generations. Psalm135:13 21. 7. Name = value / meaningfulness/guarantee/ trusti.e. Franchise; e.g. Queen Elizabeth Royal seal, NAPA, HALAL 22. B. Biblical prayers show a deepconcern for Gods reputation. 23. Daniels PrayerDaniel 9:4-13 [selected] I prayed to theLORD my God and made confession,saying, "O Lord, the great and awesomeGod, who keeps covenant and steadfastlove....To us, O LORD, belongs open shame, to ourkings, ...to our fathers, because we havesinned against you. 9 To the Lord our Godbelong mercy and forgiveness, for we haverebelled against him 10 and have notobeyed the voice of the LORD ... 24. Davids Prayer2Sa 7:22 Therefore you are great, O LORDGod. For there is none like you, and there isno God besides you2Sa 7:26 And your name will be magnifiedforever, saying, 'The LORD of hosts is Godover Israel,' 25. Prayer in Nehemiah 9:5Then the Levites, Jeshua, Kadmiel, Bani,Hashabneiah, Sherebiah, Hodiah, Shebaniah,and Pethahiah, said,"Stand up and bless the LORD your God fromeverlasting to everlasting. Blessed be yourglorious name, which is exalted above allblessing and praise. 26. Seraphims Prayer"Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; thewhole earth is full of his glory!" Isaiah 6:1-6 27. Conclusion:1. Pray for the Fame of GodsName, not ours.2. Pray that His Name beworshipped by the nations,not other idols or names. 28. 3. Pray that Jesus Name willbe the sweetest Name of allfor you. And that you willenjoy no other name in yourlife, but the name of Jesus.4. Pray that His Name will beabove all names in your lifeand in other peoples life. 29. 5. Pray that your heart will nottreasure any other mansname or products or brands.6. Pray that we will not trustin our flesh, money, resourcesbut we will trust in the Nameof the Lord our God. (Ps.20:7) 30. 7. Pray that we will be trueand faithful ambassadors/representatives of His Name.