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Graduate Student Orientation. Prof. Fusun Ozguner ECE Graduate Studies Chair Orientation Agenda: Day 1 & 2. Day One Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - Electrical & Computer Engineering Orientation 113 Dreese Laboratories - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Graduate Student Orientation

    Prof. Fusun OzgunerECE Graduate Studies


  • Orientation Agenda: Day 1 & 2*Day OneTuesday, August 13, 2013 - Electrical & Computer Engineering Orientation113 Dreese Laboratories

    08:30 am - 09:00 amCoffee, tea, juice, bagels in Dreese Laboratories lobby09:00 am - 09:05 am Prof. Rob Lee, ECE Department Chair Welcome 09:05 am - 09:20amProf. Fusun Ozguner, ECE Graduate Studies Chair09:20 am - 09:45 am Prof. Steven Bibyk, M.S. Program Coordinator09:45 am - 10:00 amProf. Betty Lise Anderson, ECE Associate Chair 10:00 am - 10:05 amStudent Wellness Center overview, Todd Gibbs10:05 am - 10:10 amIEEE Graduate students10:10 am - 10:35 amIEEE students lead ECE Building tours10:45 am - 11:30 am Meet with ECE Faculty to select courses11:00 am - 12:00 pmRegistration

    Day TwoMonday, August 19, 2013 Graduate School Orientation8:45am 12:00pm, Ohio Union

  • *Todays Registration Procedure: Step1MS students stay in this room

    Ph. D students: (2nd floor Dreese)

    Go to assigned room for your research area of interest at the time on the schedule. Faculty will present course information.Fill out a scheduling worksheet using the faculty advice and handouts given to you.One of the faculty in the room must approve and sign your schedule.

  • *Todays Registration: Step 2Go to 260 Caldwell Lab (ECE computer lab) to register online. If you need help registering (pre-reqs, closed courses, etc.), go to 205 Dreese (this building).For ECE Courses: ECE counselors will register you for ECE courses Sign in sheetORGo to 247 University Hall with your signed schedule.

    For Courses Outside ECE:If the courses are open or dont need pre-requisites, you can register yourself online.If they are closed or need pre-requisites, you have to take a Course Enrollment permission form to the appropriate department (Math, CSE, etc.) for signatures. Once signed, take the form to the Graduate School.

  • GRA / GTA / Fellowship appointeesCheck with Heather Miller in 230 Dreese Lab.Others: Pay tuition and fees by deadlinePay online or Student Academic Services building, 281 W. Lane AveGet a receipt!Get Buck ID in 3040 Ohio Union, 1739 High Street

    *Todays Registration: Step 3

  • *

    Future Meetings: Attend all meetings that apply to youGraduate School:

    New Graduate Student Orientation:All new students should attend Graduate School OrientationMonday August 19, 8:45am, Ohio Union GTA Orientation (for whose who have a GTA appointment):Prof. AndersonAll new GTA appointees required to attendGRA and Fellow OrientationIndividual consultation with your advisor or laboratory

    Ttoothman - added date and time

  • *Important ResourcesWhere to go for Help and Information:Graduate Handbooks (Graduate School, and ECE Dept.)In MOST cases, you will find an answer to your questions in one of these two sources. Available online (ECE website and Grad school website)ECE website: http://www.ece.osu.eduMany forms are available on the ECE websiteGraduate School website:

    Your Advisor (Temporary & Permanent)Prof. Fusun Ozguner, Graduate Studies ChairProf. Lisa Fiorentini and Prof. Wladimiro Villarroel, MS Program CoordinatorsTricia Toothman & Beth Bucher, Graduate Program CoordinatorsHeather Miller, Human Resources

  • *ECE Buildings: Getting AroundDreese Laboratory (DL)This buildingWe occupy the eastern half

    Caldwell Laboratory (CL)Across Neil AvenueJoined to Dreese by the bridge

    ElectroScience Laboratory (ESL)Electromagnetics research facilityApproximately two miles west, across the riverComputer Labs: 5th floor of Dreese 2nd floor of Caldwellother locations

  • *Office AssignmentsOffice assignments are handled by the Building SupervisorBill ThalgottThe office priority list:Teaching AssistantsResearch Assistants and FellowsOther graduate students

    Unfortunately, not everyone can receive an office.

  • *Office KeysOffice & Lab keys are assigned only to students who are GRA/GTA/Fellow:

    Ask your advisor to send email request to Bill Thalgott with your name.#For ESL students: contact Ms. Molly Wambold

    All other graduate students: Keycard access to ECE student lounge, 271 CL

  • *Graduate ProgramEmphasizes research in the M.S. Thesis and Ph.D. programs

    Masters Non-thesis programMainly for people interested in pursuing a technical career not focused toward research.

  • *GRAs, GTAs, Fellowships Most GRA, GTA appointments are for PhD students

    OSU fellowships are for PhD students only

  • *Graduate Assistantships (GAs): GAA/GTA/GRAGTA and GAA appointments:Prof. AndersonGRA appointments:Individual faculty members, or laboratoriesGRA/GTA/GAA appointments in other departments, e.g. Math TA positions, see the Math department.

  • *Required Course Loads: BEFORE the Ph.D Candidacy ExamGRA, GTA appointees: 9 hours minimumFellow appointees: 12 hours minimumInternational Students: 8 hours minimum Includes any required English courses: All international students, including Fellowship students, must take the English test, and either have their English classes waived, or enroll in the appropriate class.

    The required English courses must be completed by May 2014.

  • *AdvisorsMS-thesis and PhD students who are NOT GRAs:Initial advisor is temporaryA professor must agree to be your permanent advisor by signing a change of advisor form by the 2nd semester.MS non-thesis students:Initial advisors are Lisa Fiorentini or Wladimiro Villarroel who will coordinate your program throughout your MS studies

  • *Buckeye LinkOne-stop destination for essential Ohio State resources and services. Visit Buckeye Link to take care of academic business all at one location, without waiting in line or leaving your computer. InformationAddress: Once you have your OSU e-mail account, visit this site and enter your local address.It is your responsibility to keep this information current.

  • *Registration After Today: Automated and EasyUniversity Registrars on-line service

    Register For CoursesCheck WaitlistChange AddressesView Grades

    You will need OSU password to View: Class ScheduleCourse OfferingsFinal ExamsStatement of AccountTo receive a reminder e-mail every semesterConsult your advisor about courses you need to takeNew window each semester.

  • *Parking Permits

    160 Bevis Hall, West Campus or On-LineGRAs, GTAs, and Fellows:You are eligible for B permitsFirst see Ms. Heather Miller in 230 Dreese Lab.

  • *University Fellows (non-native English speakers) must also take the Test of Spoken English (SPEAK / TSE). If youve already passed the TSE test, it must be registered at OSU as soon as possible. Test is valid for 2 years.

    We strongly advise all students (both domestic and international) whose native language is not English to take the SPEAK test at their earliest convenience (Phone 292-5005). There is a cost of $90 Required to qualify for a GTA appointment.Spoken English Tests

  • *MailboxesECE graduate student mailboxes are located in 205 Dreese. ECE ESL graduate student mailboxes are located at ESL.All GTAs have course folders located in 205 Dreese.

  • *Miscellaneous

    Change of Advisor, other routine matters:All forms are onlineGet faculty members signaturesPut into Graduate Studies mailbox or hand to Tricia Toothman

    Bulletins and InformationDepartments web page: on second floor around the main office.

  • *Miscellaneous (continued)Colloquia & Seminars Look for noticesPrintingECE Account holders are given a 750 page print quota each term. This quota is generally reset on the first day of break between terms. CopyingGTAs can use the copier in 205 Dreese to make copies for their classes. Other students require advisor permission.

  • *Getting AssistancePLEASE: Read the ECE Graduate Student HandbookProcedural mattersMs. Tricia Toothman or Ms. Beth Bucher205 Dreese Walk-in Hours: 2:30-4:30pm dailySubstantive matters and adviceProf. Fusun Ozguner652 DreeseE-mail for appointment:

  • End of Show!!!Questions?*

    Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*Sept. 17th, 1999*