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  1. 1. COMMERCIAL WASTE ONLY GREENWAY RECYCLING TELFORD RECYCLING HOUSE ROCK ROAD KETLEY TELFORD TF1 5HW Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 7am-4pm Please contact Michael Dowd to discuss now on 07843242040 or email Wewillpaythebest rebatesforthefollowing materialsdeliveredtosite... Cardboard paper & soft plastics Payment will be prompt with terms to suit the customer Collections are possible please call to discuss Recycle today and make it pay! GreenwayWasteRecyclingLtd. 10%extra rebateon all plastics andcardboard delivered tosite in August andSeptember, quote STAR Exciting times awaiting recycling firm Greenway Greenway has outlets for the likes of cardboard, plastics and other materials BUSINESSNEWS THESE are exciting times for the Greenway Group, which is proud to announce that it has launched its new operation in Telford the first time it has opened in the UK. The site comprises of 18,500 sq ft warehouse, offices, a 4,000 sq ft work- shop and ancillary facilities, and totals more than seven acres. It has planning permission for continued use as a waste treatment and recycling fa- cility, and is conveniently located near the M54 flyover in Ketley, Telford. The operation in Telford is Greenway Waste and Recycling Ltd, which is a zero waste to landfill site. The group runs a polymer recycling oper- ation in County Armagh in Northern Ire- land which has been in business since 2000, focusing mainly on polymers recycling. Greenway has 25 staff in Shropshire, and if everything goes according to plan the company should increase numbers to more than 40. Different factors could allow that to ex- tend towards 60 or 70 but the company admits that is an ambitious target. Greenway is realistic in its expectations it has ambitions for the site, and strong outlets for the likes of cardboard, plastics and other materials. The available facility drew the company to Telford, but bosses believe that spending 10 minutes driving in the town demon- strates that Telford is firmly on the map. At its Telford waste treatment and recyc- ling facility Greenway can accept a range of waste streams for treatment and recycling, plus combustible waste and refused derived fuels (RDF) for energy from waste recovery. Due to the sites generous space, Green- way Waste & Recycling can also act as a transfer station for various waste materi- als, such as mineral/inert fraction, wood and recyclable materials. The company offers a baling service for recyclables from local authorities and third party customers. Its main focus for all waste streams is to recycle and/or recover as much as possible. Depending on the nature of the material, Greenway has several sorting and process- ing activities available ranging from hand picking through to mechanized processes. Recyclable materials are sent to national and international recyclers who turn them into new products. RDF is made from non recyclable waste which includes biodegradable material and certain plastics, and has a low calorific value. The RDF produced is sent to high- ly-efficient energy from waste facilities in Europe, where it is used to produce steam, electricity and hot water for district heat- ing systems in the local area. Materials which cannot be combusted such as metals and inert wastes are re- covered after the treatment process and recycled as aggregates. Materials produced during the flue-gas cleaning, such as gyp- sum, are used as raw materials for the cre- ation of new products. All RDF is converted either into energy or raw material. Zero material is send to landfill. Greenway will pay the best rebates for the following materials cardboard paper and soft plastics. For more information or for a general discussion about your companys waste management needs please contact Michael Dowd on 07843242040 or e-mail michael@ The companys new home is Recycling House, Rock Road, Ketley, Telford, TF1 5HW. Opening times are: Mon to Fri 7am-7pm, Saturday 7am-4pm. Visit www.greenway- Greenway will be at the RWM waste EXPO @the NEC 16th 17th 18 th Sept- Stand 4D60 E61. Commercial Feature Commercial director Rogier Masselink and UK commercial manager Michael Dowd Greenways new home at Recycling House in Ketley ShropshireStarTuesday,August19,2014 30