Grey wall brown furniture living room

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Applying heat neutral colours and is one right alternative and you'll be able to apply on the planning of your front room.


Grey wall brown furniture living room

Applying warm neutral colors and is one right choice and you can apply on the design of your living room. use neutral colors like gray on the walls of your living room is an attractive option. Gray color indicates the colors serious, reliable and stable. These colors tend to be neutral. The gray color is the color of nature, calm, reassuring. This color became one of the colors are inspired from those who have a lot of business. As for balancing the wall color you can choose the color brown as the color of your furniture. Brown is a natural color that can evoke strength and reliability. Brown tends to bring to mind a sense of warmth, comfort, and safety. It is often described as natural, earthy and conventional, but also can cause natural beauty.

To create a living room with gray walls and brown furniture is easy. You can apply the color gray in all parts of the room. then apply a wood floor or floor tiles with brown color. To beautify it, place a sofa with a dark brown color and fluffy carpet with light brown or beige color. In one corner of the room can be added to the tree branch decoration adds a warm atmosphere. Do not forget the window with a size large enough so that sunlight can enter perfectly..You can also design a living room with a classic color combination of gray walls and brown furniture. Gray walls can be combined with the curtain that hung to the floor and has a beige color. This curtain will be more interesting if combined with a classic brown sofa. A classic coffee table and carpet ash can even mempersantik your living room. Finally, add a standing lamp in one corner of your ruanang.