Grace massey trailer analysis

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Page 1: Grace massey trailer analysis


Page 2: Grace massey trailer analysis

RUN FAT BOY RUN Run fat boy run trailer The genre of the trailer is a comedy which is evident form the voice over and the images on screen. The font used is block capitals the gradient of the colour makes it look informal. The words ‘run’ sandwich the words ‘fat boy’ giving us an insight into the story line It’s made clear that the movie includes big names; Simon Pegg and Thandie Newton The USP of the film is that this is not a typical romantic movie due to the comedy element The music is quite light hearted at the

beginning and then changes due to the theme of the shot

Page 3: Grace massey trailer analysis

WHITE HOUSE DOWN White house down trailer The music’s intensity builds and

becomes more dramatic as we see more of the action unfold, this tells us that the genre of the film is an action film

We are not told the name of the trailer at first as the trailer starts with live shots from the events, the footage is on a news report which is the first dialogue we hear making it more enticing for the audience

The speed alters, the pace gets quicker as the trailer goes on making it more dramatic and exciting

The shots are edited by a flash and a sharp noise this gives a sense of panic as we see the action building

The name of the film is given to us in the last frame of the trailer, this keeps the audience in suspense

Page 4: Grace massey trailer analysis

THE VOW The vow trailer It’s a romantic storyline, the trailer

tells us this as it gives you shot after shot of the two love interests together

The voiceover is delivered from the main actor, this is effective because he’s telling the story from his point of view which draws the audience in- it makes them feel like they are part of the story

The name of the movie is given to us at the end of the film, however it says the word ‘vow’ in the trailer, so having the name at the end makes it clear to audience the name of the film and why its called ‘the vow’

The music in the second half of the trailer is very sombre which reflects the mood of the scenes