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  • GUNG HOJennifer Danielle, Cemico Henry, Shalonda Williams, Neoshia Woodson





  • CAUSESCommunication between American and JapaneseCulture BeliefsWork EthicsLow Production RatePractitioner style(a style that would benefits the company as a whole)

    Mission StatementLack of TrustLack of TrainingLow payLack of benefits(work, life, balance)

  • SYSTEM AFFECTEDStructural: when the Japanese arrived the workers were not allowed to form a union, were paid lower wages, and moved around within the factory so that each worker learns every job. They were also held to higher standards of efficiency and qualityPsychosocial: each group had different norms and behavioral patterns. The language barrier was also a major issue.

  • SYSTEM AFFECTEDTechnical: because the Americans wasnt open to change, they fail to learn the techniques of the Japanese in order to be successful.Managerial: with management little regards for the workers and just focusing on productivity alone, the workers became agitated and their relationship with management became adversarial. Hunt was so concerned with keeping his promotion, he did everything he could to trick the workers into compliance. Due to the huge culture barrier, he began to lose control of the men. Goals: it was hard in the beginning for the Americans to accomplish and work towards The goal of producing 15,000 cars in one month because they wasnt open to change.

  • Success of Change

  • Case Study Flow Chart

  • AlternativesAlternativesPresent the Mission StatementSelect one Practitioner StyleGive All Employees a New Employee Handbook on the CompanyAdd an incentive Program for EmployeesManagement and CEO make themselves more accessible to workersOffer suggestion boxes for EmployeesProvide ongoing training for Employees including ManagersOffer quarterly production skills test on the production line

  • AlternativesOffer a Health Wellness Program for Employees( work, life balance)Provide Employees with production data monthly( This could increase the production on the lines and inform workers as to what is expected for monthly quotas)Provide the workers with Uniform packages( If all workers are dressed alike it may increase moral and attitudes)Update the company with better equipment ( the old equipment could have been a factor in the low production rate)

  • RECOMMEDATIONCulture trainingTeam building trainingCommutation skill trainingCross training on equipmentReview salaryBenefits