¿Habla Cochrane? Você fala Cochranês? Parlez-vous Cochrane ? 你说 Cochrane 吗 ? Sprechen Sie Cochrane? Govorite li Cochrane? Вы говорите по- кокрейновски?

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Contact people at Cochrane’s Central Executive Team: Juliane Ried – Translations Co-ordinator Hayley Hassan – Translations Support Officer

Text of ¿Habla Cochrane? Você fala Cochranês? Parlez-vous Cochrane ? 你说 Cochrane 吗 ? Sprechen Sie...

Habla Cochrane? Voc fala Cochrans? Parlez-vous Cochrane ? Cochrane Sprechen Sie Cochrane? Govorite li Cochrane? - ? ? ? Apakah anda berbicara Cochrane ? Adakah anda bercakap Cochrane ? Cochrane ? ? Do you speak Cochrane? Thank you for joining the translation community! This presentation will give you an overview of our translation activities, an explanation of your role, available support, guidance and how we acknowledge your work. Make sure you have a look at our translator guidance in the translation portal and its also worth reading our frequently asked questions if you havent already.translation portal frequently asked questions Contact people at Cochranes Central Executive Team: Juliane Ried Translations Co-ordinator Hayley Hassan Translations Support Officer Cochranes translation strategy In 2014, Cochrane approved a translation strategy with the aim of increasing its capacity and impact in non- English speaking countries. To do this, we rely on the hard work of our teams around the world, who translate Cochrane Reviews into their languages. The majority of our projects run entirely on volunteer time. Thanks to our local teams, we have published more than 13,000 translations on our websites to date.translation strategy Your role As a volunteer translator your job is to make Cochrane Reviews available in your language. As our Reviews are large documents, translations are usually limited to the abstract and plain language summary (PLS) parts of the Review. Aimed at a broad readership, PLS convey the review question and the findings in terms that are accessible to consumers and non-expert readers.Cochrane Reviews You will work closely with the translation project manager for your language, who will be your main contact and advise you which Reviews are available for translation. You can tell them if you are interested in translating certain topics or Reviews. You work at your own pace, not to deadlines. Training and support Linguistic guidance on how to translate in your language Using Smartling, our translation management platform Answering your questions, either technical or linguistic Reviewing your work before it is published on the website Checking and improving the quality of your translations Your translation project manager will help you with: Training and support Take a look at the Smartling guide we have put together. It includes tips and instructions you should follow when translating.Smartling guide Smartling also has its own online support centre which contains numerous guides, articles and resources.online support centre To get started, why not sign up for a training webinar? training webinar? Publication of translations The Cochrane Library (www.cochranelibrary.com)www.cochranelibrary.com(abstracts and PLS only)Translations are published on our two platforms along with the English Reviews: The Cochrane Library platform and search is currently only available in English, although plans for a multilingual version are being developed. To find a translation, navigate to the English Review, and select from the available languages listed at the top of the abstract or PLS. An example is shown on the next slide. The Cochrane Library Cochrane.org The cochrane.org website has been translated into 12 languages. A drop-down menu appears when you hover over the English tab in the top right-hand corner. Reviews and their translations are in the menu Our evidence. Acknowledgment of your work 1. Your name included in the published translation You will be acknowledged with your name in the translation notes published at the end of each translation. This Croatian example shows the translators name, Katarina Vucic. 2. Certificates and references Your translation project manager can issue a certificate or a reference after you have reached a certain level of contribution. Beyond translating... Subscribe to our translations mailing list for updates on translation, opportunities for involvement and multilingual matters.translations mailing list Follow our translation account on - keep up with the latest news and help spread the word. Ask your project manager if there are specific social media accounts for your language. Below are some of the ways you can get involved with the Cochrane translation community. Please feel free to raise new ideas we may not have thought of.