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Granuflo Lawsuit

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Healthy kidneys remove harmful wastes, excess fluid and salts from your blood. When kidneys fail, wastes build up in your body. This can cause serious health problems and requires dialysis treatment.

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  • Dialysis heart attackGranuFlo is the only dialysis solution product containingthe powdered form of acetic acid (sodium diacetate).

  • While This Treatment Is Effective, There Is A Risk Of Dialysis Injury. Certain Dialysis Injury May Occur Including

  • Granuflo LawsuitIn June 2012, The US Food And DrugAdministration (FDA) Issued A Class I Recall OfGranuflo Dry Acid Concentrate And NaturalyteLiquid, Dialysis Products Used In The TreatmentOf Acute And Chronic Renal (Kidney) FailureDuring Hemodialysis.

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