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Great Gaddesden Parish Newsletter · Great Gaddesden Parish Newsletter Number 239 Feb 2016 ... have enough ringers to ring in 2016. I can report the outcome of the Western ... t epd

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Text of Great Gaddesden Parish Newsletter · Great Gaddesden Parish Newsletter Number 239 Feb 2016 ... have...

  • Great Gaddesden

    Parish Newsletter

    Number 239 Feb 2016

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  • From the VicarFrom the VicarDear Friends

    We have finally finished withChristmastide, (which ended with thefeast of the Presentation of Christ in theTemple, last Sunday, 31st January) and hard-ly can we draw breath, before we are con-fronted with the beginning of the next sea-son in the churchs year; Lent - which beginson Ash Wednesday, 10th February. Oneyear we seem to have weeks and weeksbefore the start of Lent, the next, it is uponalmost without our realising.

    The issue of fixing the date of Easter con-tinues to cause problems and a few daysago, it was announced that the Archbishopof Canterbury, the Most Reverend JustinWelby, hopes to remedy the situation Iwish him well!

    It would bring to an end one of thelongest-running disputes within thechurch, throughout the world. The hope isthat the change could be made within thenext five to ten years, in a move that is likelyto have quite serious repercussions for us all,whether we work or are still at school. TheArchbishop says he will be talking to otherleaders of the various denominations withinthe Christian Church, including PopeFrancis and the Coptic Pope to hopefullynegotiate an agreement. It is one of thosedecisions where all parties will need to agree a tall order indeed!

    Pope Francis has already discussed chang-ing the date of Easter. Last year he saidthat we have to come to an agreementabout changing the date, at a meeting ofpriests from around the world, according tothe Catholic News Agency, but that was asfar as it went. Our Archbishop did remindus that churches have been attempting sincethe tenth century to fix the date of Easter,which at the moment is set with reference to

    the moon and the sun it could be an uphillstruggle.

    The legal foundation for changing the dateof Easter has been in law since theEaster Act of 1928. In order for the changeto happen, in an ideal world, all churchesneed to agree to it, even though the law actu-ally allows the Government to simply decideto fix the date, Parliament has deferred tochurches, so far.

    For the record, since the fourth century,the date of Easter always falls on the firstSunday, after the first full moon, after thespring equinox! (I hope thats clear!?) Thatmeans of course that it varies hugely fromyear-to-year, leading to all the mix-ups, con-fusion and inconvenience.

    Will the date of Easter ever be fixed?Who knows? Watch this space butdont hold your breath!

    Iam yours in Christ, John.John Russell

    St Johns VicaragePipers Hill, Great Gaddesden

    HP1 3BYe-mail:[email protected]

    tel: 01442 214898

    Christmas Flowers

    Very many thanks to all those who gen-erously contributed to our Christmasflowers. I hope you were able to get tochurch to see them. They certainly lastedwell, with the final ones being dismantledjust a month after they were first dis-played.

    Val Mills


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    Clean for the Queena national campaign to clean up Britainin time for Her Majestys 90th birthday

    On March 4th, 5th and 6th, we are organising a number of walks across ourparish to pick up litter. It would be nice to have as many people as possible

    involved and we would like to hear from local residents who would be willing tolead a walking party in their locality

    Please contact: Jo Connell - [email protected] - 01442 842981or: Val Mills - [email protected] - 07929 650664

    For more information see

  • Gaddesden RowMethodist Church

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  • Great Gaddesden Bellringers - Sue Collyer


    Ido love the Christmas festivities, but Ialso love this time of year when thecakes and chocolate have all been eaten,things have calmed down and there's anopportunity to take stock and plan forthe year ahead.

    We rang on several joyful occasionsover the Christmas season forthe Carol service on Sunday 20th wherewe also played 3 carols on handbells; forthe crib service on Christmas Eve; andalso of course on Christmas morning -in my opinion, there's nothing betterthan hearing the bells ringing out loudand clear on Christmas morning I hopeof those who live around the churchagree! Those parishioners who live closeto the church may have missed our tradi-tional celebration of the arrival of theNew Year - sadly this year we did nothave enough ringers to ring in 2016.

    Ican report the outcome of the WesternDistrict quarter peal event which tookplace over the weekend of November20th to 22nd when 15 quarter peals wereattempted in 9 different towers. A greatweekend was had by all and 13 of the 15attempts were successful. There were 3attempts at Bob Doubles, 3 at Plain BobMinor, 2 at Plain Bob Major, and otherattempts included Mixed Doubles,Superlative Surprise Major, GrandsireTriples, London Surprise Minor, BourneSurprise Minor, Double Norwich CourtBob Major, and Pudsey. A very impres-sive selection of methods being rung inone district!

    Three of us from the GreatGaddesden band took part by ring-ing in our own tower. Jen achieved herfirst quarter peal ringing the tenorbehind to a selection of mixed doubles.Very well done Jen. I got my quarterringing the number 3 bell inside to BobDoubles and Val made sure we were welllooked after ringing with us. I was luckyenough also to ring the treble to a quar-ter peal on the Tring bells. It is a bigstep doing a quarter peal it involvesringing continuously for about 45 min-utes, keeping concentration and focuswhile remembering the pattern andprogress of the method and all the timetrying to produce perfect striking andregular rhythm. I managed to do all ofthese things some of the time, but cer-tainly not all of it. I am reminded of thatgreat Morecambe and Wise sketch whereEric pointed out that he played all theright notes but not necessarily in theright order!

    On a more sombre note, we rang ourpractice evening on the 16thDecember with the bells half-muffled asa mark of respect following the suddenand unexpected death of Sonia Wood, awell-known and respected member ofthe parish who has been a long-standingmember of the church, also making greatcontributions to the wonderful creationsof the flower team. She will be muchmissed and we had the honour to ringwith the bells open on January 22nd forthe thanksgiving service which was a cel-ebration of Sonia's life and an opportuni-ty for her many friends and family toshare together in remembrance.

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  • Great Gaddesden CofE (VA) SchoolFor pupils aged 3-11


    A belated Happy New Year from all at GreatGaddesden School. It has been a busy startto 2016 with lots planned for the SpringTerm. Alongside academic learning, childrenare looking forward to experiencing DramaWorkshops, Theatre Trips, Martial Arts andFootball and Netball Matches against otherlocal schools.

    We are currently in the process of trainingour Year Five and Six pupils as PlayLeaders. Our play-leaders will work inteams of three and take one lunch-time aweek to provide an activity/game foryounger children. This peer support willhelp to improve play provision across theschool and help to ensure pupils are gettingthe most out of their lunchtime breaks.

    As I write this in January, the school has notyet received our anticipated Ofsted Visitwhich was due in November 2015. We nowexpect to be visited by Ofsted this term.

    We had some good news back in Decemberregarding our academic attainment. We weredelighted to discover that in theDepartment for Educations recently pub-lished School League Tables for 2015, theschool was placed 20th out of over fivehundred schools in the whole ofHertfordshire for academic attainment,which also puts us within the top threeschools in Dacorum! Our success wasnoted by a small mention in the DailyTelegraph.

    Smaller than average pupil cohort numbersmean attainment can vary year-on-year muchmore than it does in a larger school, but thisresult is a testament to the hard work ofthe pupils and staff at the school and weare very proud of our achievements!

    Last term Years One & Two learnt about theGreat Fire of London. Their teacher MissGroves has recounted their learning of atopic which captured many of their imagina-tions.

    Years Three & Four wrote some fantasticHaikus based on celebrating the New Year,which are also featured in the newsletter thismonth. As a reminder, in a Haiku, lines are5, 7 and 5 syllables long!

    The deadline has now passed for Receptionapplications, but new Nursery applicationscan still be made directly to the school. Thedeadline for nursery is 18th March 2016.The school continues to have two intakes forNursery in September 2016 and January2017. Please contact the school if you wouldbe interested in a tour.

    Clare Rudd, Parent Governor

    Learning in Year One and Two from MissGroves

    Last term in year one and two we learnt allabout The Great Fire of London. We learntall about how the fire started in Pudding Laneand spread through the city of London. Weread extracts from Samuel Pepys diary to findout exactly what it was like in London in1666.

    Did you know that he buried his cheese andwine in his garden so the fire didnt destroyit?!

    We created a class timeline and placed theevents of the 4 days in chronological order,before discussing what life was like back in1666.

    We also discussed the positives that came

    (cont. P11)

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    from The Great Fire of London (there are afew!) The fire brigade was set up to help thosein need. Laws were passed to make saferhouses built from brick and stone and thestreets of London were cleaned on a more reg-ular basis to help combat the spread of fire.

    We also linked our art topic of Light to ourlearning of The Great Fire of London by cre-ating our own fire pictures using chalks andother materials.

    We also learnt about fire safety in the presentday. We talked about what to do and who tocall in a fire emergency. We role played call-ing the emergency services and discussed howwe can keep ourselves safe at home andschool.

    Haikus from Years Three and Four

    The cheerful school smilesThe school shares forever now

    I love school its cool!

    Easters coming soon!Flowers start to grow and bloom

    Eggs are hidden nowFennella

    The new lambs are hereSo are the cute butterflies

    I cant wait for more

    The plants start to growThe ducklings start to waddle

    Horses prance and dance

    Fish swim about nowExciting things are outside

    Roses bloom and growOlivia

    Spring is comingBlossoms have bloomed, lambs are born

    Sunshine comes, hooray!

    Hot sun and flowersHappiness throughout summer

    Moon shines bright at night

    Sun shines everywhereMoon sparkles on the ocean

    Celebrations spreadFinley

    New YearNew people coming

    They are born into the worldWe can celebrate

    SpringDaffodils have bloomed

    Cherry blossom on the treesSpring is in the air


    Big celebrationsGrowing animals, ripe fruit

    Happiness around!

    Birds fly in the airCherry blossom is coming

    Easter eggs are found!Immy

    Easter is comingChocolate eggs and piatas

    Daffodils have bloomed

    Birds fly all aroundHappy people can party

    Animals come outEvangeline

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    Walk and TalkA short to medium length walk every Friday,

    starting from the church at 9.00amTea, coffee and cake on our return about 10.15.

    Please join us theneven if you cant manage the walk.

    Val MillsPlease contact Val for more details

    07929 [email protected]

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    Spring Update Its been a busy start to 2016 at Gaddesden Row JMI School. We started the term with launching our new approach to teaching and learning: having a growth mindset. We believe that every pupil can develop their abilities through effort, persistence and learning from mistakes. This way of thinking is called a growth mindset and developing it can help make our pupils more resilient for life. We have spent a lot of time teaching our pupils that although nobody likes getting things wrong, we should use these setbacks to motivate us. Challenge and effort means we are learning and growing our brains. The children have loved learning about having a growth mindset and as a result have set themselves some excellent targets for the term. Following on from the Christmas season, we have been overwhelmed by the response from the local residents thanking the children for their cards and presents. In the last week of the autumn term, the whole school walked to the local village to deliver handmade Christmas cards and baubles made by the children. It was a delight to talk to the village about the school and see the children enjoy the gift of giving at Christmas. Long may the links between the local community continue.

    Gaddesden Row JMI School

    Headteacher: Mr. N Read

    Gaddesden Row, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 6HG ! 01582 840376 " [email protected]




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  • Chairman:




    01442 258773

    01442 843751

    01442 247272

    01442 843151

    01442 200779

    07767 075490

    01582 840059

    01442 255483

    Paul Harris

    Andy Thompson

    Janice Brown

    Sarah-Jane Green

    Martin Lindley

    Paul Sandford

    Malcolm Stodell

    Graham Cox

    (For all enquiries about the Parish Council and local matters.)

    Council e-mail address is [email protected]

    The Parish Council

    Parish Council Website The Parish Councils new website is now available


    Parish Council meetings 2016Great Gaddesden Parish Hall

    22nd February 21st March 25th April18th July 19th September 24th October 21st November

    Gaddesden Row Village Hall23rd May 20th June

    All meetings are on Mondays and commence at 8.00pmunless otherwise noted

    Venues subject to final confirmation - always check the current newsletter

    Anything published in this newsletter does not necessarily reflect the views of the Parish Council


  • We do try to keep an up to date listof birthdays.If anyone wants to add names to ourlist or knows of people who havemoved away and could perhaps havetheir names removed, please contact:

    Sudha Bellarmine-Emes atThe Plough, Jockey End

    Gaddesden Rowe-mail -

    [email protected] Names are normally removed after the per-son becomes 18, but we can include specialbirthdays for any age.

    February 2016

    Eleanor Rudd 1st 8

    Sam Garratt 2nd 12

    Blue Kempster 3rd 6

    Aaron Timlett 6th 8

    Frankie Vukovich 8th 15

    Curtis Florido 10th 9

    Freddie Blake 11th 11

    Owen Chappell 12th 8

    Harrison Oliver 16th 7

    Harrison Osborne 17th 6

    Kian Bolton 21st 4

    Shyla ONeill 26th 13

    Andrew Cope 28th 9


    MARDCH 2016 ISSUE is

    21st Februaryanything after the deadline

    cannot be included


    St John the Baptist Church, Great Gaddesden

    Mothering Sunday with distribution of posies All Age Communion Service

    6th March, 10.30am All Welcome

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    Icknield Farm, Icknield Way, Tring, Herts HP23 4JX


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  • 18

    Parish Hall


    Friday19th February 7.30pm start

    As the village of Great Gaddesden (that is the area around the Church,Garden Centre and the Parish Hall) is missing that vital watering hole and we

    do not have anywhere to socialise easily as a community, we are looking tohold a games/pub evening in the Parish Hall for our local community.

    The evening will offer games such as Bingo, Play your Cards Right,Dominoes, Crib etc. We would like you to join in or just enjoy great compa-ny over a glass of your favourite tipple. You can bring your own nibbles and

    whatever you will be drinking.

    The evening is predominantly geared towards adults but we understand theissues around sitters so children are welcome and can of course join in thegames but they are solely your responsibility and will need to sit with you.

    We would look to run these evenings on a regular basisif this one is successful.

    Let us know your thoughts and if you can make it.

    RSVP to

    [email protected]

    Alternatively you can call Carol on 01442 247720

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  • Gaddesden Estate NewsGaddesden Estate NewsFarmingThis winter has seen so much rain thatthe ground is absolutely saturated. Wehave not been able to complete the sprayprogramme yet. With luck conditionswill improve enough for this to be carriedout over the next few weeks. The mainreason for the current spraying is to elim-inate the charlock growing in the fieldssown to in the oilseed rape, the seed ofwhich can contaminate the sample.Another consequence of the ground con-ditions is that it is unlikely that we willcomplete our hedgecutting programmefor this winter, bearing in mind thatunder the new rules of CrossCompliance we cannot cut hedges afterthe end of February.

    As an experiment we have sown part of acouple of fields with a cover crop offodder radish. This will both act as agreen manure for a spring crop and withits long root we hope have a similar effectas deep cultivation.

    In the meantime we had our annualinspection from NSF Agriculture toenable us to remain compliant with theAssured Combinable Crops Scheme. Aswith all inspections this involved adetailed check on all the grain and otherstores as well as a thorough check on allour paperwork. Luckily with the excep-tion of one minor technical observationwe have passed for another year. It is auseful discipline as the tidy-up sometimesreveals things which we need to attend.

    Almost all of the 2015 crop has been soldand moved, though there are just a few

    lorry loads left, to be shifted this month.

    Stella FrogleyWe were sad to learn of the death of MrsFrogley, who died in January. She wasthe secretary at the Home Farm for manyyears in the 1960s and 1970s. She andGwen Tomlin kept the office runningsmoothly during some very busy times offarming development. In those daysbefore the advent of computers, they rana very noisy NCR Accounting Machine.Prior to harvest each year, Gwen used toorganise a team of off duty firemen tojoin the farm staff, walking through theripening fields of wheat and barleyrouging the wild oat plants. A pro-gramme, which over the years, provedsuccessful in reducing this perniciousweed.

    Estate maintenanceWe are very busy at present with proper-ty maintenance, both refurbishing housesand cottages following changes in occu-pation, and upgrading some of our com-mercial units.

    ForestryWe have not yet finalised our programmefor 2016. Most of our effort recently hasgone into understanding and completingthe new forestry management plans,which since the changes in the EUCommon Agricultural Policy the govern-ment, in their wisdom, has combinedwith the agricultural schemes.




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    Little GaddesdenTel: (01442) 842716

    Mobile: 077 689 37 138

    Great Gaddesden Parish HallCharitable Trust No 154154

    Come and join us for your own eventThe recent AGM voted to maintain 8.50 per hour for the sixth yearwith special rates

    for parties, weddings, wakes, all-day events and new enterprises during start-upA lovely venue, just 10 minutes from Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted, along the

    Leighton Buzzard Road, with lots of off-road parking.New well-equipped kitchen, new floor and now a brand new facebook page hall is run by members of the community and we need your help please to

    populate the events page. Please upload photos of events that youve held inthe hall and click like or contact:

    Denise Stone 01442 268932 [email protected] discuss your ideas.


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    !Little Gaddesden B&B

    Comfortable village accommodation

    En-suite,TV, tea/coffee, fridge etc

    Perfect location

    !6 & 7 Little Gaddesden

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    Nicky & Jon Bennett-Baggs

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    Leadwork & Glazing Repairs

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    New Works




    Brickwork & Paving

    Carpentry & Joinery


    01582 79259201582 792592


    Gaddesden Parish ChurchContacts

    Nicholas Halsey (Churchwarden)

    The Golden Parsonage, Gaddesden Row,

    Hemel Hempstead HP2 6HG

    [email protected] 01442 252421

    Merlin Howells (Churchwarden)Flat 217, Elizabeth House

    Hemel Hempstead

    Herts HP2 5HH

    01442 265517

    Gill Moore (Reader)3 Widmore Cottages, Bradden Lane,

    Gaddesden Row,

    Hemel Hempstead HP2 6JB

    [email protected] 842054

    Revd. John Russell (Vicar)St. Johns Vicarage, Pipers Hill, Great

    Gaddesden,Hemel Hempstead HP1 3BY

    [email protected]

    01442 214898Please contact the Vicar for Baptisms,Confirmations, Weddings or Funerals



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    Energy Saving LightingDesign and Installation

    Energy Saving LightingDesign and Installation


    tel: 01442 240515mob: 07836 252567

    email: [email protected]: .co.ukw.smroww.smroww

    01442 24051507836 252567


    Roll up, Roll up for the Spring Plant Fair Extravaganza!

    Come along and support the Ashridge Estate! How?... By buying top quality plants at the Ashridge SpringPlant Fair on 15th May 2016. The volunteers at the Friends of Ashridge run a Plant Fair on behalf of theNational Trust at Ashridge taking place on the Green at the foot of the Bridgewater monument. This willbe our 20th consecutive Spring Plant Fair and we now regularly raise circa 7000 each year to help theNational Trust maintain the Ashridge Estate. There is free parking and no entry fee. There is also a tearoom available and the National Trust shop to visit. Please come and browse amongst the thousands ofplants that will be on display and the plant stock available from small visiting nurseries on a commercialbasis. These nurseries kindly donate a percentage of their earnings to the National Trust Plant Fair.

    The majority of our plants are from volunteer growers and private gardens. If you have any plants todonate to the Fair then we would love to hear from you. . To donate any plants, please contact the organis-er, John Cartwright on 01442 864 984. The Plant Fair is on Sunday 15 May 2016, 11am till 4pm at theNational Trust Ashridge Visitor Centre, Monument Drive, Ringshall HP4 1LX. We look forward to seeingyou.

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    01582 840333 www.beechwoodpark.comMarkyate, Hertfordshire AL3 8AW

    Space to excel!Beechwood Park SchoolCo-educational day and boarding school

    for children aged 3-13

    See website for Open Morning dates

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  • PRINTED BY HEMEL COPYPRINT, 102 LONDON ROAD, APSLEY 01442 212636EDITOR MIKE CONNELL 01442 842981 [email protected]

    Church Duty Rotas February

    Sidesmen Reader Intercessions

    Feb 7 Sydney Spencer-Wilson Susan Beale Susan Beale

    Feb 14 Susan Beale Sharon Mitchell Nick Halsey

    Feb 21 Michael Bayes Merlin Howells Peter Diggle

    Feb 28 Jo Connell Val Mills Peter King

    Mar 6 Peter King Trevor Beale Gill Moore

    Parishes of Great & Little Gaddesden & Nettleden

    February 2016 Sunday 7th February, The Sunday next before Lent

    Exodus 34: 29 end; 2 Corinthians 3:12- 4:2; Luke 9: 28-36[37-43a] 9.00am Morning worship with Communion by extension Nettleden 9.00am Parish Communion Little Gaddesden

    10.30am Parish Communion Great Gaddesden 6.00pm Evensong Little Gaddesden

    Wednesday 10th February, ASH WEDNESDAY

    8.00pm Parish Communion with Imposition of Ashes Nettleden Sunday 14th February, The First Sunday of Lent

    Deuteronomy 26: 1-11; Romans 10: 8b-13; Luke 4: 1-13 9.00am Mattins Nettleden 9.00am Family Communion Little Gaddesden

    10.30am Family Communion Great Gaddesden 6.00pm Evensong Little Gaddesden

    Sunday 21st February, The Second Sunday next of Lent Genesis 15:1-12,17-18; Philippians 3:17- 4:1; Luke 13:31-end

    8.00am Holy Communion BCP Nettleden 9.00am Parish Communion Little Gaddesden

    10.30am Parish Communion Great Gaddesden 6.00pm Evensong Little Gaddesden

    Sunday 28th February, The Third Sunday of Lent Isaiah 55:1-9; 1Corinthians 10:1-13; Luke 13:1-9

    9.00am Mattins Nettleden 9.00am Parish Communion Little Gaddesden

    10.30am Parish Communion Great Gaddesden 6.00pm Evensong Little Gaddesden

    Sunday 6th March, MOTHERING SUNDAY, The Fourth Sunday of Lent Exodus 2: 1-10: 2 Corinthians 1: 3-7; Luke 2: 33-35

    9.00am Morning worship with Communion by extension Nettleden 9.00am Family Communion Little Gaddesden

    10.30am Family Communion Great Gaddesden 6.00pm Evensong Little Gaddesden

    WEEKDAY SERVICES Please check notice boards or pew sheet for any variations

    Tuesdays 9.00am Holy Communion Great Gaddesden Thursdays 10.00am Holy Communion Little Gaddesden