GS - 5 Nov ‘10 – Animal Testing Aims:

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‘C’ Grade –gain further knowledge of pros & cons of animal testing ‘B’ Grade –understand how to structure answers to questions in section ‘C’ ‘A’ Grade –apply skills to be able to answer a range of questions in section ‘C’. GS - 5 Nov ‘10 – Animal Testing Aims:. What is Animal Testing?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GS - 5 Nov 10 Animal TestingAims:C Grade gain further knowledge of pros & cons of animal testingB Grade understand how to structure answers to questions in section CA Grade apply skills to be able to answer a range of questions in section CWhat is Animal Testing?Animal testing is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of drugs as well as understand how the human body functions. It is also used for education and training.Animal testing is used for research, typically in a laboratory environment.Pairs taskDraw up a set of pros & cons of Animal TestingAnalyse your own opinions is your personal stance on animal testing a rational one?Arguments against?Practical:-Can be misleadingTest tube experiments just as goodAnimal stress invalidates resultsHave to test on humans eventually

Moral:-Animal rightsCannot prevent abuseAnimals dieAnimals suffer

Arguments for?Practical:-Vaccines rabies, polio, MMR, TBAntibiotics, HIV drugs, insulin, cancer treatmentsLab animals do react usefullyDevelopment of surgical techiquesTest of organism, not just tissueDNA match to primatesIT simulations not good enough

Moral:-Human life of greater valueLegislation protects lab animalsWhy so different from farming?Few animals feel pain prior to death.

Sample exam question...The development of new medicines highlights disagreements about the scientific value of testing new drugs on animals. While many researchers argue that animal testing is unavoidable, there is a strongly held opposing view that animal testing is no longer necessary.Assess the merits of these two views, including scientific evidence which might support them.How question will be marked:-3 assessment objectives:Demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding applied to a range of issues, using skills from different disciplines(8 marks)Marshall evidence and draw conclusions: select, interpret, evaluate and integrate information, data, concepts and opinions (8 marks)Communicate clearly and accurately in a concise, logical and relevant way(4 marks)Assessment Objective 1 - knowledge1 mark each (up to 8)Some form of drug testing is necessaryMedical knowledge is increased by drug testingAssumption of animals and humans reacting to drugs in the same way (viz Northwick Park)Ethically unacceptable to use fellow humans for testing Historical precedent for animal testingPublic demand for medicines to be safeAnimals have rights, as well as humansStrict controls on care of lab animalsEmotive topic with extreme views (viz Huntingdon Life Sciences)

Assess Obj 2 relevant arguments1 mark each (up to 8)Purpose of testing, eg.- side effects- efficacy- indicate further researchPros & ConsAssess Obj 3 ClarityBadly expressed, too many grammatical mistakes, or too little written0 marksUnderstandable only in parts. Some irrelevant or inappropriate comment. Weak grammar1 markGenerally understandable, reasonably written, grammar acceptable2 marksBroadly understandable, arguments coherent and relevant3 marksClear & lucid, arguments coherent, well structured4 marks


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