Graph data visualization

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Graph data visualization. Zdenek Janura ( Ivo Jiele ( Vclav Rek ( Goal. We focused on this features: Collapse edges - merge edges/nodes width similar attributes into one edge/node Clustering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Graph data visualization

    Zdenek Janura ( Jiele ( Vclav Rek (

  • GoalWe focused on this features:Collapse edges- merge edges/nodes width similar attributes into one edge/nodeClustering- grouping nodes width similar attributes into subsetsFiltering- filtering edges based on count of passing throw them

  • ImplementationJUNG - Java Universal Network/Graph Framework

  • ResultsIs done:

    parsing input filedata transformation to suitable formatfiltering

    We are working for:

    clustering, collapse

  • The endThank you for your attention