Graffiti - Thorn .8 Introduction to the Graffiti Range • Graffiti is available in three versions,

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Text of Graffiti - Thorn .8 Introduction to the Graffiti Range • Graffiti is available in three versions,

Aesthetical spotlight range with innovative beam angle adjustment


Freedom and Flexibility

Directed light can be used for creating stimulating and eye-catching effects. Generallythere are several aims in accentlighting, firstly to make the set-upstand out from the general lightand secondly to guide thecustomers eye.

Different directions of light canhave a big impact on theperception of an object. One can create different moods andperceptions just by redirecting thelight - see the Lighting effectssection on page 4 for examples.

In retail applications, shopwindows need to grab theattention of passers by. Thewindow display is an exhibitionof the brand - a way forcompanies to display theiridentity. Spotlighting is a crucialelement in getting the right image.

Artefacts, artwork and objects ofinterest can also benefit fromdirectional light to emphasisekey features.

An effective and interestingaccent light has to be created onsite. With the new Graffiti rangethe task of painting with light ismade easy for the scene creator,thanks to the stepless* adjustablebeam angles, which ensure anoptimal cone of light for everysingle need!

Colour filters, barndoors andlouvres further extend theflexibility of this range, which inturn enhances the control youhave in designing an attractivedisplay. DSI controllable Phasedimmers enable you to integratethe Graffiti range into projectswhere Indoor Lighting Controlsare used. In this way Graffiti cannow be part of exciting differentand changing scenarios or canbe daylight-linked to contribute tothe saving of energy by centralcontrol of the whole track.

*Stepless - Freedom and flexibilityin selection of beam angle.

Spotlighting or accent lightingcan be viewed as the tool forpainting displays with light


Easy beam angle adjustment


Normal lighting

Light from the top Light from below

Lighting effects

When illuminating items in a display avariety of beam and lighting angles can be combined to give the desired effect.With attachments and colour filters theamount of control you have is endless.

The choice of beam angle(thereby light intensity and areacovered by light) combined withthe choice of lamp type can have a major influence onthe appearance and perceptionof the illuminated object. Bydefault there are a few rules ofthumb, but painting the set with light with the use ofimagination and re-aiming fromdifferent spot locations normallygives the best result. Rememberthat not only are the objects litbut also the light awakens thecustomers interest. The brand ofthe store or the goods can bebuilt and strengthened byexcellent lighting.

In these pictures the impact ofdifferent spotlight locations andbeam angles is clearly shown.Thanks to Graffitis steplessbeam angle adjustment, onecan fine tune or change theappearance with ease. A strong,intense side light could bechanged into a medium or soft -just by the twist of the backsection of the spotlight!

Medium light from the sideStrong light from the side

Lighting from the front or multiple directions -Normal lightThe most common solution eventhough it is rarely the best.Flattens all textures and facialirregularities giving a dullimpression that lacks eye-catching appearance.

Light from the topGives a more naturalappearance as we are used toseeing things being lit by the sun.Medium texture visibility andnatural shadow play.

Light from belowThis solution should be used withcaution as it can create a strangeimpression, very unnatural butwith great eye-catching effects.Great texture visibility andspooky shadowing.


Soft light from the side


Users can control the lighting tomatch their needs

A picture space could forexample, be easily reconfiguredwhen the need arises.

The small painting (1) is replacedby a larger one. A wider beamis now needed to prevent darkcorners (2) and to give uniformlighting - this is easily achievedby a simple twist of the backsection of Graffiti M and L (3).


2 3

Side lightingThree examples of light comingfrom the side. In the first examplethe light is hard and direct givingextra life to the object andshowing textures if present. This can easily appear too harsh or unfriendly.The third example has a softersidelight giving a more naturalbut less dramatic perception.Textures are more suppressedand shadows are less defined.

CombinationsEvery case is different and eachshape really needs its owncombination of light directions.Try to redirect, redirect andredirect until the best solution is found!

Textures always benefit from anarrow, hard light introduced ata low angle. Light from the frontof a texture (in line with theviewer) will always flatten thestructures and reduce shadowing.


Illumination of textureNotice the effects of direction.Shown left is the clear directionalquality of spotlighting - the fabricreveals its texture, while to theright directional effects arevirtually absent.

Lighting effects

Colour filtersColour filters can add effects to the set, but they must be usedwith care, as over flooding yourscene with colour can distort thecolours you wish to preserve.

Fabric illuminated at a low angle Same fabric illuminated from the front


Beam angleA combination of beam angleoptimisation and barn doors can reduce light spill and cutsoff the light in undesired areas.


Introduction to the Graffiti Range

Graffiti is available in threeversions, Small, Medium andLarge. A wide range of lampsand wattages are alsoavailable to suit yourapplication.

Each member of the range hasa surface or track mountingsolution (L surface versionavailable to order only)

The pure and simple shape ofGraffiti is reflected through allsizes creating a consistentdesign theme throughout therange. The unobtrusive designfeatures complement allenvironments and integratewell with a variety ofarchitectural styles.

High quality range constructedfrom durable die-castaluminium

High grade spun, anodisedaluminium reflectors houseinnovative stepless adjustablebeam angles 10-35 (narrow)and 25- 55 (wide, exceptversion S)

Sturdy metal stem in metallicfinish

The optimised control of lightand high levels of flexibilitymake Graffiti the perfectchoice for ever changingdisplays

Silver reflectors as standard,gold finish available to order

Easy to install user-focusedattachments with simplebayonet function

Graffiti can be used toenhance both the lit andaesthetic environment in avariety of retail and leisureapplications like shops andmuseums

Some versions of the Graffitirange (depending on the lamp)can be dimmed via DSI signalsor momentary action switches,using DSI controllable Phasedimmers (available asaccessories) providing centralcontrol for the whole track.

The Graffiti range has beencarefully designed with discreetsimplicity. Graffiti not only looksrefined but each design detailfulfils a technical requirement.

Materials/FinishBody: die-cast aluminium wetpainted white (close to RAL9016) or silver/grey (RAL 9007)Reflector: spun high gradeanodised aluminium silver finishas standard, gold available onrequest. Reflectors have facetsthat mix the light rays to ensure auniform colour temperature withinthe light beamStem: steel with high frictionjoint, silver finishProtective front glass for M andL versions.

Installation/MountingSuitable for 3 circuit multiadaptor(1 circuit France only) orsurface mounting.3 x 2 x 2.5mm2 piano key terminalblock and 10mm cable entry inthe back and sides as break outfor surface mounted versions. Graffiti S uses a screwterminal 2 x 1.5mm withoutlooping possibilities.Rotation 0 - 360Tilt 0 - 90Attachments easily mounted bytool-free bayonet function.


Spotlights can be supplied withlamps to order.Track mounting: mechanical andelectrical track connection ismade using the track adaptor,which locates quickly andpositively to the track via twostable clamping points with asimple clockwise turn of the fixinglever. Select the desired circuit(1, 2 or 3) using the selector onthe top of the trackbox beforeinstalling onto the track.

StandardsDesigned and manufactured tocomply with EN60598.

Class I Electrical 850C fire retardantIK02 IP20

Lamps50-100W, PAR 20/30

(HEG-PAR) halogen. Cap: E2735-50W, PAR16 (HR) halogen.

Cap: GZ1035-50W, QR-CBC (HRG)

halogen. Cap: GU5.3

SpecificationTo specify state:Small spotlight for 50-100W PAR20/30/35-50W PAR 16/35-50W QR-CBC, halogen lamps.As Thorn Graffiti S.


Graffiti S

Small spotlights for PAR and QRTungsten halogen lamps withfixed beam angles. Careful lampselection provides variousalternative beam characteristics.

Surface mounting or 3 circuittrack (Multi adaptor). (1 circuitadaptors for France only)

Mains and low voltageversions available. Low voltageversions have an integralelectronic transformer inadaptor or surface plate

DSI or momentary actionswitch controllable Phasedimmers (40-500VA and 40-1000VA) are sold separatelyand can be used for allversions of Graffiti S as centralcontrol of the whole track.

PAR 20 Silver/grey, surface mounted

QR-CBC white

PAR 30 White, track mounted

Stepless adjustable beamangles for QT12 and HIT-TCversions

Surface mounting or 3 circuittrack (Multi adaptor)

Wide choice of Tungstenhalogen or metal halide lamps

Mains and low voltageversions available

DSI or momentary actionswitch controllable Phasedimmers (40-500VA and 40-1000VA) are sold separatelyand can be used for the QT12and QR111 versions of Graffiti M as central control ofthe