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Text of Haitian Medical Directory - About this Directory The Haitian Medical Directory is based on work done

  • Haitian Medical Directory

    This directory updated January 21, 2010 10:15 AM

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  • About this Directory The Haitian Medical Directory is based on work done by Lori Moise (www.thehaitinurse.com). She works in the village of Cazale, about 2.5 hours north of Port Au Prince. She has given me permission to use her work and update it for distribution. Contact names and numbers are constantly changing. Please send any corrections or updates to Jrigdon@ngohaiti.com (803) 439-2938 (U.S.)

    Published by: Eastern Digital Resources 5705 Sullivan Point Drive Powder Springs, GA 30127


    Proceeds from the sale of this directory benefit Real Hope For Haiti




    Miss Pierre -CLINI-MED Update January 21, 2010 Full field hospital with surgery capabilities. Clinique de Medicine Generale et de Chirurgie, Dispensaire, Laboratorie Medical, Salle de Rehydration et d’Observation, Consultation prenatele, accouchement Delmas 33 prolonge, rue Benjamin #2, Angle rue Benjamin et Delmas 33, 200 metres après le Commissariat de Police 2260-2781, 3408-2141, 3436-9349 -CLINIQUE PROTIPHARD Carrefour Feuille Route-des-dalles #22 -CLINIQUE ST. PAUL Eglise Episcopale d’Haiti Montrouis 3511-0454 -BUREAU DE CONTROLE DE LA TUBERCULOSE

    Croisade Anti-tuberculose Centre Anti-tuberculose Rue St. Jean #3 bis Après Bureau Contribution des Impots Cx-des-bouquets 3462-3326, 3408-2820 (3550-7124-Mario-zanmi Dr. Jeantot) (3404-5731-Roland-zanmi Dr. Jeantot) -LES CENTRES GHESKIO

    Institut National de Laboratoire et de Recherches (INLR) 33, Boulevard Harry Truman, Cite de l’Exposition -PREMIERE EGLISE BAPTISTE DE PORT-AU-PRINCE

    Rev. Pierre Amos Gabeau, Pasteur Rue de la Reunion en face de Mausolee

  • Boite Postal 66 2222-6660 Pharmacie, clinique dentaire, clinique medicale


    -AIRMED INTERNATIONAL 1000 Urban Center Drive Ft. Lauderdale Regional Center Suite 470 Dr. Agu Suvari, RMO-954-630-1151 Birmingham AL 35242 DUTY phone Medevac-954-630-1217 205-443-4840 FAX 205-443-4841 -SAMS AMBULANCE Ralph Senegal 245-6673, 557-1661, 404-0681, 557-7745 -CONNECTIONS TO RED CROSS, AMBULANCES, ETC. Dr. Desdunes, Lesly MD/MPH Dr. Morquette K. Hubert Office 245-1048, 245-2194, 245-9046 Office 245-2725 Cell 468-0284, 558-3459 Cell 446-3844 Email: mldesdunes@yahoo.fr Email: hmorquette@hotmail.com (willing to help yet very busy so use only when necessary) -THE US EMBASSY HEALTH UNIT INFORMATION (509) 2222-0200, 2221-5881 Nurse: x8157 Hours: 7am-3:30pm M-F Doctor: x8014 10:30am-3:30pm M-F (closed on U.S. and Haitian holidays) Health Unit Personnel Dr. Marco Percque RN. Veit Carolyn Cell 558-9102, 461-1342 Cell 454-0006, 463-2140, 557-3192


    -BAPTIST MISSION HOSPITAL Rue De. Kenscoff (after you leave Petionville, before you get to Kenscoff, hospital on right) 2255-7324, 3512-5813, 2255-7457, 3512-5814 Office hours: Thursdays 9-2? They have an orthopedic doctor -CENTRE SANTE BERNARD MEVS Route de l’aeroport, entre Village Solidarite (Bitar twins - doctors) 2249-2632, 2249-2629, 2249-2625, 2249-1815, 2249-1812 -L’HOPITAL du CANAPE VERT #83 Route du Canape Vert 2245-1052, 2245-1053, 225-0205, 2245-8844 -L’HOPITAL PIERRE PAYEN Après Montrouis -L’HOPITAL PROFAMILE Rue Champ de Mars a cote peniteucier Ligature de trompes -L’HOPITAL SAINTE CROIX Dr. Jacky Laphontan Leogane Eglise Episcopale d’Haiti Boite postal 2277 2287-0746 -L’HOPITAL ST. DAMIEN Chateaublond in Tabarre – near the new US embassy HIV docs – Dr. Jacqueline Gautier & Dr. Alain Pierre-Louis Reach Patrick in Les Cayes via email, or Mike Stewart in PAP via phone once signal picks up: 509 3855-1779 / 3663-7197 / 3854-3034. Patrick Eucalitto Program Director Les Cayes, Haiti 509.3.834.1801 Hope for Haiti

  • 1042 6th Avenue North Naples, Florida 34102 239.434.7183 (p) 239.434.2839 (f)

    ---------------------------- -L’HOPITAL ST. NICOLAS HT 4310 Rue Savannah #126 Dr. Toussaint, RSS St. Marc 2279-1611 -GRACE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Delmas 31 #38 Gualert boite postal 1767 2246-1060, 2246-0631, 2246-4481 -L’HOPITAL CHANCERELLES Maternite Isaie Jeauty Pont-Rouge -L’HOPITAL ST. VINCENT 119 Rue des Casernes, Rue CAMEP 2222-6095, 2222-0120, 2222-5844 Timoun-Jeudi, adult-Mercredi -L’HOPITAL DE L’UNIVERSITE D’HAITI Rue-Mgr. Gilloux 2222-3249, 2222-1221,2222-3247, 2223-4254, 2223-1614, 2222-2612 -L’HOPITAL DE LA COMMUNAUTEE HATIENNE Rue Audant, Delmas 105 (Rue Freres) 2257-7509, 2257-6808, 2257-4505 -L’HOPITAL ALBERT SCHWEITZER Boite postale 1744, PAP Lundi-gyn clinic Deschapples -L’HOPITAL TRINITE (this is Doctors Without Borders – FREE EMERGENCY CARE)

  • (used to be called St. Joseph’s) public/free hospital is downstairs, clinic for $ is upstairs Delmas 19 Rue Virgine -HEALING HANDS (Hydrocephalie, Spina Bifida, limb deformities) They host American work teams that do the surgeries 370, Ave. John Brown, Bourdon Petionville Mr. Jean Belhamme Cadet -Project Manager Email: cadetjb@yahoo.fr Mrs. Justin-Nurse who registers and makes appts. Other numbers: 2245-6548, -6932, -6550, -260-5708 -CENTER E’IMAGERIE MEDICALE (CDTI) - also a GREAT hospital -Dr. Gina Joachin- CT Scan 34 Ave Charles Sumner 2244-7200/9299/9999/9322 -Dr. Reynold Savain Clinic: 2244-6172/6173/6174 -KING’S CLINIC-NAZON Dr. Micheline Charles 3417-3218

  • GENERAL PRACTITIONERS/INTERNISTS: -Dr. Myrtho Marra Chilosi #32 Rue Metellus P.V. (on left Rue Geffrard going up, just up from Place Boyer and Rue Oge, below the supermarket. Clinic: 2257-1848 Cell: 2558-7137 Res: 2257-4535 -Dr. Jean Robert Mathurin #40 Rue Docteur Audain Clinic: 2222-4120 Cell: 3404-9448 Res: 2246-3043 Beeper: 257-8400 -Dr. Pierre Eugene Roy #13 Ruelle Berne Clinic: 2245-3727, 2245-0506/7/8/9 Cell: 3734-2304 Res: 2222-5247 (Speaks perfect English and is “used” to missionaries; also does surgery) -Dr. Abel Gerard Babiole, Rue 7 #19 (zone Eglise du Sacre Coeur) Clinic: 2244-7733

  • Res: 2221-2868 Beeper: 2246-2424 (Internal Medicine- kidney disease, diabetes, does electrocardiograms) -Clini-Med (General Clinic with Lab) Dr. Patrick Jeudy Nurse: Mde. Jeudy Delmas 33 and Rue Benjamin Clinic: 3510-5363 Office hours: M-Sat opens at 9am (waiting area opens at 7am for people to wait) Trained in NY, Christian with heart for missions and speaks English well. -International Faith Mission Clinic Fond Parisien Pharmacist: 2665-4940 Hours: M,T,Th,F 8am-4-5pm and Wed, 8-12. -John Ackerman (nurse) 87 Bis Montagne Noire Clinic: 2257-2035, 3403-1866, 3402-4115 (Jodie) ackerman@direcway.com. -Ed Amos (P.A.) Updated January 21, 2010 Delmas 75 Hospital 12 Rue Cassignol, Delmas 75 (close to Quisqueya Chapel) Clinic: 3455-0838, 3408-9718 edamos@haiti.maf.net

  • -Dr. Rene N. Charles #13 Ave. Lamartiniere Clinic: 2245-2798, 2245-5040, 2245-3247 -Dr. Marie Nancy Charles Larco #13 Ave. Lamartinier Clinic: 2245-4120 -Dr. Michel Theard #31 Ave. Charles Summer Clinic: 2245-0583, 2245-4545, 3510-4545 -Dr. Regine Thebaud-Duret #30 Rue Piquant/Champ de Mars 2222-4974 -Dr. Jean-Michel Guerin #13 Clinique de la Ruelle Berne Clinic: 2245-3484, 2245-0506, 2245-0509 -Dr. Alix Lasseque (gastro) Centre Medical de Paul 73 Rue Capois Clinic: 2222-4733, 2223-0639 Hours: 7:30-9:00 (10:30)am, 2:30-4:30 pm. -Dr. Gerard Charlier Le 17-19 Centre Medicale 15 Chemin des Dalles 2245-1719 -Dr. Elsie Metellus Chalumeau (Internal Medicine, Hematology, oncology) Polyclinique de la Ruelle Berne #13 Ruelle Berne Clinic: 2245-1164, 2257-3026, 3511-6436 Hours: 8-10:30am, pm et Smedi sur RDV -Dr. Josette Kedo Miguel (General Medicine and Surgery) #10 Rue Duncombe Clinic: 2245-2616, 2244-2424, 2244-3859 Res: 2245-2616 Cell: 3746-3667, 3567-3024, 3455-4477 Hours: M-F 7am-1pm, 3pm-6pm, Sat 7:30am-12:30pm Husband Dr. Miguel--lab

  • -Dr. Hyacinthe Martin Luther King Street ALLERGIST (IMMUNOLOGY) Dr. Magalie St-Juste Helmcke Clinic- 3513-0441, 2245-4561 CARDIOLOGY: -CENTRE DE CONSULTATION Dr. Paul Henry Morisset 25, Rue Berne Phone: 2245-2321 Cell: 3446-3515 Fax: 2245-7077 Res: 2257-4903, 3511-0714 Beeper: 2257-8400, ext. 638 Open daily, 7am-1pm, no patients after 12pm. -Dr. Michel Theard #31 Ave Charles Summer 2245-0583, 2245-4545, 3510-4545 -Dr. Richard Pilie #7 Ave. Lamartiniere Turgeau 2245-4653, 2245-4844, 2245-6103 Cell: 3446-3515 Res: 2245-6721 Beeper: 2246-2424, 2246-0111 Echodardiographie (avek kaset) -Dr. Pierre, Gerard #13 Ruelle Berne Clinic: 2245-0506, 2245-0507, 2245-0508, 2245-0509, 2245-3327 Cell: 3404-1313 Res: 2257-4615 DENTISTRY: -Dr. Nazon Sophia #57 Rue Lambert P.V. (corner of Lambert and Lamarre in Petionville) Clinic: 2256-5365 Cell: 3446-0748, 3464-5365, 3730-3867 Res: 2257-4057 Email: sophianazon@yahoo.com -Dr. Mondestin Richard B. (Pediatr