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  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


    Table of Contents

    Executive Summary3Company Description....3

    Product Description..4

    Market Research & Analysis.8


    Market Data.......9


    Revenue Model....12Financial Projections...13

    Marketing Plan..15

    Operations Plan & Schedule...20

    Management Team..21

    Additional Hires22

    Advisory Board.23

    Critical Risks & Assumptions..24Assumptions.24


    Proposed Company Offering..27

    Series A Funding.27

    Future Funding 27

    Value-Added Investor.27

    Exit Strategy..27Appendix28

    Additional Mockups26

    Pro-forma Balance Sheet 32

  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


    Executive Summary

    The Gravel team plans to disrupt the travel industry through means of inspiration and planning.

    Harnessing the power of social combined with a seamless user experience, Gravels premiereproduct, a workflow collaboration tool for travel planning will help users imagine, plan and

    experience their perfect trips. Gravel aims to reduce time and searching costs while

    maximizing the ease of use of our dynamic travel inspiration and planning platform. In doing so,

    Gravel will connect its users to the most relevant locations and activities by acting as a

    optimized search engine for travel and offering targeting advertising and lead generation

    options to all points along the supply chain.

    Gravel wants to bring social media and content creation to the travel planning process. After

    talking to consumers and suppliers alike, Gravel saw the need for software to aid travellers in

    every leg of their trips, from inspiration to planning through execution. This will begin with a

    product targeting the consumer sector, however Gravel will continually look to expand our

    target audience and product line to new markets such as corporate travel.

    Gravels software allows trip planning to be optimized for greater overall efficiency,amalgamating all the important facets of developing a trip into a contemporary and intuitive

    online and mobile platform. Users within the market are embracing this use of mobile devices

    and on-the-go apps within their travel process. With 40% of consumers who use online

    searches in their decision-making path also using social media to complete their decision, this

    market trend towards adopting both social and mobile technologies presents a favorable

    environment for Gravel.1

    Gravel's online platform is designed to streamline the difficulties of communicating, organizing

    and measuring the logistics of the travel planning process. With an intense focus on an

    enhanced user experience Gravel plans to deliver a robust and personalized utility filling a

  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


    Gravel stands out from among its competition by focusing on the users experience and

    interaction with the platform before, during, and after their trip. The innovation lies in the

    approach taken to tackle the logistics of a trip. Rather than the typical step-by-step method offinding the ideal price point and timing for each aspect of a trip, Gravel wants to inspire the

    user - first by suggesting based on user conditionals, and later by providing recommendations

    based on the user data compiled by the system. Similar to the way Pinterest and other

    compilation-based sites have encouraged users to share and interact with others interests,

    Gravel also encourages the user to inspire other Gravel members to share their experiences.

    By presenting their own trip experienced through the platform, a social community in which

    users can share and compile all aspects of their perfect trip can be built.

    Comprised of a team of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and designers all too acquainted with the

    hassle of the travel process, Gravel has the experience and user-centered mentality necessary

    to revolutionize the travel experience. Additionally, with guidance from others thoroughly

    experienced in the travel industry, Gravel is confident in its ability to deliver on its promise to

    be the one-stop shop for all organized travel needs.

    Product Description

    Gravel is the social single stop travel management platform tailored for organized groups and

    individuals. It offers an enhanced travel experience allowing users to browse, share, and plan

    every step of a trip on a single platform. The product provides tools to organize the three

    stages of the travel process: social, planning, and logistics. With both mobile and web apps,

    users will be able to use our tools to plan the trip, stay organized during the trip, and share

    their experience after the trip.

  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


    Exhibit 1: Example Inspiration Page

    Social:Oftentimes the most difficult part of planning a trip is sifting through the pool of travel

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  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


    Exhibit 2: Hotel Finding Feature for Planning

    Planning:Gravel handles hotel and flight search, scheduling, and discussions between group

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  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


    certain individuals to join them on certain activities or make events open for the entire


    Communicating: Instead of having lengthy email and chat threads that lack context and

    coherence, users will be able to communicate with each other directly on the site through

    the chat function or through posting discussions to the message board as they

    collaboratively make decisions.

  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


    Budgets: The platform will keep track of a user and groups spending and alert users when

    they are nearing their limits. The budgeting feature will ensure that users are spending

    within their limits and will have enough to pay for events that they want to attend.

    Transit: The mobile app will keep track of where each user needs to be at any given time

    during the trip. By implementing the Google Maps API, directions will be provided to and

    from locations on the itinerary. Gravel will also provide links to access taxis and other

    transit services when available.

    Information and Communication: The Gravel app will be the best way to stay connectedwhile on the trip. Users will be able to use its messaging service to communicate with other

    users and the app will provide information about weather and other relevant news and

    information about their destination.

    Market Research and Analysis


    Indirect:Groople, Travefy, Paybygroup, Travelstormer and HipmunkDirect: Travel Agents

    There are a number of online travel platforms for both individuals and groups; the above are a

    few sites with small notoriety. We view these companies and platforms as indirect competition.

    There is an empty white space between collaborative software and travel-centric websites, and

    we hope to become the first mainstream platform to hone in on this specific segment. While

    there is a lack of online and mobile competition, our direct competitors would be travel agentsand other group travel planners. Recently, a potential future competitor made headlines by

    acquiring funds from celebrities and well-connected individuals (ex. Bono). Vamo promotes

    itself as simplified travel planning and has received early media attention and publicity 2 We

  • 8/13/2019 Gravel Business Plan


    agent and felt they were trying to use incentives to wrongly sway the group one way or another.

    He also felt things such as flight booking for multiple destinations was virtually impossible.

    Gravels service will surpass the capabilities of an agent and provide the customer with arobust user experience through social collaboration, progress tracking, and relevant individual

    and group metrics.

    Many of our competitors do not consider the first-mile, last-mile stage of travel or have not

    attempted to become the single solution for the group planning process. Breaking down each

    stage of the planning and execution of the trip into a fluid experience provides the user with

    increased efficiency. Our personalized approach to each user develops and saves preferences,molding Gravel to be appropriate with regards to the groups plans, and also to provide the

    user with recommendations that suit their individual interests.

    Travel agents and popular online booking platforms have pre-existing business relationships

    and connections with the most popular airlines, hotel chains, and travel locations, and this

    allows them to organize and offer potentially cheaper deals that we, as a new business, are not

    capable of offering. However, our technology platform allows the user to source through thesedeals on external sites all within the user interface. Since we choose to do booking elsewhere,

    we reduce cost and risk in terms of inventory. Gravel intends to combine the benefits of

    todays online travel booking services with the user experience and social integration of

    tomorrow to optimize the overall interaction.

    We are addressing not only a need of increased efficiency within planning but developing an

    enjoyable process in an otherwise unpleasant experience. Given the expertise of ExecutiveBoard members John Bai and Sam Jau, the aesthetics of our website and mobile app will be a

    seamless and intuitive us