Green living room color ideas

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  • GreenLiving RoomColorIdeas

    Living roomwithgreencolorcangivea different feelfromthe design oftheliving roomin

    generalusewhiteas the dominant color. The green colorallowsyoutoget aliving roomthat

    looksfreshandcomfortable. In addition, youwillnotfeelboredwhile inthe living

    roombecausegreencolorwhichgivesthe impression ofa freshandcoolyourhome. Bright

    greenanddarkgreenis a good choiceforthe living room. Youjustneed to useyour creativityin

    choosingfurniturethat suitsthecolor.

    Wall Color

    Greenandwhitecolor combinationis a popular choiceforthe living roomwall color. The

    brightgreencolorbecomesdominant colorforthe wallsandwhitecolorsused asaccentsinthe

    room.The white coloris usedas an accentcolorforthe wallsandceiling. To thecurtains, dark

    greenorbrownishgreencanbe the right choice. Orifthe wall isgreen, the curtainsin the living

    roomcan bewhite.


    Greenliving room color, a sofa thatcanbe usedin green. Greencolorselected can bedarkeror

    lighterthanthe greencoloronthe walls. Avoid usingthe same color toyour roomdoes not

    lookfullby the colorgreen. Usefurnitureorwhitesofa.


    The Flooringreen living room color usually used aceramicgreenwhite, so that the

    roomlooksmoreattractive. In order forthe greencolorinyour living roomremainsdominant,

    youcanputa thickplainrugunderthe coffee table.