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Text of Grace Theology: For Missional Church, 2009, 252 pages, Abi ... Theology: For Missional Church, 2009,...

  • Grace Theology: For Missional Church, 2009, 252 pages, Abi Olowe, 0979529956,9780979529955, Omega Publishers, 2009


    Grace Theology supplements "Missional Reformation" book by the same author. Reformation is notcomplete without the doctrine of Grace. Grace Theology delves deeply into the Grace of God in allof its manifestations, unlike existing doctrines which focus only on grace of salvation. GraceTheology was inspired by countless revelations from the Holy Spirit; in particular, it reveals theimpact of the Grace of God on the body, soul, and spirit of man in great detail. Another importantrevelation is that justification is not by faith alone, but by salvation and good works. Reading GraceTheology will transform your thinking and open new doors of your understanding of the theologyof grace that God has released into the earth.


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