Google Apps and Tools for the Classroom

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Text of Google Apps and Tools for the Classroom

  • Google Apps and Tools for the Classroom

  • Apps for your Classroom

    GMail Huge inbox with search: keep and find everything.

    TalkIM and Video as easy as email.

    Groups Let students easily create and work in teams.

    Calendar Make sharing calendars and schedules easy.

    Docs Makes collaborating easy.

    Sites Allow students and teachers to manage their own sites.

    Video Using the power of video to teach.


    This is something that we change premier business customers $50 per user. Because of our investment in education we give it to you for free.

  • WebMail by Google

    The email system for students and alumni at NJIT is Webmail by Google. Student can access Webmail by Google email anytime by visiting Webmail by Google account's storage capacity starts at 25 GB.

  • Google Sites

  • NJIT Google Sites

    A Google Site is an easy-to-create and maintain web space with a variety of controls.Key Features:Easy page creation Access restriction Easily control who can view or edit information.Customizable look and feelMore info

  • Use Sites to manage your class

    Managed by teacherEasy integration with all Google tools including calendars, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, maps, and video.Include a variety of educational and interactive gadgets using the Sites gadget directory.Measure participation with revision history, recent site activity, or page notifications within Sites.Create flexible designs and layouts without needing any knowledge of html code.Collaborative environment for teachers and students.Student can create ePortfolios or use sites for projects
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    Google Apps for Education Training Center, Module 5: Sites:

  • Google Groups

  • NJIT Google Groups

    A Google Group is a method of communicating with a group of people who share a common interest. Once a student logs into the NJIT Google domain space via their UCID, they will have the capability to create a Google Group for themselves, their student organization, or any academic or social purpose they desire Key features:Easy page creation Customization - Select pictures, colors and styles to give your Group its own distinct look.File Sharing - Upload related files to be shared with each other.Member Profiles - Let members create their own personalized group member profile page. This allows members to share any information about themselves and makes searching for group members possible.More info

  • Use Groups to collaborate

    Instructors can improve communications among students by creating groups for their classes or subjects. Use groups for discussion or announcement lists for classesStudents can use groups to reach other students in their classes, sports teams, clubs, and extracurricular activities.
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    Google Apps for Education Training Center, Module 6: Other tools:

  • Google Docs

    Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations

  • Google Spreadsheets

    Aggregate,Organize, and Access your data in useful ways

  • Use Google Spreadsheets to:

    Record grades with an organized grade bookTrack attendance, missing assignment, behavior reportsStore a database of contact information for students and parentsUse a word cloud gadget to visualize written responses

    Open Spresdsheet


  • Google Documents

    Create, Collaborate, and publish

  • Use Google Documents to:

    Have students work collaboratively from anywhere. Give students ongoing and simultaneous feedback.Use revision history to hold students accountable for their work.Publish student work.Work on the same lesson plan at the same time with a colleague.Take your staff meeting notes and share with the rest of the staff.

    Open documents


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    Google Apps for Education Training Center, Module 4: Docs

  • Google Calendar

  • Use Google Calendar to:

    Invite others to your calendarShare CalendarsCheck-out Resources
  • Use Appointment Slots for Office Hours

    Instructions here!

  • Instructions how to create Appointment Slots

    Create appointment slots by clicking on the calendar once

    Click on Appointment slots link located on the top

    Click on Edit Details

    Pick a block of time you want to offer to others, and choose how many slots to split it up into; don't worry, you can always change it later.

    2. Share your appointment page

    This is the link to your public appointment page. Anyone who has this link can book an appointment slot.Copy the link and send to your students

    3. Guests book appointment slots

    Booked appointment slots appear right on your calendar as regular events.
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    Google Apps for Education Training Center, Module 3: Calendar:

  • Google Talk

  • Use Chat room to communicate

    Invite a Guest Lecturer into your classroom through Video ChatHold Office Hours over Chat even on snow days

  • Google Tools

  • Google video

    Ability to upload and share videos with everybody at your school domain or just with specific people within your school.Secure platform to host and share video content inside your domain.Search across your video content with Google search technology.
  • Differences between Google Video for Education Edition and YouTube

  • Tools for your classroom

    Book Search: allows you to search the full text of large and growing index of books, from popular titles to old, out-of-print and public domain volumes.

    Geo Education: Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Sky, Google SketchUp

    News: you can browse headlines from your favorite newspapers and magazines, all on a single page, or you can delve more deeply into the topics that interest you most, by searching thousands of news sources at once. Google News also allows you to search archived news, putting more than 200 years of content at your fingertips

    iGoogle: Your personally design Google page

    WebSearch: To learn how to search

    Blogger: makes it easy for teachers and students to share work, class notes, and pictures online.

    Picasa: free software download that enables you and your students to find, edit and share all the pictures on your PCs

    SketchUp: easy-to-use program that lets you and your students create, modify and share 3D models.

  • iGoogle

    Click on the iGoogle located in the left bottom corner

  • Language Tools

    Language tools


    Find files that you can use in your classroom and outside the classroom

  • Customize Google News

    Customize it

    Google News


    24/7 Research with News

  • Resources

    Google Apps Education Training Center
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