GOSP -Overall Locations

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<p>E 790 000 UTM</p> <p>E 800 000 UTM</p> <p>E 810 000 UTM</p> <p>E 820 000 UTM</p> <p>E 830 000 UTM</p> <p>UTM</p> <p>000</p> <p>101Ground Rod Ground RodCP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>Ground Rod Ground Rod</p> <p>520</p> <p>5</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM J</p> <p>JKM</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>GROUNDING RODCP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>6 102</p> <p>CP.BS CP.TS KM KM PL CP.TS KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>SHYB-727</p> <p>CP.TS KM KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>2</p> <p>SHYB-726</p> <p>KM</p> <p>SHYB-871</p> <p>KM</p> <p>SHYB-753KM KM CP.TS CP.TS GROUNDING ROD GROUNDING RODCP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>N</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>SWITCH GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>SHYB-541</p> <p>SHYB-737 SHYB-736SHYB-537G1 NT 5</p> <p>138</p> <p>SHYB-752KM</p> <p>SHYB-33</p> <p>SHYB-738</p> <p>S A B H Y A H R S E E V R A I T O N B U O N A D R SHYB-751 Y</p> <p>SHYB-828103</p> <p>SHYB-540SHYB-542</p> <p>TR UN KL IN E</p> <p>SHYB-53SHYB-51 SHYB-52SHYB-854KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>CP JUNCTION BOX</p> <p>G1 NT 1</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-538</p> <p>WM</p> <p>WIND SOCK</p> <p>SHYB-862</p> <p>16 "</p> <p>10</p> <p>SHYB-34SHYB-829KM</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>12</p> <p>11CP.TS CP JUNCTION BOX</p> <p>SHYB-61CP CPWM</p> <p>0</p> <p>16 "</p> <p>G1N T2</p> <p>SHYB-543A</p> <p>CP</p> <p>WIND SOCK</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-50 SHYB-54 SHYB-68 SHYB-69SHYB-67</p> <p>SHYB-60</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-574 SHYB-572 SHYB-528CPM KM</p> <p>SHYB-526104 105CP CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>20 "0</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-882 SHYB-9073</p> <p>0 " 6 1</p> <p>1 T N 1 G</p> <p>TR UN KL IN E</p> <p>SHYB-5713</p> <p>16" 0 T RUN KLI NE</p> <p>SHYB-543</p> <p>REMOTE AREA MANIFOLD</p> <p>G1 NT 1CP</p> <p>SHYB-5753</p> <p>162 1 T I E G N L NCP</p> <p>TR UN K</p> <p>KM</p> <p>CP</p> <p>15CP</p> <p>Shyb-67(Old)</p> <p>SHYB-52913</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-66137</p> <p>REMOTE AREA MANIFOLD</p> <p>14</p> <p>RISER PIPE</p> <p>16 "0</p> <p>SHYB-527</p> <p>3</p> <p>SHYB-839</p> <p>SHYB-843</p> <p>SHYB-83CP</p> <p>SHYB-85 SHYB-84RISER PIPECPKM KM KM</p> <p>COMMUNICATION TOWER</p> <p>SHYB-81CP.TRANSFORMER CP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>SHYB-867CP CP CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>WM</p> <p>WM</p> <p>WM</p> <p>WM</p> <p>WM</p> <p>GOSP-118 106</p> <p>KM</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-82G 1 N T 2</p> <p>17</p> <p>SHYB-521CP.BS</p> <p>KM</p> <p>136</p> <p>SHYB-518 SHYB-519</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-525KM</p> <p>CP</p> <p>202 0 " 0</p> <p>SHYB-524SHYB-826</p> <p>19</p> <p>2 " 0 0 T U R N K I L N EKM</p> <p>T R U N K L I N E</p> <p>SHYB-517</p> <p>21</p> <p>SHYB-643</p> <p>REMOTE AREA MANIFOLDQ</p> <p>SHYB-63</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-842CP</p> <p>KM</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-4122</p> <p>G1 ST 3</p> <p>107</p> <p>SHYB-522</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-520</p> <p>SHYB-62</p> <p>SHYB-35SHYB-827</p> <p>UTM</p> <p>TR UN KL IN E</p> <p>23</p> <p>SHYB-523</p> <p>SHYB-885</p> <p>SHYB-555 SHYB-557 SHYB-554077394-5</p> <p>CP</p> <p>000</p> <p>CP</p> <p>0 " 6 1087241-2087068-1</p> <p>077394-2</p> <p>SHYB-93SHYB-94135</p> <p>510</p> <p>24</p> <p>SHYB-553</p> <p>SHYB-92</p> <p>(GOSP-4 TO GOSP-1)077431-2</p> <p>2</p> <p>RISER PIPE</p> <p>N</p> <p>SHYB-552CP</p> <p>8"F/L SHYB-94 TO GOSP-1 J 8"F/L SHYB-93 TO GOSP-1 J</p> <p>CP CP CP CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>REMOTE AREA MANIFOLD</p> <p>25</p> <p>SHYB-491 SHYB-488077431-1</p> <p>077341-3</p> <p>0 " 6 1CP</p> <p>SHYB-95 SHYB-96</p> <p>26 108</p> <p>SHYB-48727</p> <p>RISER PIPECPCPM</p> <p>SHYB-493</p> <p>CP</p> <p>28</p> <p>CP CP</p> <p>SHYB-486077431-4</p> <p>SHYB-91SHYB-838</p> <p>SHYB-494 SHYB-489 SHYB-492CP</p> <p>134</p> <p>SHYB-490SHYB-841L R T 4 3 H K B A S</p> <p>X=818424.830 Y=2506975.488CP</p> <p>1 6 " 0</p> <p>30</p> <p>1097 2 H K B A S</p> <p>O T</p> <p>DESCRIPTION GOSP-1 TO NGL</p> <p>SIZE LENGTH 32" 36.4 KM</p> <p>33</p> <p>SHYB-476</p> <p>SHYB-477</p> <p>DESCRIPTION GOSP-4 TO NGL NGL TO GOSP-4</p> <p>SIZE LENGTHSHYB-883</p> <p>SHYB-474</p> <p>42" 24.3 KM3 3</p> <p>SHYB-472SHYB-473</p> <p>31CP</p> <p>SHYB-106 SHYB-107 SHYB-108</p> <p>42" 25.5 KM</p> <p>SHYB-14SHYB-81434</p> <p>SHYB-1028"F/L W-107 SAB-32 TO GOSP-1 J J 8"F/L W-108 SAB-32 TO GOSP-1 10 TS/HEADER 10 TS/HEADER 16" PRODUCTION HEADER 16" PRODUCTION HEADER</p> <p>32</p> <p>8"F/L-W-101J J J 8"F/L-W-103 8"F/L-W-102</p> <p>8"F/L-W-105 TO GOSPJ J 8"F/L-W-104 TO GOSP</p> <p>SHYB-1 02 F/L</p> <p>SHYB-1 03 F/L</p> <p>SHYB-1 01 F/L</p> <p>SHYB-475 SHYB-461110</p> <p>3</p> <p>SHYB-4</p> <p>SHYB-121SHYB-1 05 F/L</p> <p>X=814499.533Y=2504031.743 SHYB-463CPCP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-46438</p> <p>SHYB-872</p> <p>SHYB-837 SHYB-830</p> <p>X=815980.154Y=2503764.252 SHYB-120</p> <p>SHYB-119 SHYB-116REPEATER SITE</p> <p>SHYB-1 04</p> <p>F/L</p> <p>SHYB-104 SHYB-105</p> <p>133</p> <p>230 KV O/H TRANSMISSION LINES (NGL TO GOSP-4)</p> <p>SHYB-465EL.TRANSFORMERGROUND ROD ELEC.SWITCH GROUND ROD</p> <p>SHYB-101RISER PIPE</p> <p>SHYB-8572-0 01N 1 7 1 0 0 0 0 0</p> <p>N 1 7 2 0 0 0 0 0</p> <p>X=816145.858 X=817350.214 Y=2503901.106Y=2504463.231QQ Q</p> <p>35</p> <p>SHYB-103 SHYB-118</p> <p>SHYB-46681 5000</p> <p>C. O. D. B2 9ABA69391</p> <p>N 1 7 0 0 0 0 0 0</p> <p>SHYB-117Q</p> <p>N 1 6 9 0 0 0 0 0</p> <p>SHYB-462N 1 6 6 0 0 0 0 0</p> <p>DR AWI NG</p> <p>LI MI T</p> <p>N 1 6 7 0 0 0 0 0</p> <p>E</p> <p>N 1 6 8 0 0 0 0 0</p> <p>Q Q Q Q Q Q Q</p> <p>QQ</p> <p>39RISER PIPE-DR I NJC2-C00L I NJC 2ER SU C-DR</p> <p>WASTE LANDFILL AREA AREA = 67,000 SQ. M.</p> <p>REJECT WATER LIFT STATION SEWAGE LIFT STATION6E P 2 E P 1 R W P 2 R W P 1</p> <p>I NJCOM</p> <p>I NJCO M P3</p> <p>B A R R E L</p> <p>E X P A N S I O N</p> <p>1113 45</p> <p>SHYB-8122</p> <p>S B K H 4 0</p> <p>1</p> <p>1 TO 6 CONTRACTOR RESIDENCE</p> <p>T O</p> <p>I NJ -COMP4</p> <p>1 MI I L L I O N</p> <p>36</p> <p>G I R O M S E I S</p> <p>D A O R</p> <p>I NJ C1 -SUC</p> <p>I NJC 3-C00L I NJ C3SUC- ER DR</p> <p>P2</p> <p>I NJC 4-SUC-DR</p> <p>I NJC 4-C0</p> <p>0L ER</p> <p>Q</p> <p>EVAPORATION PONDS EP-1 TO EP-4 AREA = 318,000 SQ. M.</p> <p>E P 4 E P 3</p> <p>CAMP PADS AREA = 925,000 SQ.M.G2 NT 1CP</p> <p>SHYB-16</p> <p>G O S P 4</p> <p>37GAS INJECTION LINEQ</p> <p>DG</p> <p>SABKHAH NO. 111</p> <p>T2</p> <p>T2</p> <p>TR UN KL IN E</p> <p>REJECT WATER PONDS RWP-1 TO RWP-2 AREA = 159,000 SQ.M.S T PDG</p> <p>43</p> <p>GOSP-444</p> <p>40Q</p> <p>SEWAGE LIFT STATION REJECT WATER LIFT STATION</p> <p>WATER WELLS (2 NOS.)</p> <p>SHYB-900Q Q Q Q</p> <p>SHYB-141SHYB-143</p> <p>cp</p> <p>SHYB-811</p> <p>Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q</p> <p>SAUDI ARAMCO FENCE TYPE-III LENGTH = 11350 METERS</p> <p>SHYB-144</p> <p>SHYB-142</p> <p>STP PAD AREA</p> <p>UTM</p> <p>16 "0</p> <p>AREA = 65,000 SQ. M.</p> <p>Q Q</p> <p>WATER WELLS (2 NOS.)</p> <p>MARL INTERPAD ROADS WIDTH = 10.30 METERS LENGTH = 6,000 METERS</p> <p>SHYB-441</p> <p>SHYB-17KM</p> <p>000</p> <p>MARL ACCESS ROAD NO. 4</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>WIDTH = 12.30 METERS LENGTH = 3,400 METERS MARL ROAD</p> <p>SABKHAH NO. 46</p> <p>CP</p> <p>SHYB-851REMOTE SABKHAH NO. AREA MANIFOLD</p> <p>500</p> <p>SHYB-84046</p> <p>NO SCOPE</p> <p>SHYB-884SHYB-853CP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-922</p> <p>WIDTH = 10.30 METERS LENGTH = 500 METERSCP.TSSWITCH GROUNDING ROD GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>RACK ELECTRICRACK ELECTRIC</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>2</p> <p>WIND SOCKWM</p> <p>N</p> <p>Y=2499353.845TO BATHA</p> <p>SHYB-446SHYB-445MP CAMP</p> <p>47 481 GO SP</p> <p>45</p> <p>H A B Y A H S</p> <p>KM</p> <p>X=802328.4044 " 6 U / G P / L S H A B B 1KM</p> <p>Y=2495771.329KM</p> <p>W T A E R U S P P Y L G W 2 I N 1</p> <p>1 G N 2 G</p> <p>-G OS P</p> <p>2</p> <p>TO</p> <p>SABKHAH NO. 51</p> <p>SHYB-443</p> <p>PY LO N</p> <p>N I A M</p> <p>SHYB-859</p> <p>20" 0 T RUN KLI NE G2N T1</p> <p>S S E C C A</p> <p>D A O R</p> <p>SHYB-921</p> <p>SHYB-135 SHYB-131 SHYB-133SHYB-132 SHYB-134</p> <p>SHYB-926</p> <p>132RISER PIPE</p> <p>SHYB-444</p> <p>49</p> <p>SAPMT/CONTRACTOR OFFICE PAD AREA = 14,000 SQ. M.</p> <p>CONTRACTOR CAMP PADS AREA = 50,000 SQ. M.</p> <p>SHYB-353</p> <p>SHYB-3520 " 6 1</p> <p>KM</p> <p>E N I L K N U R T</p> <p>E N I L E P I P</p> <p>SHYB-1480 " 6 1CP</p> <p>2 T G N 2 E N I L 50 K N U R T SHYB-151CP</p> <p>KM</p> <p>X=800496.175</p> <p>X=802298.778KM</p> <p>X=807658.920 SHYB-18Y=2497621.136KM</p> <p>SHYB-355</p> <p>SHYB-354 SHYB-902</p> <p>P S O G R E T N I</p> <p>REMOTE AREA MANIFOLD</p> <p>SHYB-150 SHYB-153KM</p> <p>SHYB-152</p> <p>KM CP.TS CP BONDING STATION</p> <p>Y=2496256.943</p> <p>Y=2496053.296MARL OUTER PATROL ROAD WIDTH = 7.70 METERS LENGTH = 4,900 METERS4 NO. 3 ASPHALT ACCESS ROAD 6 " U / WIDTH = 12.30 METERS G</p> <p>131CP.TS</p> <p>SABKHAH NO. 56P / L</p> <p>EXISTING SHAYBAH ROAD3</p> <p>RY</p> <p>X=799863.145Y=2496108.742</p> <p>CP JUNCTION BOX</p> <p>LENGTH = 2,200 METERS</p> <p>BO UN DA</p> <p>X=799701.190 Y=2496029.104X=799501.419 Y=2495866.043NGL PLANT PAD AREA = 1,000,000 SQ. M.</p> <p>S H B A B 1 DEMOLITION OF EXISTING FENCEKM</p> <p>52KM</p> <p>CP CP CPKM</p> <p>CP CPWM</p> <p>WIND SOCK</p> <p>SHYB-149</p> <p>53KM</p> <p>SABKHAH NO. 112</p> <p>LENGTH = 1,110 METERSTOOL HOUSEKM</p> <p>SHYB-803</p> <p>SHYB-430CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-432RISER PIPE</p> <p>2 T N 2 GKM</p> <p>SHYB-836</p> <p>CONTRACTORS FABRICATION AND LAYDOWN AREA AREA = 863,100 SQ. M.FUEL STATION &amp; COMPOUND COVERED WITH SAND BERM</p> <p>SHYB-13Grounding rodCP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>KM</p> <p>Grounding rod</p> <p>Grounding rod Grounding rod</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-855REPEATER</p> <p>E N I L K N U R TCPM</p> <p>SHYB-146SHYB-147</p> <p>SHYB-166 SHYB-162</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-5</p> <p>KM</p> <p>CP BONDING STATIONCP.TS</p> <p>IO N</p> <p>COMMUNICATION TOWERCP.TS KM</p> <p>S I G</p> <p>SAPMT &amp; CONTRACTOR OFFICES PAD AREA = 228,000 SQ. M.</p> <p>SHYB-847</p> <p>56KM</p> <p>SHYB-428 SHYB-431KM KM</p> <p>1 6 " T R / L G 2 N T 5KM CP.TS KM</p> <p>SITE</p> <p>0 " 0 2KM</p> <p>SHYB-845CP.TS WM KM</p> <p>3</p> <p>3</p> <p>RISER PIPEWIND SOCK</p> <p>130 55</p> <p>SE RV AT</p> <p>NGL PLANT PADA 112 PM O F S T F I C E S</p> <p>SHYB-844CP.TS KM KM KM KM</p> <p>SHYB-9CP.TS KM KM</p> <p>6 T N 2 GCPM</p> <p>54</p> <p>WATER WELL</p> <p>SHYB-427 SHYB-429ASPHALT ACCESS ROAD NO. 1</p> <p>12"TR/L-2WS1KM</p> <p>NEW NGL PLANTSAND DUNE CUTTING 6,100,000 CU. M.TENT AREA AREA = 11,000 SQ. M.</p> <p>GOSP-2KM KM KM</p> <p>SHYB-1KM</p> <p>E N I L K N U R T 0 " 6 1</p> <p>3</p> <p>3</p> <p>3</p> <p>WLG2WIN1CP.TS CP.SPLICE BOX KM KM</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>RE</p> <p>G2N G1</p> <p>ISF AREA PAD AREA = 83,000</p> <p>WIDTH = 12.30 METERS LENGTH = 3,500 METERS</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>57CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-16458</p> <p>SQ. M.</p> <p>CP BONDING STATION</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>CP BONDING STATION</p> <p>KM</p> <p>SH AY BA H</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-407ASPHALT ACCESS ROAD NO. 2 WIDTH = 12.30 METERS</p> <p>SHYB-801</p> <p>N I E A L G SKM CP.TS</p> <p>KM</p> <p>SHYB-19</p> <p>LENGTH = 5,000 METERS</p> <p>SHYB-406 SHYB-86859</p> <p>GOSP-2CP</p> <p>WATER WELLS</p> <p>G2 SG 2</p> <p>U W Y R N A</p> <p>RIG (UN ROA DER D CON STR UCT ION )</p> <p>X=799501.419Y=2493145.282</p> <p>(2 NOS.)</p> <p>SABKHAH NO. 113</p> <p>I P R A R O T H Y A S A B H</p> <p>SHYB-802</p> <p>RISER PIPE</p> <p>CP</p> <p>2 0 " 0</p> <p>RISER PIPET R U N K L I N EJ KM 3+152.949 J KM 3+440.000</p> <p>129</p> <p>E S N A P R I E L H E T A C N L T</p> <p>SHYB-846" R I C " R O A D</p> <p>CL OF RIC ROAD(ASPHALT)</p> <p>SHYB-408RIC COMMUNICATION TOWERP S O G 2 O T</p> <p>P S O G</p> <p>3</p> <p>GA SL IN E</p> <p>113</p> <p>R O T I P R I R C / A</p> <p>GOSP 2-6RIC W/L</p> <p>CP</p> <p>G 2 S T 4</p> <p>SHYB-174</p> <p>SHYB-2</p> <p>SAPMT RESIDENTIAL PAD</p> <p>SHYB-20CPK</p> <p>230 KV O/H</p> <p>DESCRIPTION GOSP-2 TO NGL</p> <p>SIZE LENGTH 32" 30" 13.4 KM 12.6 KM</p> <p>60</p> <p>SHYB-18416"PROD.HEADER J J 10"TEST HEADER</p> <p>J KM 2+270.000</p> <p>KM 1+895.000 J J KM 1+895.000 KM 2+112.000 J J KM 2+112.000 J 8"F/L-W-185</p> <p>SHYB-181</p> <p>WH 57 65</p> <p>AREA=207,000 SQ.M.</p> <p>N I E P L I E P P G S R O N E I T</p> <p>SHYB-1856</p> <p>6</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>TS SKID J J 8"TST/L</p> <p>8"TST/L</p> <p>KM 1+575.000 J J KM 1+575.000</p> <p>6</p> <p>KM 0+427.000 J J</p> <p>KM 1+225.000 J J KM 1+225.000</p> <p>TRANSMISSION LINESUTM</p> <p>6</p> <p>KM 0+427.000</p> <p>66</p> <p>KM 1+360.000</p> <p>J KM 1+360.000 J</p> <p>BUYILDING</p> <p>SHYB-388GENERATOR</p> <p>206.1469KM 0+780.000 J KM 0+780.000 J 8"F/L-W-183J J 8"F/L-W-182</p> <p>SHYB-387 SHYB-396 SHYB-397 SHYB-856</p> <p>2 T G S 3 NGL TO GOSP-2CP</p> <p>SHYB-24</p> <p>HE AD ER</p> <p>61</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>8"F/L-W-182 8"F/L-W-183J J</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>K I E R N L N 6 0 T U 1 "</p> <p>DESCRIPTION GOSP-3 TO NGL</p> <p>SIZE LENGTH1143</p> <p>63</p> <p>SHYB-904</p> <p>SHYB-9033</p> <p>SHYB-183</p> <p>SHYB-182 SHYB-172CP</p> <p>000</p> <p>28"</p> <p>19.8 KM</p> <p>X=801512.9163</p> <p>REMOTE AREA MANIFOLD</p> <p>Y=2490347.643</p> <p>490</p> <p>SHYB-389 SHYB-386</p> <p>SHYB-25 SHYB-810 SHYB-391 SHYB-392</p> <p>64</p> <p>65CP CP</p> <p>2</p> <p>CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>N</p> <p>3</p> <p>FENCE</p> <p>G2ST4</p> <p>SHYB-390</p> <p>T R U N K L I N E</p> <p>SHYB-191115REPEATER SITE PAD (MARL)</p> <p>663 3</p> <p>69</p> <p>SHYB-850</p> <p>SHYB-865</p> <p>SHYB-12 SHYB-92467</p> <p>SHYB-1921 6 " 0</p> <p>SHYB-2768CP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>SHYB-824</p> <p>SHYB-923WM</p> <p>CP JUNCTION BOX</p> <p>WIND SOCK</p> <p>X=805460.666 Y=2486788.236 SHYB-194SHYB-861</p> <p>SHYB-19670</p> <p>SHYB-193</p> <p>SHYB-207 SHYB-206 SHYB-20875</p> <p>SHYB-368 SHYB-211 SHYB-369 X=805966.72872 73</p> <p>SHYB-209</p> <p>128</p> <p>SHYB-36620" 0 TRUNKLI NE G3ST1</p> <p>SHYB-848</p> <p>TR UN KL IN E</p> <p>SHYB-367 SHYB-377SHYB-8081 6 " 0</p> <p>SHYB-378 SHYB-376</p> <p>SHYB-221 SHYB-217TL-GOSP3KM CP.BONDING STATION CP.TS KM CP.TS KM CP.TS CP.TS CP BONDING STATION CP FT ANCHOR</p> <p>16 "0</p> <p>M O R F</p> <p>H73 A K B A S</p> <p>74</p> <p>77</p> <p>SHYB-10RISER PIPE</p> <p>SHYB-216SHYB-809</p> <p>SHYB-219</p> <p>SHYB-222</p> <p>SHYB-835A</p> <p>SHYB-210</p> <p>J J</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM 0+670.000J</p> <p>CP</p> <p>8" TS/L J J 8"TS/L</p> <p>KM</p> <p>76</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD GROUNDING RODCP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>KM 1+900.00 J</p> <p>KM 1+187.000 J</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>20"TR/L G3ST4KM CP.TS CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-381</p> <p>REMOTE AREA MANIFOLD</p> <p>116</p> <p>KM</p> <p>79KM</p> <p>801 ST G3 16 "T RU NK LI NE G 3 S T 5</p> <p>GOSP-3</p> <p>SHYB-238KM</p> <p>SHYB-236 SHYB-240</p> <p>CP</p> <p>KM</p> <p>WIND SOCK</p> <p>CP</p> <p>81</p> <p>83CP</p> <p>CP</p> <p>WM</p> <p>SHYB-906 SHYB-1582RISER PIPEKM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>KM</p> <p>UTM</p> <p>NE LI</p> <p>84CP BONDING STATION CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-805KM</p> <p>000</p> <p>SHYB-342 SHYB-345 SHYB-344</p> <p>2 0 " T R U N K</p> <p>480</p> <p>SHYB-249KM</p> <p>SHYB-250 SHYB-347KM</p> <p>2</p> <p>N</p> <p>SHYB-349</p> <p>RISER PIPE</p> <p>117</p> <p>SHYB-83185</p> <p>RISER PIPEE E G N Y A R T M R E C I S R P ICP.BONDING STATION</p> <p>SHYB-24887</p> <p>SHYB-246</p> <p>89</p> <p>SHYB-3465 3ST L G T1 TR/ G 3S 16" N LI E UNK TR</p> <p>SHYB-834</p> <p>SHYB-348</p> <p>86</p> <p>KM</p> <p>88</p> <p>SHYB-8 SHYB-327</p> <p>KM</p> <p>SHYB-323 SHYB-324K</p> <p>SHYB-322CP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>SHYB-257124</p> <p>CP.BONDING STATION</p> <p>91GROUNDING ROD GROUNDING RODCP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>GROUNDING ROD GROUNDING ROD</p> <p>SHYB-806J J</p> <p>139</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>KM</p> <p>16"PROD.HEADER J J 10"TS/HEADER</p> <p>CP.TS</p> <p>SHYB-32890</p> <p>RISER PIPE</p> <p>SHYB-258WM</p> <p>SHYB-21EXISTING CP STATION</p> <p>SWITCH</p> <p>123CP.TS KM HH HH HH HH HH HH HH PL HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH HH PL PL HH HH PL KM HH HH HH HH HH HH HH GROUNDING ROD GROUNDING ROD WM HH HH HH</p> <p>T OA O D G R I A R A L R M</p> <p>SHYB-860</p> <p>K</p> <p>SHYB-326</p> <p>SHYB-321</p> <p>CP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>HH</p> <p>SHYB-256</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>SHYB-325</p> <p>HH</p> <p>R A M L A</p> <p>HH</p> <p>CP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>HH CP.TS</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>PL</p> <p>HH</p> <p>HH</p> <p>G3 ST 1</p> <p>92</p> <p>COMMUNICATION TOWER RISER PIPE</p> <p>SHYB-869</p> <p>TR UN KL I NE</p> <p>SHYB-272122</p> <p>SHYB-312 SHYB-22 SHYB-317SHYB-807</p> <p>SHYB-866</p> <p>20 "0</p> <p>SHYB-276</p> <p>SHYB-274</p> <p>SHYB-275REMOTE AREA MANIFOLD</p> <p>SHYB-277</p> <p>95 96</p> <p>SHYB-314 SHYB-3151 ST G3</p> <p>SHYB-833</p> <p>SHYB-271</p> <p>SHYB-273</p> <p>94</p> <p>SHYB-313 SHYB-316SHYB-863</p> <p>SHYB-301</p> <p>93</p> <p>SHYB-858</p> <p>0 6" 1</p> <p>N IE KL UN TR</p> <p>121</p> <p>SHYB-293 SHYB-291G I R D OA R</p> <p>97</p> <p>SHYB-295</p> <p>120RISER PIPE</p> <p>UTM</p> <p>SHYB-29698J J</p> <p>000</p> <p>CP.TRANSFORMER</p> <p>470</p> <p>99</p> <p>SHYB-832</p> <p>SHYB-292 SHYB-297 SHYB-294</p> <p>2</p> <p>N</p> <p>119</p> <p>118</p> <p>E 790 000 UTM</p> <p>E 800 000 UTM</p> <p>E 810 000 UTM</p> <p>E 820 000 UTM</p> <p>E 830 000 UTM</p> <p>LEGEND:FINAL OIL WELL POWER POLES NEW PIPELINE ( BI-10-00905) KBR-III PRELIMINARY OIL WELL POWER LINE1. HORIZONTAL DATUM : AIN AL ABD DATUM (1970), INTERNATIONAL ELLIPSOID UTM PROJECTION, ZONE 39</p> <p>SURVEY NOTES :</p> <p>B1</p> <p>01-07-2010</p> <p>MJM</p> <p>J-6793</p> <p>REVISED ROUTING BETWEEN NGL &amp; ALL GOSP</p> <p>REV. NO. DATE BYJO/EWO</p> <p>DESCRIPTION</p> <p>CHKD</p> <p>CERT. APPD</p> <p>GAS INJECTION WELL</p> <p>TRUNK LINES2. VERTICAL DATUM : SAUDI ARAMCO VERTICAL DATUM 1978 (SAVD 78), 1994 ADJUSTMENT.</p> <p>SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANYDRAWN BY CHECKED BY SCALE:</p> <p>FINAL WATER WELL</p> <p>GAS INJECTION HEADER3. LAST UPDATE : 23 AUGUST 2008</p> <p>WATER SUPPLY LINE PRELIMINARY WATER WELL WATER DISPOSAL HEADER WATER DISPOSAL WELL RIG ROAD1000 500 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500METERS</p> <p>THIS DRAWING IS NOT TO BE USED FOR CONSTRUCTION OR FOR ORDERING MATERIAL UNTIL CERTIFIED AND DATED</p> <p>CERTIFIEDBY DATE</p> <p>SABKHA</p> <p>SCALE 1: 50,000</p> <p>SHAYBAH NGL RECOVERY PROGRAM WORK LOCATIONS PLANPLANTS, PIPELINES, WELLS, ROADS &amp; TRANSMISSION LINES</p> <p>LAND SURVEY SECTION</p> <p>THIS DRAWING IS A REPRODUCTION OF SAUDI ARAMCO SURVEY DWG. NO. 10730 AND IS ISSUED FOR INFORMATION ONLY</p> <p>RUB AL KHALIINDEX PLANT NO. JOB No.</p> <p>SAUDI ARABIASUR DRWG. No. SHEET REV. NO.</p> <p>A</p> <p>BXX</p> <p>BA-100700</p> <p>001</p> <p>B1</p> <p>N</p> <p>2</p> <p>470</p> <p>000</p> <p>UTM</p> <p>N</p> <p>2</p> <p>480</p> <p>SHYB-341 SHYB-350 SHYB-343</p> <p>SHYB-886 SHYB-251125</p> <p>126</p> <p>000</p> <p>UTM</p> <p>SHYB-864</p> <p>SH AY</p> <p>BA H</p> <p>1 6 " 2 SHYB-218 T 0 R " U 0 N K T L R I U N N E K L G I 3 N S E SHYB-239 T 4 G 3 S T SHYB-237 2KM KM</p> <p>SHYB-3</p> <p>78</p> <p>127</p> <p>RE SE R</p> <p>VA T</p> <p>16"TR/L G3ST4</p> <p>KM 1+100.000 J</p> <p>SHYB-220</p> <p>IO</p> <p>SHYB-23</p> <p>N</p> <p>T O</p> <p>T R U N K S L A I B N K E H A G 3 7 N 5 T 3</p> <p>SHYB-382 SHYB-380 SHYB-379</p> <p>BO UN DA RY</p> <p>SHYB-371</p> <p>SHYB-370</p> <p>Y=2485287.444</p> <p>N</p> <p>2</p> <p>SHYB-849</p> <p>490</p> <p>000</p> <p>UTM</p> <p>(NGL TO GOSP-3