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Executive Summary

The G150 gives a big first impression. Its oval cross-section cabin offers 5' 9" of width and height. The result is larger seats, a larger aisle, more floor width for comfortable leg room, expansive head and shoulder width and seating for up to eight. With its roomy cabin, well-appointed living areas and ample storage space, the G150 provides a more comfortable cabin environment than any other aircraft in its class.

Image captures the mid-cabin view of the Hallmark 8 interior configuration.

Designed to Maximize Productivity Wherever You AreBeing in two places at once? Its no longer just hypothetical; its now possible with technology and essential to your continued success. Thats why the G150 is equipped with highly advanced communication capabilities allowing you to continue your work while en route to your meeting destination. By incorporating such features as power supplies for laptop computers, DVD players, a dual-channel SATCOM system with three handsets, as well as a passenger information system, youll be equipped for every preference and mission requirement.

Consider Your OptionsOnly you know your own personal style and only the Gulfstream G150 gives you the flexibility to choose from three available cabin layouts that complement you brilliantly. Weve maximized the efficiency of available cabin space to provide you with increased versatility including plush, comfortable, full-size seating for six to eight passengers. In addition, our team of interior designers, engineers and craftsmen demonstrate their status as industry leaders by maintaining constant focus on quality and attention to detail.

Standard FeaturesGalley* Two hot liquid containers Drip tray with overboard drain Ice drawer with overboard drain Gasper-cooled food storage Storage for snacks, beverages, food and other supplies Trash receptacle Two cup dispensers Entertainment equipment storage including: Dual DVD / CD player 15" LCD video monitor One 110 volt outlet Aux A/V PortG G G G G G G G G G

Lavatory Headliner incorporating the following: Air vent LED reading light Oxygen Passenger address speaker Sliding pocket doors between lavatory and cabin Vanity with sink Chemical toilet with external service Illuminated vanity mirror with storage Vanity cabinet with storage Trash receptacle Soap dispenser One 110 volt outlet ClosetG G G G G G G G G G

Optional FeaturesThe items listed below are available as options (at additional cost): ADF #2 Exchange NAV-4500 for NAV-4000 HF #2 Rockwell Collins Flight Data Recorder, Honeywell IRS Honeywell LASEREF V L3 Comm Storm Scope Datalink 3rd Collins / Universal VHF-4000 and Collins RIU-4000 Single Collins IFIS Includes electronic Jeppesen charts and map overlays Dual Collins IFIS chartless cockpit Includes electronic Jeppesen charts and map overlays Collins Graphical Weather XM Cockpit Weather Graphics Collins FMS 3D Map Collins Electronic Checklist Microwave or warming oven Plug-in cabin monitors Two-tone paint Export Certificate of Airworthiness FAR 135 Compliance Belted lavatory XM Radio Long-range oxygen bottle JAR Ops 1 Compliance

Cabin Comfort Interior Periphery: Headliner Passenger oxygen Manual window shades Passenger service units: LED table and reading lights Swivel air outlets Audio system speakers LED cabin lighting Carpet runner Throw rugs Spare entry, aisle and lavatory carpet Storage closetG G G G G G

Cabin Electronics Master control for lighting and entertainment systems RosenView passenger information system Individual headphone controls at each passenger seat One color touchscreen remote control Three 110 volt outlets Dual channel Iridium system (three handsets)G G G G G G

Exterior Paint Single base color with up to five stripes Miscellaneous Common keyed locks Life vests and rafts Water system Acoustical main entry curtain Therapeutic oxygen outlet and mask Emergency Locator TransmitterG G G G G G

Seating Dual drink holders per single seat Pull-out tables between each set of single seatsG G

Note: Choose from a selection of premium quality leathers, upholstery fabrics, wood veneers, metal plating and 100% wool carpeting. Decorative inlays and exotic covering materials available at additional cost. *Applies to Executive and Universal floor plans

Choose from Three

Select Interior ConfigurationsExecutive 6GalleyG G G G

Accommodates up to six passengers* Forward, four-club chair grouping Two, forward-facing club chairs in the aft cabin Designed for maximum comfort and storage space

Forward Galley Configurations

Executive 6

Universal 7GalleyG G G


Accommodates up to seven passengers* Aft, four-club chair grouping One, forward-facing club chair in the forward cabin Two-place divan in the forward cabin

Universal 7Hallmark 8G G G G


Accommodates up to eight passengers* Aft, four-club chair grouping Forward, two-place divan Opposing, two-place club seating in the forward cabin* Belted Lavatory optional on all three cabin layouts listed above

Hallmark 8

Just when you thought you had seen it all, an entirely new perspective arrives. The G150s oval windows provide an increased sense of spaciousness and breathtaking views that will instantly broaden your horizons. This simple design innovation results in an abundance of natural light to illuminate the cabin while helping to lessen the effects of jet lag. Equally significant for passenger well-being is the 100 percent fresh-air system that eliminates the use of recirculated air resulting in a healthier in-flight experience.

Plug-in monitors shown are available as an option.

Experience the ultimate choice in business travel with the G150, Gulfstreams first true mid-size aircraft that far surpasses the competition in nearly every category. Its not only a difference you can feel, its a difference that will transform you and the way you do business. Let the transformation begin.

Its been said that life is not a destination, but rather a journey. At Gulfstream, we believe both are equally important and it is our goal to surround you in opulence every step of the way. Without a doubt, every flight is a spectacular occasion in your very own G150.

We invite you to continue your journeyof the G150 by reviewing the reverse of this brochure where we delve into the technology that delivers the longest range at fastest cruise speeds of this remarkable aircraft that is like none other in its category.

Technical Summary

Longest Range at Fastest Cruise SpeedsRecord-setting performance, abundant passenger comfort all to provide you with nothing less than the most remarkable business jet experience in the industry. From its large cabin and extraordinary high speeds, to its state-of-the-art cockpit, the G150 offers a superior level of technology. Being the best suits you perfectly.

The Advanced G150 CockpitFeaturing Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics Systems* Cockpit shown with optional electronic charts and map overlay.

To remain the pinnacle of aviation achievement means embracing the idea that even the best can always be better. The cockpit of the Gulfstream G150 features improvements that are so advanced, even the term state-of-the-art seems pass. It features a system that is fully compliant with worldwide operating standards offering growth potential and flexibility that provides a whole new level of control.

Advanced Features Modeled after PlaneView Technology Provides enhanced flight crew performance and safety Signature Cursor Control Device (CCD) Full Span ADI G150 specific symbols on all displays Pop-up traffic alert

Aircraft symbology and coloring on all charts Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) with pitch guidance

Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) with windshear detection SATCOM for improved communications and information flow to passengers and crew

Fully Integrated System Dual integrated digital FMS with integrated GPS Maintenance diagnostic computer Four, 12 " x 10 " LCD adaptive flight displays with EICAS

Standard Signature Cursor Control Device (2)The Cursor Control Device (CCD) allows pilots to graphically interface with the avionics system.

CCD FunctionsG G





Display selection Cursor positioning Target selection or enter Push-to-talk Range control CAS and menu scrolling

Gulfstream Aircraft. Proven Honeywell Engines. Superior Range at Faster Speeds.Cruising at 45,000 feet, well above traffic and weather, the G150 easily delivers significant range and speed advantages. To power the airplane, engineers turned to the proven, dependable, fuel-efficient Honeywell TFE731-40AR turbofan engines with added thrust allowing the G150 to attain a maximum speed of Mach .85, the best in its class. Even at a long-range cruise speed of Mach .75, it is designed to cover an impressive 2,950* nautical miles while carrying four passengers. Simply put, the G150 can fly farther and faster than any other mid-size business jet in its class under the same conditions giving you a superior advantage every time you travel.Pago Pago Kona San Jose Start/ Finish


High thrust for excellent takeoffand climb capability

Dual channel digital DEECfor improved performance and engine protection

Around the WorldIn April 2007, the wide-cabin, high-speed Gulfstream G150 completed an around-the-world flight including a transpacific crossing. On one of the final legs of the trip the G150 made a record-setting transatlantic crossing traveling 2,196 nautical miles from Farnborough, U.K. (Farnborough International Airport) to Gander, Newfoundland (Gander International Airport) in a mere 4 hours and 24 minutes. Think its just showing