Go Round The world - Top Seven Travel Destinations of the Globe

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top seven tourist destinations of the globe that transport you to an entirely different world. Visit any of these places, or it would be best if you could visit all of these.


<ul><li> 1. Go Round the World- Top Seven Travel Places The world is huge and at the same time it is very beautiful. It is only a globetrotter, who can understand and explore the splendor cosseted in different nooks and corners of the world. In case you are also one of those who love to travel around exotic and splendid destinations of the globe, you are reading the right content. Mentioned below are the top seven must travel destinations of the world. Enjoy reading. The Frosty Antarctica Step in only if you have the stomach to digest the bone freezing chill of the land! Antarctica is the southernmost continent of the world, which is known for embracing some of the most exotic fauna species like Shearwaters, Petrels, Albatrosses, Fulmars and Penguins. Further, various other sea creatures such as the Giant Squids, Seals and Whales, also wait to greet you. All this along with exceptional beauty of the ice brought some of the worlds greatest explorers Amundsen, Shackleton and Scott to Antarctica.-The Wild Amazon If you are a big time lover of wildlife, the rainforests of Amazon are nothing less than a paradise for you. Be it the huge Amazon Turtle or the tiny Tracaja Turtle, almost every exotic animal species can be seen frisking in the respective place. In addition to the world of the wild beings in the woods, you can also explore the flora and fauna residing in and around the Amazon River Basin. Visiting this place is a worthwhile experience. The Supernatural Solomon Islands Right from the dense forests, to the deep sea; right from the humming waterfall to the silent sandy beaches, everything that defines Mother Natures beauty at its best can be sighted at the Solomon Islands. Solomon is a group of several islands that have always been the first love of travelers and diving in Solomon Island always enhance the local attraction of this place. Be it an adventurist, a wildlife enthusiast, a peace seeker, a fun lover or a honeymoon couple, Solomon is best to satiate the zest of every type of tourist. In fact the ones who have great interest in history, would also fall for the place, as this group of islands is very popular for its past, which is associated with the Second World War. After reading all this, what you need to do is, book a luxury resort in Solomon and bask in the exquisiteness of the place. The Santa Clauss Siberia When was the last time you saw a reindeer, perhaps in the fairy tale books or on your television. But have you ever seen a reindeer right in front of your eyes, or do you wish to sight this splendid animal? If you nodded your head in a yes, come and visit Siberia. Mark these words that it would be a lifetime experience to travel around the Siberian village of Katanga with a herd of reindeers. In addition to this special and exotic deer species, there are various other tourist attractions like the Polar Museum, Kotuy River Valley and Taymur Natural Reserve. The Classic Tibet The land of Tibet is very famous for its culture and tradition. The very moment when you step in Tibet, you will be overwhelmed by the warm hospitality of the local people. They would be more than happy in</li></ul> <p> 2. sharing the secrets and splendor of their culture with you. Besides this, you can enjoy the spectacular vistas offered at one of the most popular tourist spots of Tibet the Birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism. This destination is beautifully cosseted in the vicinity of the grand Himalayas and thus, it would be a delight to visit this place. Note: If you have a strong heart, then you must not miss the chance of witnessing the Tibetan Sky Burial. However, at the same time beware of the vultures! The Raw Mongolia Do you get fascinated by nomadic life or if given a chance then would you like to live like a nomad? st Certainly the questions are quite weird and so is the land of Mongolia. Even in the 21 century, Mongolia is known for its itinerant lifestyle. There are hundreds of unproductive steppes in the place and on these steppes there are many mountains. Further, there is also the Gobi Desert that stands among the top tourist destinations of the place. Try riding on a horse while moving down the steppes and explore the Gobi desert via a camel cart. Yet again, you might find it weird, but actually it is fun. Thus, it would not be wrong to state that Mongolia is the perfect destination for escaping the hustle bustle of the city life. The Historical Transylvania Located in the central-western Romania, Transylvania is popular as a historical region. But if you ask anyone about the USP of the place, the unanimous answer would be the vampire legends. This is so because the influence of the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker can still be seen here. Wish to solve the entire vampire mystery, well then you will have to make a real time tour to the place. In addition to the mystifying tales of the deadly vampires, the place is bestowed with various other tourist attractions like the Roman Opera, Botanical Garden, Orthodox Cathedral, National Theatre and Avram Iancu Square and the Statue. These are the top seven tourist destinations of the globe that transport you to an entirely different world. Visit any of these places, or it would be best if you could visit all of these. The point that matters the most is that all of the above mentioned destinations never fail to amaze and entice tourists with their grandeur.</p>