GORILLAS BY JUSTIN HICKS. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1-Gorillas of Africa pg.1 Chapter2- Yummy in my tummy Chapter3-ow are they same or different Chapter4-baby

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Text of GORILLAS BY JUSTIN HICKS. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1-Gorillas of Africa pg.1 Chapter2- Yummy in my...

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  • TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1-Gorillas of Africa pg.1 Chapter2- Yummy in my tummy Chapter3-ow are they same or different Chapter4-baby gorillas Chapter5-how many Chapter6-facts facts facts!
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  • GORILLA MAP Red is where Gorillas live in Africa.
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  • GORILLAS OF AFRICA Deep down in the forest is a big creature it is a big hairy Gorilla they live in the western Africa. In the forest it is very hot where Gorilla live. At the end of the night Gorillas build their nest to sleep in Page: 1
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  • YUMMY IN MY TUMMY Yea lets learn how gorillas survive. Gorillas spend their day hunting for food. They mostly eat planets and they rarely eat birds eggs and insects.Gorillas eat about 40 pounds a day thats a lot of FOOD. Some Gorillas are picky eaters. And other Gorillas are vegetarians. Which means they dont eat meat Page:2 A Gorilla eating plants
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  • HOW ARE THEY SAME OR DIFFERENT Wow Gorillas are like human Gorillas have 98% DNA of humans. Also Gorillas have two arms and two legs like humans do. Gorillas are also very intelligent likely they can learn sigh language to communicate. Gorillas are also different because they have bigger arms and muscles. They weigh more then humans do. A male ways 350 pounds and a female was 200 pounds. Thats really heavy!! Page:3 A diagram of a gorilla
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  • BABY GORILLAS What do baby Gorillas do lets find out. When baby Gorillas are born they way about 4 pounds. Sometimes baby Gorillas wear their food on their head like little humans babies. Also baby Gorillas are lucky because they can swing on on vines. They get bigger they cant because they are too heavy. When Gorillas older they can live to 40-50 years old. Page :4 This is a picture of a baby Gorilla
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  • HOW MANY? Where are all the Gorillas. Back in the day there used to be 15,000 mountain Gorillas. Now theres only 700 of them. There are all different breeds of monkeys like aps Oranatangs. Gorillas are the largest species of primate. Also Gorillas travel in troops. They find food together and when an other animals attacks they move to a new habitat together. Page:5 Gorilla calling mate
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  • FACTS FACTS FACTS Ready to learn lots of facts. Do you know that Gorillas have arms and legs like humans do. But Gorillas have bigger muscles then humans do. Wow do you know that Gorillas have 98% DNA of human in there body. Page:6
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  • GLOSSARY Silver Back: head of each adult gorilla family; male Species: A group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding. The species is the principal Primate- A mammal of an order (Primates) that includes the lemurs, bush babies, tarsiers, marmosets, monkeys, apes, and humans. Troops-An assembled company gathering a herd or flock Habitat-Place where and animal lives DNA-The fundamental and distinctive characteristics of someone or something, esp. when regarded as unchangeable. Page: 7
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  • GLOSSARY Mountain Gorillas-Only gorilla that lives in the mountains Sign language- A system of communication using visual gestures and signs, as used by deaf people Breeds-A stock of animals or plants within a species having a distinctive appearance and typically having been developed by deliberate selection. p Pag e:8
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  • CONCLUSION When you hear Gorillas you think of a hairy animal but Gorillas are mostly humans. Gorillas have 98% DNA of humans so there mostly humans.
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  • RESOURCES Book title Gorillas Author John bonnet The web site I went was www.Kinerillo.wikispaces.com
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  • FACT BOX Gorillas come a very large familys also known as packs
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  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR My name is Justin Hicks. I am 11 years old. I like to play baseball in my free time. My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankkees. My favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter. My favorite color is blue. I have two siblings one of them is named Tyler and the other is named Madison. Madison is 3 years old and my brother Tyler is 4 years old. When I dont have baseball I usually go to the park or go on my lap top. My favorite shoe brand is Jordans. I am very lucky. I have very nice things and I appreciate all of them.