Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies: Trends in Enrolment & Funding GEC May, 2015

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Text of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies: Trends in Enrolment & Funding GEC May, 2015

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Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies:Trends in Enrolment & Funding

GEC May, 20152Graduate Program Growth2006/07 to 2014/15Application & Admission Growth2006/07 to 2014/15External Scholarship Growth2006/07 to 2014/15Annual Doctoral Examinations 2006/07 to 2014/15Postdoctoral Growth2010 to 2014Graduate Enrolment Growth1996/97 to 2014/15Total Graduate Student Funding2006/07 to 2014/15Total Graduate Student Funding2013-2014

10Graduate Student Funding (000)2009 to 2014Fiscal YearExternal ScholarshipsResearch FundsSGPS Funding*TA, Faculty SalaryWGRSGrand Total200911,548 14,97785128,00617,77873,159201012,72516,06174230,23819,74979,514201114,33817,65457131,96622,74587,2742012**15,76917,08647831,82825,14190,302201314,33320,08749733,08623,75591,758201413,71021,39460632,34523,75591,713Total82,422107,2597,763183,451132,826513,721*Includes bursary, exigency, and parental leave funds**WGRS moved to Faculty budgetsGraduate Funding Sources2009 to 2014U15 Funding GuaranteesCurrentWesternDoctoral $12,000 + tuition value (currently = $18,741)AlbertanoneUBCnoneCalgarynoneDalhousienoneLavalnoneManitobanoneMcGillnoneMcMaster$17,500MontrealnoneOttawaDoctoral $18,000QueensDoctoral $18,000SaskatchewannoneTorontoDoctoral $15,000 + tuition value (currently = $22,115)WaterlooDoctoral $21,225Funding of Students Beyond Funding Window2009 to 2014Total Proportion International 2010 to 2014U15 International Enrolment1996/97 to 2014/15

New Initiative:Western-SGPS Doctoral Excellence Award for Tri-Agency Scholarship Recipientstop up for all doctoral students holding a tri-agency scholarship, including Vanier awards$5,000 from SGPS and $5,000 from the program for each year of the awardAn additional $5,000 (from SGPSS) in the first year for new students admitted into a doctoral program with a tri-agency award