GRANGE Furniture: Living Room Modulars

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GRANGE Furnture's modulars for the living room.

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  • bookcase / liv ing room/ telev ision space

    your Project


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    GRANGE craft and expertise is founded on a respect for fundamental values. A Grange product is unique, marrying authenticity, harmony and respect for materials and quality. Collections focusing on a shared Meubles de famille vision express a French style of living for which the keynotes are harmony, elegance, style and warmth.

    of french furnitureHeir

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    Able to advise on decor and interior design, GranGe can call on its expert service for quotes and project proposals. Our modular units adapt to your lifestyle and your tastes. We provide customised solutions to your unique furnishing and storage projects. In this brochure you will find examples of layouts, as well as a guide to help you devise your own project with your GranGe adviser.

    provencal farmhouse

    of styles

    One of the companys strengths is its ability to interpret styles and periods. GranGe manufactures furniture mainly in cherry wood, in keeping with the finest french cab-inet-making traditions. Adapting French style to the demands of todays world, GranGe continues to create new furniture and new ways of personalizing it. Every piece of furniture is unique as a result of GranGes wide selection of wood stains, patinas and dimensions.

    since 1904Cabinetmaker

    delightful house

    bourgeois house

    modern house



  • | 7Directoire bookcase with upper units and ladder. Bottom units with wooden doors and top units with shelves Finishes : Classique Crme, and cherry wood with antique patina

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    1 | Directoire Modular unit: on the left-hand side, space for china above & storage for household linen below. In the middle, bookcase units & television recess. On the right, units for displaying precious ornaments. Prestige finishes: exterior in natural cherry wood and interior in Ivoire with shelf edges in Carbone

    2 | Directoire bookcase lower units with wooden doors, 2 wide top units with glazed doors, an external angle unit and a lost angle at the center.

    3 | Directoire bookcase with 45 angle unit, upper unit and ladder. Finishes : Dco Ivoire and Brocante.

    4 | Louis-Philippe bookcase lower units with wooden doors and drawers. Red cherry wood finish.

    5 | Directoire bookcase with double depth. lower units with wooden doors, top units with 25cm shelves, library shelf (18 cm) and one sliding bookshelf underneath a shelf. Finishes: Dco Ebne, top of the lower unit and shelves front: natural Brocante.

    a Library that speaks volumes about you




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  • | 11Ateliers bookcase. Finishes: exterior in natural cherry wood and interior in classique gris.

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    45 anglelost corner round angle

    Directoire bookcase with upper unit and ladder TV space at the center, glazed units and drawers on each side. Dco bne, and Brocante finishes.

    a Living room tO mAtCh yOuR imAGE

    1. calculate thE dimENsiONs yOu NEEd

    width 53,7 cm corner unitwidth 102,2 cm

    the modular units come in two widths (53.7 cm and 102.2 cm). the number of units required depends on the volume of books to be stored in your bookcase.

    GranGe takes account of the configuration of the space to be furnished:v position of door v type of skirting boards where these are marble, a fillet is includedv position of socketsv presence of curved ceiling and cornicesv type and number of corners:Recessed corner for practical considerations45 angled corner for technical considerationsrounded corner for aesthetic considerations(see photos opposite)

    the height of GranGe modular units adapts to suit your plans:v 222 cm height is ideal for:- a standard house in any country - harmonising with other tall furniture in a room v 244 cm height for:- floor-to-ceiling furnishing - a more impressive effect in high-ceilinged roomsv top unit suitable for:- floor-to-ceiling furnishing - ideal solution where desired layout features a ladder



    height 222 cm height 244 cm

    upper unitstandard height 64,3 cmvariable height mini. : 20 cmmaxi. : 64 cm

    tips & tricks + made-to-measure width and height for whole wall furnishing.

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    All units are available in two depths 35 cm or 45 cm. you can also order double-depth units where, for example, the lower unit is to be deeper than the top unit.

    small depth: 35 cm

    double depthtop unit: 35 cmlower unit: 45 cmmedium depth 45 cm

    for smaller books and space-saving

    for fine volumes and art books for decorative objects for files

    all shelves top: shelves

    lower: wooden doors left or right-hand opening

    top/lower: wooden doors, left or right-hand opening.

    top: wooden doors, left or right-hand opening.

    lower: 2 or 3 drawers

    top: glazed doors left or right-hand opening

    lower: wooden doors left or right-hand opening

    top: glazed doors left or right-hand opening

    lower: 2 or 3 drawers

    top: shelves

    lower: drawers

    shelvesshelves and wooden doors

    shelves and drawers wooden doors

    glazed doors and wooden doorswooden doors and drawers

    glazed doors and drawers

    1 | Directoire bookcase with double depth

    2 | Directoire bookcase wtih shelves.Red cherry wood finish

    2. specify yOuR NEEds


    GranGe offers a wide range of faade options: shelving, wood or glass doors, drawers, etc. All com-binations of frontages shown below are available in two widths and three depths.

    the GranGe modular units res-pond to your needs: storage for beautiful books and paperbacks, displaying decorative objects, concealing files or placing personal documents under lock and key.



  • 1 | Ideal for storing TV-related equipment TV decoder, amplifier, DVD player

    2 | Fitting for curved angle unit

    3 | Upper unit is perfect for displaying attractive china and glasses. Household linen can be stored in drawers on glide-and-stop runners

    | 1716 |

    2. specify yOuR NEEds




    television solutions

    GranGe fitted solutions for televisions come in high and low versions, and in one width of 102.2 cm. We offer backdrop panelling to match the low version.

    upper tV unit1 open recess, 2 slide-away doors,

    1 tV shelf and 1 video stand

    Lower: 2 wooden doors feature in both 222 cm and 244 cm heights

    Lower: 3 drawers feature in both 222 cm and 244 cm heights

    lower tV unit2 wooden sliding doors

    lower tV unit2 glazed sliding doors

    Panelling with single shelf features for both 222 cm and 244 cm heights

    single shelf back panelling

    Panelling with 2 shelves features for both 222 cm and 244 cm heights

    double shelves back panelling

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  • a3 ~ merisier naturel

    Classique ~ Crme

    b3 ~ merisier blond c3 ~ merisier rouge

    o3 ~ merisier brun tendance ~ Carbone

    Classique ~ GrisClassique ~ Blanc* tendance ~ Zinc *

    | 1918 |


    1 | upper-unit

    2 | ladder to reach upper unit

    3 | sliding bookshelf undrneath a shelf and Library shelf

    library shelf sliding bookshelf underneath a shelf one wooden shelf d 25 cm one wooden shelf d 35 cm lighting set upper-unit ladder rail end

    3. personalize yOuR PROjECt

    select the finishes

    GranGe offers a wide selection of over thirty finishes. the wood stains range from soft light honey to maho-gany and include colour finishes for a dazzling array of shades from Pink to Green Bronze and Ivoire to Ebony. subtle differences are introduced into the wood stains by a choice of distressed finishes ranging from semi-antique to Brocante (a second-hand look with a patinated finish). the finishes are grouped into four major families. you can design your modu-lar furniture using a mix of stains and wood chosen from the same family.

    Choose the style

    GranGe revisits French styles in keeping with traditional cabinet making. designed to adapt to particular layout and design requirements, GranGe modular units are made from cherry wood in a range of options in Ateliers, Louis-Philippe and Directoire styles.

    * Our advice : use for highlighting or on small surface areas

    Lightly distressed & Classiques



    Louis-Philippe Directoire Ateliers

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    Distressed finishes

    Brocante & Dcos finishes

    3. personalize yOuR PROjECt Finishes

    Prestige Finishes Four families of finishes

    to help you make your choice, our finishes are grouped into four families, with the stains and woods in each care-fully selected to combine in harmony. you can design your modular furniture using a mix of stains and wood chosen from the same family.

    * Our advice : use for highlighting or on small surface areas

    dcos ~ Brique dcos ~ Rouge dcos ~ Pourpre dcos ~ Ebne

    a6 ~ merisier naturel b6 ~ merisier blond c6 ~ merisier rouge o6 ~ merisier brun

    x9 ~ merisier naturel j9 ~ merisier blond m9 ~ merisier ambr dcos ~ Ivoire dcos ~ Gris souris

    dcos ~ Jaune dcos ~ Vert sauge dcos ~ Bleu lavande dcos ~ Rosedcos ~ Vert bronze

    j8 ~ merisier blonda8 ~ merisier naturel m8 ~ merisier ambr

    Prestige ~ Vert anis Prestige ~ KakiPrestige ~ Blanc * Prestige ~ Gris

    Prestige ~ Taupe

    Prestige ~ Ivoire

    Prestige ~ RougePrestige ~ Bleu lavande Prestige ~ Brique

    Prestige ~ Pourpre

    Prestige ~ Rose

    Prestige ~ Carbone Prestige ~ Or *Prestige ~ Zinc *

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