Green and black living room ideas

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<ul><li><p>Green and Black Living Room Ideas </p><p>Modern minimalist design is becoming a trend today, especially for those who </p><p>understand the function of the design of their homes. Green and black ideas for living room </p><p>also become a trend, because of the simplicity. Moreover interior design with green and black </p><p>look clean and modern and it makes homeowners like the design. Green and black colors can </p><p>relieve stress for the residents. Especially if you use minimalist furniture and accessories that </p><p>have the same colors, your living room will definitely look cool and fun. And we will also be </p><p>easier to clean. You'll want to hurry home if you have modern minimalist living room. You </p><p>may even want to invite your family and your friends to show them how beautiful your living </p><p>room is. </p><p>Green is the color that is fantastic for decorating the living room because it was such a neutral </p><p>color that can work with soft subtle colors, but also green color can beat them. Because green </p><p>eyes focused precisely on the retina, the green color is also considered a color that can make </p><p>eyes cool. Green color has a close connection with nature, grass and tree leaves, green is able </p><p>to relax and soothe. Here is the interior design is bright and airy, with a modern color palette </p><p>that lights up the whole room. The architects use light green for the walls and furniture, </p><p>highlighted by the natural light coming through the floor to ceiling windows. You can </p><p>combine green color with black color to make your living room look nice. </p></li></ul>