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  • Graduate Assessment Test (GAT)Graduate Record Examination (GRE)Topic of

  • TestsNational Level Admission International Level AdmissionStudyJobECAT: For Engr. CollegesMCAT: For Medical CollegesNAT: For NTS associated universities / DAIs GAT: For M.Phil and HEC scholarship schemes. IELTS:TOEFL:GMATSATGREISSBPMSCSSGEE

  • GAT Graduate Assessment Test GAT-Generalfor admissions in M.Phil and HEC scholarship schemes. Graduate Assessment Test GAT-GENERAL GAT-SUBJECTIVEGAT-GENERAL(16 Years of Education) Graduate Assessment Test GAT-Subjective for Ph.D programs. GAT-SUBJECT(18 Years of Education)

  • CategoryTest Type English Analytical Quantitative Total

    GAT-A Business Education Engineering & Technology

    GAT-B Arts & Humanities Social Science

    GAT-C Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences, Biological & Medical Sciences Physical Sciences

    30% 40% 30% 100%

    50% 25% 25% 100%

    40% 30% 30% 100%Test Format of GAT General:Total Questions (MCQs) = 100Total Test Time = 120 Minutes (2 Hours)Test Type: Paper Based

  • GAT Subject Paper Distribution Test Format of GAT Subject:Total Questions (MCQs) = 100Total Test Time = 120 Minutes (2 Hours)Test Type: Paper BasedTest Contents:General Section = 30% of the Total TestSubject Section = 70% of the Total TestAreas of General Section:English (Verbal) = 15%Analytical Reasoning = 15%

  • Travelling toward Advancement

  • Where Can I study

  • Breakup of CostsActual costs vary greatly depending on program type, degree level, university, geographic location, etc.Average Annual Figures in USD

  • Scholarships Graduate Assistantships Teaching Research Scholarships and Fellowships offered by UniversitiesInternational Organizations offering ScholarshipsFulbright CommissionThe United Nations AMIDEAST World Health OrganizationCommon Wealth

    Trusts / Scholarships in Pakistan for Studies Abroad

    Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad

  • Application Procedure Standardized Tests GRE TOEFL Additional requirementsApplications Work Experience (if any) Extracurricular Activities Academic Transcripts Recommendation Letters CVs/Resumes Financial Aid/Scholarships (if req) Future Career Preferred Subject (Major)

    Short-list Colleges (be realistic)


    Accepted in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore

    Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) Administered by ETS

    4 Sections - Listening , Speaking , Reading , Writing

    All sections worth 30 points. Total score out of 120. Good Score 90+

    Scores valid for 2 years ; register at

    NO coaching required for an above average student

    Get any 2 books out of: Barrons, Kaplan, Princeton, Cliffs (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)

  • How Important Are These Scores?

  • Essays, SOP, LORsEssaysLORsResumesConsider this a sales pitchDescribe how you will contribute to the colleges unique communityDont use flowery language and please follow instructionsChoose the right recommenderTalk about your characteristics and back them with examplesEnsure its genuineMake a strongpresentation of yourself and your qualificationsKeep it concise, comprehensive, relevantProof read for spelling errors

  • Study-abroad ConsultantsThere are two types of study abroad consultants you come across:

    Commission based agents who have B grade tie-up universities and whose advt. we see regularly in the newspapers or who call you up via telemarketing. Beware of them.

    Genuine study-abroad consultants who are very few in number. Always take some references of some past students before you approach them.

    We are not professional consultants and hence restrict ourselves only to test prep but we do guide our students regarding various aspects of applications based on our knowledge and our interaction with our ex-students. We also help students with a list of genuine study-abroad consultants so that they can approach them easily.

  • GRE as a computer adaptive testThe software calculates your score based on: The number of questions you answer correctly The difficulty of the questions you answer The number of questions you complete You loose more points for leaving questions incomplete than you do for an incorrect answer The NEW GRE is adaptive by sections (not by questions). The difficulty level of the next section depends upon your performance in the previous question. Jumping around in a section is allowed. Questions that appear early in the test impact your score to a greater degree than do those that come toward the end of the exam

  • The GRE Structure The overall testing time for the computer-based GRE revised General Test is about three hours and 45 minutes. There are six sections with a 10-minute break following the third section.

    Structure of the Computer-based Test

    Measure Number of Questions Allotted Time

    Essay (Issue) 1 30 min Essay (Argument) 1 30 min

    Verbal Reasoning (2 sections) 20 (approx) per section 30 min per section

    Quantitative Reasoning (2 sections) 20 (approx) per section 35 min per section-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    An unidentified unscored section may be included and may appear in any order after the Analytical Writing section. It is not counted as part of your score.

    An identified research section that is not scored may be included, and it is always at the end of the test.

    The Analytical Writing section will always be first, while the other five sections may appear in any order.

  • MATH SYLLABUS ARITHMETIC Number propertiesFraction n decimal PercentsRatio n ProportionAverages (mean, median, mode)Exponents n roots

    ALGEBRA Basic Algebra Simple EquationsQuadratic EquationsInequalities GEOMETRYLines n anglesTrianglesPolygonsCirclesSolid GeometryCo-ordinate Geometry

    MISCELLANEOUSCounting (P n C)ProbabilityRates (STD / Time n work)Sequence n Series

  • GRE acceptance :

    Countries: US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, France,Spain, UK, China & Belgium

    Courses : Masters in engg., medical, arts, law,& also management

  • How is GRE different from school/college syllabus exams?

    importance of conceptsa lot of reasoningmethods and steps dont mattertaking help from the optionsquick thinking

  • How is the GRE testing related to practical life technical aspects?

    time managementstress managementworking with the available resourcesout of the box thinking

  • The 3 imp skills for acing the quant sec:


    Understanding the language of the questionApproach -Conventional - Modern (Variables (Substitution Equations Back solving n elimination Formulae) Approximation Following the trend Visualization Diagramatic presentation)

  • The 2 imp skills for acing the verbal section

    VOCAB and its application (Text completion, Sentence equivalence)

    Reading skills (reading comprehension)

  • Basic Kaplan GRE math & verbal work booksNova GREPrinceton review GRE

    Advance Barrons GRE The Big bookKaplan GRE premier program

    Dont use hard copies of books. Use only soft copies from day 1 so that u get accustomed to read from the computer screen.

    Authentic GRE material

  • How to start your preparation?

    part A (vocab, topic wise concepts n practice)

    part B (section tests : quant &verbal)

    part C (full length tests : 10 approx)


    Best time to prepare (2nd year of graduation or when u r relatively free at work front)

    Total duration of preparation(for an above average student, 2 months without work/college and 3.5 months along with work/college

    Per day efforts (6 hrs. without work/college, 2 hrs with work/college)

    Prioritize GRE over your job, college, socials etc (a half hearted preparation and attempt can cost u time, money and carrier plan)

  • Bottom line

    Test of endurance (maintaining concentration for 4 hrs at a stretch)Test of maturity (keeping yourself calm n composed without getting panic)Test of smartness (you dont have to be super intelligent to crack the GRE; just be smart enough)

  • Practice tests tips !! start with easy tests; gradually move towards tougher ones

    take atleast the last 5 t