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Gwinnett County Redevelopment Sites Proposal Pnrshp-Top20.pdf The Cub Foods site became vacant in 2001 and the Kroger’s site in the mid 90’s. Both sites are adjacent to Highway

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Text of Gwinnett County Redevelopment Sites Proposal Pnrshp-Top20.pdf The Cub Foods site became vacant in...

  • Partnership Gwinnett and Gwinnett County are compiling a list of the Top 20 Potential Redevelopment Sites in the County. We will actively market this list in order to encourage redevelopment and attract interested parties to these opportunities. Submissions will be evaluated, scored and ranked by the Gwinnett Economic Development Council’s Redevelopment Site Selection Committee for inclusion in the Top 20 list. Our Top 20 list will be unveiled at Gwinnett’s 2009 Redevelopment Showcase.

    Gwinnett County Redevelopment Sites Proposal Form

    Property Name/Parcel ID #: Park Place Activity Center Mountain East and Eastmont (S/C’s) – Vacant Kroger site / 6061-009; Vacant Best Buy/Cub Foods site, 6051-030 & 6061-028

    Property Address: 5295 East Park Place Boulevard (Kroger’s), 1475 East Park Place (Cub Foods), 1450 East Park Place (Best Buy) Stone Mountain, GA

    Property Size (acres): 10.20 acres (Mountain East) & 2.5 acres (Eastmont)

    Property Description: With a panoramic view of historic Stone Mountain in the background, this assemblage of three parcels offers unmatched potential for any proposed mixed-use development or redevelopment. The property consists of three vacant shopping center sites. And, just across Hwy 78, the Mountain East Shopping Center consists of numerous vacant retail centers contained within a strip center configuration with the former Kroger’s as the primary tenant. The Eastmont site consists of two vacant big box stores formerly occupied by Best Buy and Cub Foods respectively. The properties offer the unique advantage of drawing from the 4,000,000 annual visitors to Stone Mountain Park. Even now, the average daily traffic count along Highway 78 is in excess of 50,000 units, offering great exposure and profit potential for commercial office, retail, residential and entertainment.

    Property age: Built in 1983 (Mountain East) and 1988 (Eastmont)

    Vacancy Percentage Rate: 67% (Kroger’s) and 100% (Best Buy and Cub Foods)

    Current Average Lease Rate: $ /SF (Kroger’s) and $8-10/SF

    Current Zoning: C2

    What zoning does the Comprehensive Plan allow?

    The site is located within Gwinnett County’s Mixed Use Redevelopment (MUR) Overlay District

    Are there any known environmental issues?

    YES NO

    If yes, list all known environmental issues:

    Is the property located in unincorporated Gwinnett county?


    Is this Property Located in a CID or designated redevelopment area?


    Is this Property in a City or County TAD?


    Is there currently a viable anchor tenant?


    Does the owner grant permission to be included in this list?

    YES NO

  • Gwinnett County Redevelopment Sites Proposal Form

    Please include a narrative of the history of this property and any recent challenges/issues to its future viability: These sites are located within the “Park Place Activity Center” (PPAC), as defined by the Evermore CID. Evermore identified these sites, in combination with other parcels within the PPAC, as potential redevelopment opportunities in 2003. Evermore, in conjunction with Gwinnett County and the Atlanta Regional Commission, completed a number of LCI and redevelopment studies, including the procurement of infrastructure funding for sidewalks, roads and trails, which are either in the planning and implementation stages. The Mountain East and Eastmont Shopping Center Sites in question are largely vacant. The Cub Foods site became vacant in 2001 and the Kroger’s site in the mid 90’s. Both sites are adjacent to Highway 78 and one exit east of the primary entrance into Stone Mountain Park. The site’s primary challenges includes no “sense of place”, poor aesthetic character and lack of pedestrian mobility. The absence of parcel connectivity and a median divided 6 lane Highway 78 imparts a separation between the two centers further hindering the potential for redevelopment.

    Please attach a photo of the property, a map indicating the property location and any other information you would like to include: (refer to the attached aerial photography and site photos)

    Aerial Photo of Mountain East

  • Stone Mountain & Empty Best Buy From Cub Foods Parking Lot

  • Street Level View of Site (Mountain East – Vacant Kroger’s)

  • Aerial Photo of Eastmont (vacant Cub Foods)

  • Park Place Study Area (Boundaries)

  • Park Place Proposed Land Use Development

  • The New Park Place: A Gateway To The Evermore CID (artist’s rendering)


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