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  • 1. Digital LearningFor All, NowGreenwich Public SchoolLeadership/AdministrationJonathan P. Costa, Sr.

2. The Mission To prepare EVERY studentfor learning, life, and work in the 21st century. Corwin Press - 2011 3. Life CommonCore & 21st Century SkillsWorkSchool/Tests JPC Sr.2012 4. Goals for Learning Teaching &Assessment Instruction & Data Leadership Curriculum & Focus ResourceCommunication DeploymentProfessional Professional EvaluationSupport JPC Sr.2012 5. Digital Learning Less and More Less paper, more pixels. Less single source, more crowd source. Less routine, more adaptation. Less compliance, moreengagement/choices. Less consuming, more producing. Less about how much, more about howwell. 6. Work will be dominated by fast-moving, geographically diverse, free-agent teams of workers connected viasocially mediating technologies.Fred Stutzman, Carnegie MellonThe replacement of memorization byanalysis will be the biggest boon tosociety since the coming of massliteracy.Paul Jones, UNC- Chapel HillThere is no doubt that brains are beingrewired.Danah Boyd, Microsoft Research 7. We Know How This WorksThree Phases of Integration1 Retrofitting Doing exactly what you used to do, only nowwith a new tool. Re e n g i n e e r i n g Doing a version of what you used to do, but using new tools that expand consumer options and empowerment. RethinkingConsumer driven fundamental shifts in your product, service, or market role. Corwin Press - 2011 8. We Know How This Works Three Phases of Integration1 - Retrofitting Corwin Press - 2011 9. How Would You Answer?What would an open phone test look like?What happens wheneveryone can get anything fromanywhere? Corwin Press - 2011 10. Purpose + Engagement = Learning The Center for 21st Center Skills usesrigorous, standards based blended learning coursesand virtual learning tools to challenge and engagestudent learners from grades 7-12. Recognized and funded by the National ScienceFoundation (ATE/iTEST), Nellie Mae Foundation andthe US Department of Education (i3) we serve over2,500 students a year through our Digital Arts andSciences Academy. Anchored by our six critical 21st centuryskills, our mission is to prepare studentsfor school, work, and life.Virtual Summit 11. Virtual Summit 12. Impact over TimeArea/Impact Leadership Goals Instruction AssessmentRetrofitReengineerRethinkArea/Impact Curriculum ResourcesSupportEvaluationRetrofitReengineerRethink 13. ChangeHappensUltimately, adults must be willing and able tomodel the positive change behaviorsthat we seekfor our students. Corwin Press - 2011 14. All Risks are Not Created EqualWe will fail in ourmission to give childrenthe tools they need forthe future if we forgetthe balance betweenprotection andpreparation. Corwin Press - 2011 15. Think of What They Will Need Corwin Press - 2011 16. GettingStartedLong view Low hanging fruit -Leverage points - Corwin Press - 2011 17. Find the Leverage PointsLeadership Goals Instruction AssessmentCurriculum ResourcesSupportEvaluation 18. Things to do today1. Find the leverage point.2. Build the lever.3. Move this Corwin Press - 2011 19. Reflection and Conclusion We cannot effectivelyprepare studentsfor knownuncertainty in their futures by first demandingcertainty for ourown. Corwin Press - 2011