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Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot.

Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. Who is Guy Fawkes? Guy Fawkes was a catholic who is known for his failed gunpowder plot. Wikipedia say that he was

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Text of Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. Who is Guy Fawkes? Guy Fawkes was a catholic who is known for...

  • Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot.

  • Who is Guy Fawkes? Guy Fawkes was a catholic who is known for his failed gunpowder plot. Wikipedia say that he was burned and Yahoo say he was hanged drawn and quartered. He tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament because he wasnt happy with the Government and wanted it to be a Catholic Country, like it was before King Henry VIII. King Henry changed England`s religion to Church of England so he could re-marry.

  • Guy Fawkes Childhood and Education Guy was the 2nd of 4 children he was the only boy. His sisters Elizabeth, Anne another Anne who unfortunately died. His father and his mother (Edward and Edith) were in contact with the Church of England a lot. Guy was protestant until his Dad died, he was only 8 years old at the time. His Mom re-married a Catholic man a few years later. He became a Catholic at around the age of 16. Education Guy Fawkes went to school in ST Peters boarding school in York which is still attended to today and is the 3rd oldest school in the United Kingdom!

  • Guy Fawkes AdulthoodIn 1592 he married Maria PulleynGuido (the name given to him by the Spanish) fought for the Spanish in 1595 to 1598.The Spanish Catholics were fighting against the Dutch.He travelled to Spain to attempt to have the Catholic King invade England.

  • 1603James I becomes King of England.

    Fines Catholics for not attending Church of England services and he puts Catholic priests to death.

    Guido (Guy) becomes dissatisfied.

  • 1604

    Robert Catesby the gang leader - hatches a plan to blow up Parliament on the day it opens.

  • Guy Fawkes

    The plotters recruit Guido Fawkes, an explosives expert

  • The Gang - Catesby and CoAll the plotters were Catholic.The plot was a response to the oppression they felt.Two of Guidos classmates, John and Christopher Winter were part of the gang.

  • The plot is hinderedThey rent a house near to Houses of Parliament and start tunnelling.Water leaks in from the River Thames.The walls of the House of Lords could not be penetrated.

  • A change of fortuneThe state Opening of Parliament is postponed until the 5th of November 1605.A cellar room becomes available for rent.

  • The plan takes shape36 barrels of gunpowder are moved to the cellar and hidden behind firewood.Guy Fawkes is left in charge of guarding it.

  • Who sent the warning?Lord Monteagle, a member of parliament receives a letter from Tresham his cousin and member of the gang warning him to not attend the State Opening of Parliament.

    Monteagle shows letter to Robert Cecil who, in turn, shows it to the King.

  • 4th November 1605The King orders search of the cellars.

    John Johnson found with pile of wood.

    2nd search - gunpowder is found.

    Johnson is arrested and taken to the Tower.

  • Torture in the TowerJohnson confesses to being Guy Fawkes.

    After four days of torture he confesses to the Plot.

  • The other plottersMeanwhile, the other plotters had been hiding in a house in the Midlands.

    Soldiers surround the house.

    Catesby, Percy and Winter brothers are shot dead.

    The remaining plotters are taken to the Tower.

    Tried, and found guilty of High Treason.

  • January 1606

    The plotters are hanged, drawn and quartered for their crimes.

  • Guy Fawkes NightGuy Fawkes night is the 5th of November.It is that particular date because that was the day the gang were found.It is also called Guy Fawkes Day, Plot Night and Bonfire Night.It is mainly celebrated in the UK.It is also celebrated in other English colonies across the world.The English celebrate Guy Fawkes night because of his death.

  • Traditions about Guy FawkesAt the end of October kids collect wood which would be lit on the Anniversary.They also make a life size puppet of Guy put him in a buggy and beg for money, it is known as A penny for the Guy.The money the kids get is spent on fireworks and food for the celebration.The life size puppet would be burned on the fire.