Going Grocery Shopping. Dairy  Milk, cheese products.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Going Grocery Shopping Slide 2 Dairy Milk, cheese products. Slide 3 Produce Fruits and Vegetables Slide 4 Poultry Chicken and Turkey Chicken and Turkey Slide 5 Deli: Section of store to buy ham, cheese, etc. Slide 6 Words to know UPC: Universal Product Code Group of bars &amp; numbers that contains price and product information Expiration Date: Date by which you should use the product Slide 7 Nutrition Labels Labels on FOOD packages provide information about the food. Ex. Serving Size, daily values (percent &amp; calories) and Ingredients. Slide 8 Nutrition Labels Serving size: A label must tell you how much is in the package. Example: 6-servings c. Slide 9 Daily Values Must reported by law, how much daily values would be provided by the product. Ingredients: By law all ingredients must be shown. Slide 10 Words to Know Unit Price: Product is measured by ounces, store must show the price for one ounce of the product. Slide 11 Example: Wests Corn Flakes- Price per ounce 12 oz. # of ounces 20.8 price per ounce $2.50 total price Slide 12 Slide 13 Grocery Shopping Make a BUDGET Plan how much you want to spend. Only take the amount that you plan to spend to the grocery store to prevent OVERSPENDING. Slide 14 Grocery Shopping Make a GROCERY LIST Making a list will help you buy only what you NEED. Slide 15 Weekly ads Look in the Newspaper to see the weekly ads. See what is on sale at the grocery store each WEEK Be careful to read ALL the details. Slide 16 Tips when shopping Stick to your LIST Slide 17 Resist IMPULSE buys What is an impulse buy? Chips, candy bar, ice cream, things that they place so you will buy it. Slide 18 Check the CHECKER Make sure you are not being overcharged Slide 19 Dont shop when you are HUNGRY. Why? Slide 20 Unit Price Practice Lets practice calculating the unit price! </p>


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