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About The Great EscapeThe Great Escape's debut EP 'Balance' is

released on 01.05.2010, it is a culmination of two years of song writing by the band. The band are an indie rock band from Consett, Durham and have been together for over 2 years.

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This is an End

Lost Time


Agree to Disagree

Carry on



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Jonny Buck - Drums, Percussion

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Ste Turnbull - Bass

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Michael Bennett - Vocals, Guitar

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Song Choice

A final decision hasn’t been met on which song will be used for the final video simply due to the band producing their own video as well. However it is between two songs, Carry On and This is an end.

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Ideas for filming

The video will have a lot of clips from live performances tied with solo shots of the artists that will link to the lyrics in the music. The majority of the filming will be done in dark settings with lighting equipment to light up amps and the artists.

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A lot of the filming will be set in a house in Jesmond, simply because of the room and this is the area where the band practice so it makes it easy not having to move equipment around.

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Camera Angles

A lot of camera angles will be used to ensure a wide range of shots of the band so that when it comes to editing there is a lot of clips to choose from.

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The band will be wearing their own clothes for the video simply because it relates to the genre of music and style.