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  • District GovernorChris Howard - District 201 N2 of the International Association of Lions Clubs

    MD 201 N2 NEWSLETTER ISSN(Print) 1837588X

    Greetings from District Governor Chris

    October/November2017Building Community Through Service

    Greetings Lions and Lioness,

    The last three months have fairly whipped by and

    suddenly we are into the second quarter of the Lions year.

    Now, with most of my club visits completed and having

    met many wonderful Lions, I have learned so much about

    the individual Lions, Lions Clubs and your projects in the

    last few months. Thank you all for your support and kind


    Over the weekend 13-15 October, Mary and I journeyed

    to Wellington for the N4 convention followed one week

    later, by our District Convention. Unfortunately, at the

    time of writing, both those events are yet to occur so

    watch the next newsletter for more detailed report on both


    One thing I do know is that we will have gathered,

    hopefully on the banks of the Queanbeyan River on

    Friday evening, to pause and remember some 25 Lions,

    Lioness and partners who have passed away since our last

    convention. These people have served for years and have

    now taken eternal rest. This leaves a void not only in lives

    of those closest to them but also in the affected clubs who

    have less hands to help. We thank these folk for their

    dedicated years of service.

    Over recent weeks, Mary and I travelled to all points of

    the District it seems Bermagui, Woonona, Marulan

    Kangaroo Valley with Moss Vale and Bomaderry with

    Shoalhaven Lioness, Marulan are all places we have

    visited and enjoyed Lions hospitality.

    (Left) DG Chris Exchanging

    Bannerettes with Bermagui LC

    President Lion Ray Clements.

    (Right) DG Chris Exchanging

    Bannerettes with President

    Helen Mairinger Kangaroo

    Valley & President Jim

    Armstrong Moss Vale Clubs

    (Left) DG Chris Exchanging

    Bannerettes with Nowra Lions

    President Stan Wilton &

    Shoalhaven Lioness 2nd Vice

    President Iris

    (Right) DG Chris Presenting Lion

    Maureen President of the Lions

    Club of Marulan & Districts with

    her Key Award

    (Left) DG Chris Bannerette Exchange

    with Lion President David Woonona

    Lions Club

    With the initial activities now behind us, the DG Team has

    capacity to look more deeply into the future of the District and

    how support can be provided to clubs.

    Global Leadership Team Coordinator (GLT) IPDG Sharon is

    working to get some training opportunities together and District

    Global Membership Team (GMT) Coordinator PDG Ron Skeen

    is looking at clubs who are seeking help in membership


    If any Lion or club is of the view that District may be able to

    assist their club, please let me, one of the VDG or PDG Ron

    know if you dont tell us of your needs, we wont know of the

    problems and will not be able to help.

    PDG Ron is also looking for opportunities to establish additional

    clubs. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    If you wish to contact me on any Lions matter, my contact details

    are below.

    Roaringly yours


    CN Howard


    District 201N2

    Ph: 02 6231 3812

    Mob: 0406 378 553

    Printed by The Flagstaff Group, 254 Nolan St Unanderra NSW 2526 Ph: 02 4272 0222

    (R) Lion Mary

    trying out the

    LC of Marulan

    & Districts

    Outdoor Gym

  • Page 2 October/November 2017 Edition

    The following members of the N2 Lions family passed away since the May 2015

    edition of the N2 E-Newsletter was distributed.

    The N2 Lions family thanks them for their friendship & service to their community

    and Lions, & offers our condolences to their families, friends & colleagues.

    May their service be an example to us.

    Club Name Lions Club of Canberra City Peter F Mendl

    Lions Club of Kambah Rodney Holt

    Past members remembered

    Welcome to new members

    District 201 N2 covers southeast NSW and the ACT, comprising Lions, Lioness

    & LEOs Clubs in south -western Sydney, down the Hume Highway to Bowning,

    ACT, Snowy Mountains, Far South Coast, Eurobodalla, Shoalhaven, and


    Welcome to the following new members of N2 Clubs who joined since the

    September 2017 N2 e-newsletter was distributed. Enjoy the activities, fun and

    fellowship of the worlds largest service organisation. Dont be afraid to ask

    questions and suggest new projects.

    We look forward to meeting you.


    Lions Club of Canberra Lake Zoe Puniard Michael Rogerson


    Lions Club of Gunning Carol A Kofinas Pamela Lees

    Lions Club of Minnamurra Kevin M Lewry Steve Omrod

    Lions Club of Tahmoor Tracey Maree Ballango Boris Ballango

    Janet Duffy Timothy Bishop

    James Finn

    Australian Lionsonoz members quite often visit Lions Clubs as visitors while travelling this great land of ours,

    recently Lion Rhonda Courtney of Australian Lionsonoz visited the Lions Club of Coolah in District 201N3 to

    help her former Club celebrate a significant milestone.

    Lion Eric Fetch, together with his Lions Lady Shirley have served their Lions Club, Coolah for 50 years, a fine

    and impressive effort, Lion Eric joined Coolah Lions in September 1967, within two years of the formation of

    the Club, Eric has been and still is an active member of Lions and the only position he has not held is Lion

    Tamer, his wife Shirley has been there as his support for all these years and continues to assist whenever


    Eric continues to organize and run the local driver reviver at the Coolah Silo Site which is one of the most used

    Driver Reviver stops in NSW and is well known for its reliable opening

    times, a dinner was held at the Local Sporting Club in his honour and in

    recognition Eric was presented with his 50 years Monarch Award and a

    special keepsake honouring both his and Shirleys years of service to


    PDG Lion Warren White

    Lionsonoz in Action

    Printed by The Flagstaff Group, 254 Nolan St Unanderra NSW 2526 Ph: 02 4272 0222

  • October/November 2017 Edition Page 3

    It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

    Charles Darwin

    When you're finished changing, you're finished." Ben Franklin

    At some of our Club visits, as the DG Team travels throughout our Lions District, we hear the phrase What

    has Lions International ever done for us? and we, often caught off guard, would answer as best we could,

    which is quite often not quite adequate.

    Well, here are a couple of items, tools if you like, which can, if properly used, may ensure that Lions are

    around for another 100 least.

    The two tools I speak of are: GMT, Global Membership Team and GLT, Global Leadership Team.

    These are two major, and extremely important, tools/building blocks we must utilise to see ourselves convert

    into the changing times of the future.

    Global MembershipTeam, a team purposed specifically to charter new Lions Clubs, assist Lions Clubs to

    obtain new Lions and to, most importantly, maintain and assist our Lions members.

    Global LeadershipTeam, a team that will provide and arrange leadership training at all levels of our

    organisations structure.

    If we are to move forward into the future, these are two items that we will definitely need, Membership and


    Moving forward into the second century of our oranisation, perhaps we will also need to be more open to


    Things that worked well in the past to attract new Lions into our Clubs, dont work as well now.

    In city Clubs where suburbs are becoming closer because of suburban growth, or country towns which are

    becoming less populated, perhaps we need to amalgamate Clubs. This can be done without losing a Clubs

    treasured Charter.

    In the near future, perhaps February or March next year, DG Chris has given 2VDG Gordon & I permission to

    organise a couple of Forums to discuss these items plus other items Lions may like to talk about. The Forums,

    evenly distributed in our District, will be arranged by GLT Chair PDG Sharon and will be open mostly to Club

    Presidents and interested Lions keen to see our Lions organisation do well into the future and suggest better

    ways that District Cabinet & Clubs can interact.

    I look forward to assistance and input.

    1st Vice District Governor

    Lion Peter Scifleet

    Change and Tools

    Printed by The Flagstaff Group, 254 Nolan St Unanderra NSW 2526 Ph: 02 4272 0222

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