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<ul><li><p>Akshay Mehta Co </p><p>Chartered Accountants</p><p>HSN Code 8 Digit HSN Item GST</p><p>5201 Cotton (not Corded or Combed) 5%</p><p>5202Cotton Waste (including Yarn Waste and Garnetted </p><p>Watse)5%</p><p>5203 Cotton Carded and combed 5%</p><p>5204Cotton Sewing thread used for any purpose like </p><p>embroidery, etc5%</p><p>5205Cotton Yarns Containing &gt;85% cotton (not for Retail </p><p>Sale)5%</p><p>5206Cotton Yarns Containing 85% cotton </p><p>weighing Not more than 200 gm/m2 5%</p><p>5209Woven Favric of Cotton Containing &gt;85% cotton </p><p>weighing more than 200 gm/m2 5%</p><p>5210Woven Favric of Cotton Containing </p></li><li><p>5404 Synthetic Monofilament yarn 18%</p><p>5405 Artificial Monofilament Yarn 18%</p><p>5406Manmade Synthetic/Artificial Filament Yarn for retail </p><p>Sale18%</p><p>5407Woven Fabrics of Synthetic/ polyester/ Nylon Yarn </p><p>(Including Sarees and shirtings)5%</p><p>54071011 to 19 Unbleached 5%</p><p>54071021 to 29 Bleached 5%</p><p>54071031 to 39 Dyed 5%</p><p>54071041 to 49 Printed 5%</p><p>5407 4114 Unbleached Nylon Sarees 5%</p><p>5407 4124 Bleached Nylon Sarees 5%</p><p>5407 4240 Dyed Nylon Sarees 5%</p><p>5407 4440 Printed Nylon Sarees 5%</p><p>5407 5240 Dyed Polyester Sarees 5%</p><p>5407 5430 Printed Polyester Sarees 5%</p><p>5408 Artificial filament yarn Fabric or Art Silk Sarees 5%</p><p>54082218 Dyed Rayon Sarees 5%</p><p>54082418 Printed Rayon Sarees 5%</p><p>5501 Synthetic filament Tow or Cones 18%</p><p>5502 Artificial (ART) filament Tow or Cones 18%</p><p>5503 Synthetic Staple fibres not carded or combed 18%</p><p>5504 Artificial (ART) Staple fibres nor carded or combed 18%</p><p>5505 Waste of manmade fibres 18%</p><p>5506 Synthetic Staple fibres carded or combed 18%</p><p>5507 Artificial Staple fibres carded or combed 18%</p><p>5508 Sewing Thread 18%</p><p>5509 Synthetic Yarn not for retail sale 18%</p><p>5510 Artificial Yarn not for retail sale 18%</p><p>5511 Manmade staple yarn not for retail sale 18%</p><p>5512 Fabrics of synthetic staple fibre &gt;85% 5%</p><p>5513 Fabrics of synthetic staple fibre </p></li><li><p>Akshay Mehta Co </p><p>Chartered Accountants</p><p>5007 2010 Silk Sarees &gt;85% of weight of silk 5%</p><p>5007 2010 Silk Fabrics &gt;85% of weight of silk 5%</p><p>5007 9010 Handloom Silk Sarees </p></li></ul>


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