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  • MD 201 N2 NEWSLETTER — ISSN—(Online) 1837—5898

    Greetings from District Governor Peter

    Greetings fellow Lions, Leos & Lioness.

    Well, we had a great District Convention last weekend in Bomaderry, 183 conventioneers with 84 delegates.

    My friends at the Jervis Bay Lions organised & presented a great convention. Thankyou to President Frank &

    his Club as well as Convention Chair Jeff Thomas & his committee.

    Now that I have the convention ‘out of the way’, I can concentrate on what I feel we need to address to ensure the continuing

    success of every Lions Club in our District.

    The time for change is upon us, too many of our Clubs are dwindling in numbers, still doing great projects in our communities

    & towns, but placing increasing stresses & pressures on their overworked Lions. We need to act now, so that our service and

    good works will carry on well into the future.

    It was Barack Obama who stated; “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones

    we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”.

    We all know that Clubs are under added pressure, we all talk about it, we all wait for someone else to fix it, or resign ourselves

    to the fact that the affliction is terminal, and we are simply awaiting the death of our Lions Club, it’s just a matter of time!

    Well, I don’t accept that!

    Our International President, Gudrun Yngvadottir stated to we incoming DG’s in Las Vegas that; “You can not change the di-

    rection the wind blows, but you can alter your sails to take advantage of that wind”.

    We don’t need to change too much, we can add Lions members associated with our Clubs by attaching a Club Branch. This

    can be a group of like minded service folk who have a different agenda/outlook than the original Club, without necessarily

    altering the ‘historic fabric’ of the original Club. These new Lions folk, although having their own direction could be called

    upon to assist the original Club when required, thus weaving a framework of friendship between the two sets of Lions, which

    may form a closer affiliation.

    Lions, now is the time for change! Work toward change now! Don’t wait for someone else to make the change in the future.

    We are running out of time! Please call me on 0414973388 or PDG Ron on 62583180.

    District Governor

    Lion Peter Scifleet

    February/March 2017—Go Out Listen & Deliver Gold Lions Service October 2018—“Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

    District Governor—Peter Scifleet - District 201 N2 of the International Association of Lions Clubs

  • Page 2 October 2018 Edition

    Welcome to new members


    Lions Club of Batemans Bay Belinda Shalders Rhonda Jones

    Lions Club of Braidwood John Tuckwell Jamie Raynolds

    Lions Club of Bundanoon Stephen J Evans Elizabeth Cranny

    Thea A Evans Karen Williams

    Lions Club of Goulburn City Anne M Coll John Flarrety

    Lions Club of Macarthur Llewellyn Mordaunt Alan Dean

    Lions Club of Moruya Leanne Boardman Des Rose

    Lillian Brindley Des Rose

    Lions Club of Oak Flats Ray Wills Donald Briggs

    Lions Club of Pambula Merimbula Jennifer Pereira Ivan Colliver

    Donald Spinks Robyn Bedford

    Lions Club of Tathra Stig Erik Virtanen Anthony Dack

    Lions Club of Ulladulla Milton Denise Colebrook Daniel Colebrook

    Scott Colebrook Daniel Colebrook

    Lions Club of Wollongong Wilma Kersten John McGowan

    District 201 N2 covers southeast NSW and the ACT,

    comprising Lions, Lioness & LEOs Clubs in south -

    western Sydney, down the Hume Highway to Bowning,

    ACT, Snowy Mountains, Far South Coast, Eurobodalla,

    Shoalhaven, and Illawarra.

    Welcome to the following new members of N2 Clubs who joined since the

    September 2018 N2 e-newsletter was distributed. Enjoy the activities, fun and

    fellowship of the world’s largest service organisation. Don’t be afraid to ask

    questions and suggest new projects.

    We look forward to meeting you.


    publication of

    Lions District

    201 N2



    Armstrong P O Box 74, Moss Vale 2577

    Phone: 02 4868 1714—04 1478 4421


    Website: http:\\

    The “MD201 N2 Lions Newsletter” relies on

    the contributions of Cabinet Officers and

    Club members. Please keep submitting

    stories, they improve the content and make

    interesting reading for other Lions.

    Please email articles as text or Word

    documents, with photos attached to the

    emails - PLEASE DO NOT SEND


    E-newsletter Deadlines for 2018-19

    20th Day of each month


    Distributed in November 2018, the printed

    and Internet editions of the N2 Newsletter

    are being lodged with the NSW State Li-

    brary, the access codes being:

    ISSN—(Print) 1837—588X

    ISSN—(Online) 1837—5898

    All photos in this edition are copyright of

    Lions District 201N2, unless otherwise


    N2 Membership Updated at 5.59pm 18/0/2018

    This This

    Month Year

    Opening Balance 1531 1524

    Added Members 3 37

    Dropped Members 7 34

    Closing Balance 1527 1527

    Net Gain/Loss -4 3

    Worldwide: 1,471.279

    N2 Service Activities:

    This This

    Month Year

    Clubs with Activities 25 60

    Clubs without Activities 41 6

    2018-2019 Summary

    Number of Lions Hours 37687

    Lions Club of Nowra is

    Claiming the Date:

    We are turning 60 on the 7th

    March 2019 & will be celebrating

    with a Dinner during the month

    of March

    More Details

    closer to the Date.

  • Page 3 October 2018 Edition

    2nd Vice District Governor Lion Maxine Helmling

    Well here we are with the first quarter of our Lions year over. It has been a very busy month for us, I have

    had a number of visits to Clubs and travelled many kilometres, over all it has been a great month. My

    sincere thanks to the Clubs visited to date for your hospitality and friendships and willingness to show me

    your projects.

    Convention is now over, and firstly I would like to thank all delegates for supporting my nomination as

    First Vice District Governor. I wish to also congratulate District Governor Elect Gordon. I really am look-

    ing forward to being part of DGE Gordon’s team and helping to bring the District Plan to the Clubs in our District.

    We all have a part to play in being active in our District, by keeping our Clubs active and relevant in our Communities and by

    doing what we do “We Serve”. I am blown away by the work that the Clubs are doing. There have been some amazing projects

    and the work is ongoing. Every Lion needs to be congratulated and I would like to do that. Give each other a big pat on the back

    or a hug if you like for the great work you do as Lions members. Do what our IP Gudrun suggests “share your stories” I am very

    proud of our District N2 and I hope that you are too.

    I would like to thank Jervis Bay Lions for a great Convention; I thought the Flag ceremony and the Remembrance Service were

    very reverent. The Keynote speakers were also excellent. The food was great especially lunch on Saturday. From me: – well done

    for a lovely weekend in Bomaderry, thank you to the team. I am also excited to tell you that convention in October 2020 is going

    to be in Cooma. For those who have been around as long as me – we can tell you that the Cooma Lions do a great Convention. It

    is a wonderful area in our District with much to see and do nearby. Congratulations Cooma Lions and Leos for your nomination –

    but in the meantime, mark your diaries for 11 – 13th October 2019 and our Convention in Merimbula let us get behind the Con-

    vention team and support our DGE Gordon & Lion Lyn Matthews.

    I would like to share some of the pictures of the past month.

    Life Membership – PDG

    Ray Strong, 2nd VDG

    Maxine Helmling & IPP

    Lee Kol Goulburn City

    Lions Club

    New Member Batemans

    Bay Lions Club

    Lion Lesley Crompton

    2nd VDG Maxine Helmling,

    Sponsor Lion Rhonda Jones,

    President Jacki Harding

    New Members Jenny

    Pereira & Don Spinks,

    Secretary Robyn

    Bedford Pambula

    President Sandra

    Symonds, Eden


    President Eric


    Tathra Lions


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