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  • Google Classroom Emerging Technology

    Julia Varnedoe

    ITEC 7445

    Dr. Moore

  • What is Google

    Classroom? A free tool utilizing Google Apps for Education that is

    designed to help teachers organize, assign and collect

    student work products.

  • is a cloud based blended learning platform for schools

    that connects students and teachers.

    Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom Tools


    Classroom Google’s online store

    for web applications

    Google Hangouts Restricted & monitored

    online collaboration tool

    Google Mail Restricted & monitored & domains

    Web Store Google’s online store

    for web applications

    Google Drive Stores Classroom

    documents in the


    Google Docs Cloud based word

    processing & collaboration

    Google Sheets Cloud based


    Google Slides Cloud based


  • August 12, 2014 Google Classroom is released to the public

    70,000,000 Assignments have been created in the first 9 months

    40,000,000 users Teachers and students use Google Classroom (2015)

  • Google Classroom 101 Click on the image to view videos

  • Google Classroom supports the vision for technology use

    in our district and school.

  • Cobb County & Mt. Bethel

    Elementary Technology Vision

    MBES Vision

    Use technology to

    engage students and

    facilitate a variety of

    digital learning


    CCSD Vision

    Equip students with 21st

    century technology skills

    to demonstrate, apply

    and communicate their




    • Support student

    centered learning

    • Create flexible &

    innovative learning


    • Extend learning beyond

    the school day

  • Google Classroom supports shared

    visions for technology use by: ▷ utilizing a cloud based platform that allows students to

    use marketable 21st century skills that prepare them for

    higher education and the work force.

    ▷ providing a robust interface for student-to-student and student-to-teacher collaboration.

    ▷ extending student learning opportunities beyond the school day to give students access to curriculum,

    support, and teachers 24/7.

    ▷ engaging students through a dynamic interface that includes a social context.

  • Google Classroom supports shared

    visions for technology use by:

    ▷ creating a student centered experience with access to tools that allow them to demonstrate their learning in a

    variety of ways.

    ▷ creating a safe channel for students to communicate with each other and with teachers.

    ▷ allowing students to set the pace of their learning with digital resources that are available anytime.

    ▷ providing a platform for extension and differentiated activities.

    ▷ giving students and parents access to assignments, grades, and feedback.

  • Target Population

    Mt. Bethel


    With over 111,751 students, Cobb County is the second largest school

    district in Georgia, and the 24th largest district in the United States.

    45% of the students in the district receive free or reduced lunch. Due to

    its size, the county is very diverse in terms of SES and demographics.

    Mt. Bethel Elementary is located in an affluent area of Cobb County and

    has over 1,000 students. Mt. Bethel has the lowest percentage of

    students (3%) receiving free or reduced lunch for all Cobb County

    elementary Schools. Access to devices and internet at home is

    prevalent in the community, and most students participating in the

    BYOD program bring devices to school.

    The school provides equitable access at school with devices in every

    classroom, 3 computer labs, and grade level laptop and iPad carts.

    Students who do not have access to devices or the internet at home can

    use school devices before, during, and after school hours.

  • Target Population continued…

    Mt. Bethel


    Google Classroom is a K-12 product, which has been designed

    specifically with students and teachers in mind. Use of Google Mail for

    example, is permitted for K-12 students within the Classroom platform

    as it is a walled garden that can be controlled and monitored. The

    product is appropriate for use in elementary schools, and works across

    all digital platforms and mobile devices.

    A 1:1 integration model is the most ideal, which could be accomplished

    through the county BYOD program. A pilot using at least 2 collaborating

    teachers per grade level participating is recommended so the teachers

    can collaborate together as they begin to use the program.

  • Equipment and Software

    ▷ Google Classroom is free! Teachers or schools must register a dedicated domain with Google Apps For

    Education to be granted access to Google Classroom.

    ▷ Students will require a device to access with access to the internet. Device type does not matter, and because

    Classroom is a web based platform, storage capacity

    on the device is not necessary.

    ▷ Students may access Google Classroom without an internet connection to work on assignments, but will

    need an internet connection to turn in work and

    receive updates.

    ▷ Students will be provided with a “classmail” email address and password when they are added to


  • Technical Support

    ▷ Cobb County Schools has excellent technical support available via phone and the school intranet. There is

    an Instructional Technology page on the county

    website that also offers support for a variety of

    technical issues.

    ▷ Google Classroom has an Online Help Center with answers to many typical questions and a Google for

    Education Help Forum.

    ▷ Google Apps has 24/7 support available online and by phone via an 800 number.

    ▷ Synergyze app contains Google Classroom tutorials is available for use at Mt. Bethel Elementary.!forum/google-education

  • Limitations

    ▷ Schools and teachers must obtain a domain name to use Google Classroom. All students will receive an

    email address with that domain name and password.

    Students cannot access Classroom without this.

    ▷ Students must have an internet-accessible device to use Google Classroom at school or at home.

    ▷ Parental controls and filters may affect accessibility.

    ▷ iPad interface is more limited than on other devices, potentially creating difficulties with turning in electronic


    ▷ Variety of types devices used in BYOD programs can create different user experiences and require more

    student support.

  • Cost ▷ Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom are

    free! Teachers or schools must obtain a dedicated

    domain, which can be obtained from Google for about

    $15 per year.

    ▷ Professional learning and technical support are available online at no cost.

    ▷ Implementing a BYOD program allows students to have access to technology in the classroom and does

    not involve any costs.

    ▷ It is recommended to have a classroom set of 5-10 loaner computers available for use for those students

    who do not have a device or are experiencing

    technical issues. Chromebooks are the least

    expensive device ($200 each) and effectively meet

    student needs.

  • Opportunities for Funding ▷ Cobb County Schools has a foundation that offers

    annual Impact grants to support innovative and

    creative ideas in teaching and learning.

    ▷ Mt. Bethel has an active foundation that awards grants on an annual basis.

    ▷ Given the high SES of the community, a Go Fund Me page might provide opportunities to involve the

    community in funding Chromebooks.

    ▷ Teachers may write grants or seek corporate partnerships to secure funding.

  • Google Classroom How will teachers and students use this technology?

  • Teachers will use Google

    Classroom to do the following:

    ▷ Create classes and add students ▷ Create Assignments via Google Apps such as Docs,

    Slides, and Sheets

    ▷ Post Assignments in the Classroom Stream ▷ Collect and grade assignments and provide feedback to


    ▷ Monitor student work completion and academic progress ▷ Communicate with the class by creating Announcements ▷ Communicate directly with students to support self

    advocacy and build relationsh