Hailey Houtsinger’s Six Month Budget

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Hailey Houtsinger’s Six Month Budget. Period 1, 39821 4/1/11. Table of Contents. Houtsinger Family Houtsinger’s Home Satellite View of Houtsinger’s Home The Houtsinger’s Car Hailey’s College Hailey and Jacob’s Jobs and Salaries Daycare and Cell Phones Budget for the Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Hailey Houtsinger’s Six Month Budget

Hailey Houtsingers Six Month Budget

Houtsinger Family

HaileyMikeyCaleJacobAndrewHoutsingers Home

515 Filmore Rd, Pittsburgh PA, 15221

3 Bedrooms1 BathroomGarageCentral AirCarpeted Floors

$99,900$445 a monthSchool District: Woodland Hills

Satellite view of Houtsingers home

The Houtsingers Car

2005 Mazda RX8


$305.42 per monthHaileys CollegeEdinboro UniversityMajor in BiologyJob; Biologist

Hailey and Jacobs Jobs and SalariesBiologist$61,000 a year

Game Warden$26,000 a yearHaileys CareerJacobs CareerDaycare and Cell Phones

Daycare costs $494.00 a month and $5928.00 a year

Cell phones cost $69.00 a month, and $828.00 a yearBudget for the family

Family Features

Our family is of Russian and Irish decent on my side, and on my husbands side, they are Italian and Irish.

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