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  • Grasshopper Weekly Algorthmic Exercises


  • For my first exploration, I decided to find an alternative way to generate a grid of points so produced a triangular grid from which I extracted the centre points. Following the tutorial video I was able to cull the list of points and shuffle them around using jitter. Forming voronoi curves, I projected them onto a base open surface and extruded them to create a frame. The iterations produced contain various different experiments with manipulating the set parameters.

  • Next, I decided to experiment with attractor points following the tutorial from modelab. Using a graph mapper to generate the strength of the attractor points I was able to create a variable pattern of curves which were then projected onto an open surface. I tried splitting the curves to create holes after which I used the list item component to select only the surface with holes. However, I stumbled onto a bug in the software where the surface was deemed invalid preventing me from going further or baking it.

  • For my 3rd exploration, I chose to attempt to replicate the SG2012 Gridshell. Following the tutorial this week, I was able to successfully produce an algorithm to generate geodesic curves to form the gridshell. This exploration is relevant to my design intentions for the gateway project as the geometry compliments the material nature of plywood timber, my chosen material for the project proposal.

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