GREGOR MENDEL Submitted by: Madison MacEachern. WHO IS GREGOR MENDEL? Gregor Mendel was born in Austria on July 22 nd, 1822. Mendel grew up oon a farm

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GREGOR MENDELSubmitted by: Madison MacEachernWHO IS GREGOR MENDEL?Gregor Mendel was born in Austria on July 22nd, 1822.Mendel grew up oon a farm and loved plants and animals.Money issues caused Mendel to take a break from his studies more than once.

Mendel graduated secondary school in 1840 in Troppau with honours and became a monk.He moved to St.Thomas Monastery in Brno.Mendel loved experimenting with plants in the garden.Mendel was asked to teach science in Znaim. In 1851 he was sent to the University of Viennato to study science.

Mendel studied under big names in science like Christian Doppler and Franz Unger.

Mendel completed University of Vienna and returned to the Monastery.This is where he did some of his most important and well known experiments.Mendels StudiesMendel started studying pea plants.He studied them to see how the inheritance of certain traits follows certain patterns.

Mendels findingsPrinciple of Segregation: The two members of a gene pair (alleles) break away and separate form one another and make two gametes. Principle of Independent assortment: Different genes independently separate from one another when reproductive cells develop.

How did Mendels findings change the thinking of his time?Mendels contribution to science to his time was the field of heredity. Mendel did not know about genes or discover genes, but he did speculate that there were two factors that we inherit, one form each parent, for each different trait we have.

This led to scientists in the future discovering DNA, genes etc. And how different traits are passed on through generations. The study of heredity helps us understand how we evolve as humans and change through generations as different traits are passed on.

FUN STUFFMendel is now known as a pioneer in genetics.His obervations became the foundation of modern genetics and the study of heredity.